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  1. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    The Pre-Alpha build 2 release is now available for anybody who purchased the game!

    This update brings a complete overhaul to the combat mechanics, a new options menu that allows you to configure everything, and more good stuff. Patch 2a brings major improvements to performance issues and character physics stability.

    Head over to our Itch page to download the latest installer! New (minor) updates will be patched via the Launcher, so make sure to run that to stay up to date with new updates.

    You can read the full changelog here. In there we also detail a bit what's up next  :smile:
  2. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum said:
    But we still have capital controls(partly) here. If you don't go to Steam, how am I going to give you my money?  :sad:
    How will we be protected from the rabid masses and their review bombs? :razz:

    BTW, you could simply get the game on Itch and then add it to your library as an external game. For us it'll only make sense to launch on Steam with the proper alpha, when we've polished the core combat mechanics and added the basis for campaign gameplay. This will likely only be at the end of the year at the very earliest.

    Mr.Milker said:
    Right, I know about the dodge.

    Now, I'm not saying to make it like Exanima entirely. What I like about the analog ducking is that it allows me to do various things with this one button. (dodge, angle etc.)
    The dodge you have is useful, but I also wish there was a quick step dodge to put some distance between me and the enemy. (double tapping directions in Exanima does this)

    I think my main big issue is the inability to properly attack, which I suspect might be related to the mouselook feeling really slow and unresponsive at the moment.
    Agreed with the quick step! Only reason that's not in yet is because we've still to create the animations for that. :smile: It would likely be mapped to shift as a rapid/explosive locomotion, but we could very well add options to map it to e.g. double tapping the direction.

    I get the frustration - over the coming weeks we'll be adding options for the look and combat controls, as well as polish the defaults with your feedback. Hopefully you should be able to try some presets and discover the settings that do work for you.
  3. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    Really cool to see you oldtimers are still around! :lol:

    Mr.Milker said:
    If you're perhaps not planning some kind of stealth (using the binary crouch system you currently have), I'd suggest trying out a similar system to Exanima's - an "analog" crouch where tapping and holding the button makes a difference in how much you crouch.
    I absolutely love it in E. as it allows for some fun emergent gameplay. You can duck and evade, it allows you to change attack height/level unexpectedly, and it also adds a bit of velocity and therefore power to overhead attacks.

    Also if you already have some kind of attack debug visualization, it'd be cool if players could toggle it on. (like Warband has those arrows showing which side the opponent is attacking from, I would love to see how the game determines which of the four directions I'm trying to attack from. Deadzones and all that. I'm still having trouble to do that reliably.)
    Hey dude :smile: Appreciate you giving the game a go and the feedback.

    We're both fans of the Exanima combat system and the crouching mechanic definitely adds emergent gameplay there with all the elements you described. Making the crouch "analog" isn't an issue, but we also implemented a dodge (SpaceBar) that has you duck under or lean away from incoming attacks. Stealth is something we're still undecided on, but very interested in exploring (e.g. for ambush scenarios).

    In trying to model a relatively realistic combat system we decided to put footwork at the basis of all moves. This means that whenever an attack is initiated, the upper body and lower body animations are paired and played on top of each other. So any attack can be paired with any kind of footwork - and this is where we want most of the emergence to come from. For instance, you can take a small step forward, or a big lunge (if you hold shift and the direction).

    We have an attack debug visualization and will include it in the options menu in an upcoming patch that gives you some minor options including your suggestions.

    Adorno said:
    I would be careful moving to Steam anytime soon, and risking poor reviews.
    It's very rough, and I'm having difficulty understanding the combat - but loving how the character falls  :smile:
    We're not going on Steam anytime soon for that reason. :smile:

    Combat currently takes a bit of time to get the hang of, but it'll be improved upon and made more accessible going forward. Would a tutorial be of help here?

    Rallix said:
    I posted a gameplay change suggestion onto your forum. Pls send your thoughts/replies.
    I'll be replying there!

    Thanks everyone for the support and feedback, it's been awesome!
  4. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    We actually started off our first prototypes with weapons combat (see a very old prototype below)!

