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  1. Decided not to buy this Bannerlord game.

    So you won't buy Bannerlord because... you got banned from a Discord server? You claim that this left a sour taste and that M&B has a terrible community, yet you were still willing to go to the trouble of creating an account on here (the official M&B forums) and reentering said community just so you could complain and cry "I'm not going to buy Bannerlord because of this." Drama queen, much?

    People like you are the problem. What exactly you wanted to achieve with your post? Create a conflict?
    Because my post was with the intention to give some insight to the people who might be responsible and the new players who think about joining the community. It is called feedback.
    If you don't care, why escalate the drama?
  2. Decided not to buy this Bannerlord game.

    Entered m&b discord server that was also advertised by a mod of this forum... Found it via google. However, got banned 3 minutes in for absolutely no reason. My friend went it for an explanation, got none, also got banned by some a-holes. What can I say... Terrible community, completely killed...
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