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  1. In Progress Couldn't receive login result from the server

    also since yesterday I can't go into the lobby
  2. Failed to get login results from the server

    failed to get login results from the server. When will this be fixed
  3. Unable to join the lobby

    Unable to join the lobby
  4. Why am I kicking

    This really makes me think you hit your head, your state is worrying really. Nothing in this makes sense or is understandable, like who tf is "they", how do I encourage killing of allies and don't get mad about a game you twat.
    I think you can insult your mother and not me, I didn't insult you unlike her, and if you like it when your allies kill you and then they also poop for it, then you're the only jerk here (you can shove your opinion up your ass, from where you got out)
  5. why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    Trading Post exists.

    in principle, I agree with you, since it is quite difficult to shoot from behind your infantry in narrow places so as not to damage your own, and when you try to move away from them, they immediately catch up with you and kill you, so I wrote that the running speed should be at least at the level of shield guards, since with two-handed men, they are not they run after bows because there is a big chance that they will not get there))
  6. why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    what do you think of having the movement penalty on the quiver/bow instead of the archer class so he can drop the quiver/bow and run normally?
    I think this is a bad idea, because what's the point of retreating to your comrades if you no longer have your weapons and you become useless
  7. How to prevent trolling

    My opinion is that constant strikes at the resurrection point and special kills of allies really spoil the game, so it wouldn't be bad that hitting an ally still knocked down his strike or block animation, but the damage would be inflicted on the one who attacked the ally
  8. Why am I kicking

    "I got teamkilled"
    "I killed him back"
    "I got kicked"
    "I started killing everyone"
    "WHY AM I BANNED????"

    I hope you were blackout drunk when you posted this
    I mean, drunk when they made this post, an ally kills me for this, they don't delete it, but delete me, that is, do you encourage the killing of allies? they banned me after they deleted me 1 time , because I was enraged by the attitude of the players who behave like this
  9. why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    I know you from cRPG and i would thought that you who had experience would understand but you obviously do not.

    Do you really think its fair for archer to be able to use range weapon and kite and outrun infantry constantly ?

    Explain to me this situation how would 1v1 archer vs infantry look like to you ? Archer constantly outrunning inf and inf can literally do nothing vs archer ?
    it does not overtake, but has the same speed as the rest of the infantrymen, so that if anything there would be an opportunity to retreat to their own, and in the CRPG my character ran faster than others because I pumped 9 athletics sacrificing other parameters
  10. Why am I kicking

    I'm being killed by a sayuznik, on purpose, after that I throw a roll at him, oh kick, but the team don't give a ****, they kick me, naturally I'm angry and start beating everyone who kicked me, and they ban me, the question is, don't you **** the ****ers if you want to atocate your allies, then...
  11. why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    for balance purposes? archers used to be as fast as inf, it was cancer to play against archers because you couldn't catch them. It is possible to play archer despite being slower than infantry. Archers are there to shoot, not be as good as inf in melee. Maybe you're not good at the game if you can't play archery just because of slow movement speed and can't survive against someone with a shield.
    I'm pretty good at playing for the shooter, well, if you remember such a mod as crpg, then even a video about me came out with the nickname SB_Veselov, but the essence of shooters is not to engage in close combat and I'm not writing about TDM right now, but about the mode with 1 life
  12. why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    We are still tweaking and adjusting game balance as the game progresses so it is possible that this could change at some point in the future, however, this is unlikely as the slower movement speeds for ranged classes are part of the solution to the ranged issue itself. Otherwise, ranged characters could just constantly kite their opponents and not have to engage until they had fully depleted their ammo, which may be fun for you as the archer, but not so much for everyone else.
    Do you really think I'm taking a shooter to fight in close combat?
  13. why do shooters run slower than other infantrymen ?

    It is simply impossible to play for shooters with such mechanics, not only is the shooting itself done terribly, which is why you can often shoot the wrong place where the sight is and because of this get on your own, so also for a slow run you can't move a little away from the infantry and...
  14. Bannerlord equals batelfield 2042

    DICE has 350 devs and 700 office workers.

    No optimization? Are you saying that Battlefield wasnt optimized? I think BF franchise is prolly one of the greatest optimized titles in the history of gaming, a lot of negative stuff to say about EA and DICE but they know how to optimize, ****e man, really? Bannerlords latest patch had a lot of optimizing, did you even play it?
    I have simulated 600 hours in Banerlord
    RAM 32
    2080 TI graphics card
    1 terabyte solid state hard
    and Banerlord gives out only 160 fps at medium settings
  15. Bannerlord equals batelfield 2042

    Fantasy worlds are no better than dice, everyone hates 2042 simply because more people bought their game. and what do we have in baneolord? 1 oblique shooting = battlefield 2.No optimization = battlefield 3.2 Years Early Access 4.No custom servers = battlefield (although there are still in the...
  16. сказочные миры опять сломали игру((

    this time they somehow managed to break the crossbow, now after a full recharge there is another recharge lane, but if you started moving after half a recharge, the preload works the same way, the problem is only with the most powerful crossbow
  17. Announcement: server crashes are being worked on

    Has work been going on for 2 weeks? while in any other game it takes 2 hours to fix the server
  18. Сказочные миры ахуели

    Я заплатил за игру как и все, но я не могу играть в нее уже 2 недели, так как проблему с серверами не только не решили но и еще что то сделали так что теперь пинг больше 100 на еу серверах, верните деньги сказочные твари и где вы там обитаете
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