    We've since upgraded our physics approach, and weapons are a bit more complex to handle technically, so we are currently focusing on getting those interactions to look and feel right for a release.

    We do have the combat animations and actions ready for a variety of weapon types, and can't wait to show them!

    DanAngleland said:
    Wow, it's Raz! Great to see you here again  :grin: I remember following your work on that Deus Vult game years back, did that morph into this project or is it completely different? The fist fighting looks really good, I hope that translates into a similarly exciting weapon combat system.
    Cheers! Good to be back  :smile:

    I'm impressed you still remember that old DV game! Funnily enough I never stopped working on it, so you could say it has transformed into this game over years of prototyping and exploring feasible game concepts.
  5. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    Hell yeah I'm still alive  :iamamoron: . I needed to take some time off to sort some things out (this being one of them) - but it's good to be back in touch with you lot.

    Thanks for the feedback though - that footage is actually recorded in slow motion for the purposes of the trailer. Check out these gifs for a better look at the speeds.


    That said, everything (particularly the physics) is still a very early alpha and therefore heavily subject to change and polish!
  6. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    Dear members of the TW community, As a long-time M&B player, former modder and member of the forums, I've long dreamed to create a historical video game of my own. It is finally my pleasure to announce I've been working on a title myself for the past years, along with Christoph, a good friend...
  7. Raz

    Reverence: FPS Melee with Full Control of your Movement

    Nahkuri said:
    I remember playing with Raz and this American fellow whose name escapes me. Not Fooshie, but some other yank who was around a lot in 2008. I cut off both their weapon arms as the sword piggie and then spent the rest of the round chasing them and whacking at them with their own arms. Jolly good fun.
    Ha! That would've been CrazyEyes. This also reminded me of those sessions. I'm surprised we got the game up and running, let alone play multiplayer. :lol: Good times!
  8. Raz

    say cheese

    Pharaoh X Llandy said:
    Raz said:

    Please tell me you were in a gaybar, just trying to blend in :sad:
    Haha, that was at a Movember party last year. We were supposed to look dandy and gay. I normally tend to look more like this:


    Also, good to see most of you buggers are still active here :wink:
  9. Raz

    say cheese

    Mage246 said:
    Raz said:
    Dryvus said:
    Oi! Who said I'm black?  :wink:

    Whaaaaattttttt the fuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkk!  :!: :shock: :grin:
    Did you think I was dead or something? :razz:


  10. Raz

    say cheese

    Dryvus said:
    Oi! Who said I'm black?  :wink:
  11. Raz

    Shoes, glorious shoes!

    Pharaoh Llandy said:
    Kobrag said:
    Whatever happened to Buggy?

    We don't talk about that.

    FrisianDude said:
    Or Raz or Zaro or Butscrew.

    Raz got a "girlfriend" and a "real life" and abandoned us like the tosser he is :sad: Of course, we'd take him back if he said sorry, and most would be forgiven.

    As for Zaro, dunno. He was kinda fun and good for an argument.

    Butscrew... I have some vague memory of him being Japanese, or working in Japan. Maybe he got earthquaked. No big loss to the forums either way.
    Sorry? :razz:

    Wow, it's been ages since I posted here.
  12. Raz

    Jagged Alliance : Back in Action

    Haha. I'll stick to my Jagged Alliance 2 UB thank you very much.
  13. Raz

    Jagged Alliance : Back in Action

    I'm pretty sure there will be fog of war, by the way; there's a smart-pause event in the options menu for when one of your characters detects a new enemy.
  14. Raz

    '' McDonalds incident '' Man beats up two women after he gets assaulted

    *****es had it coming. A slap is assault too, so in my opinion he was in his right to defend himself (although not this excessively :lol:). Had it been two guys who got their asses whooped, there wouldn't have been a problem.
  15. Raz

    Project Zomboid

    Although I feel for them, as soon as you start charging people money you should be more careful with this kind of thing.
  16. Raz

    How to make a bad video game

    Winter. Not Winterz. :evil:
  17. Raz

    I am looking for a game....

    You could give Vindictus a shot. I haven't seen much of it, but the combat is okay for an MMO.
  18. Raz

    Describe your last sexual experiance with a movie title

    Good morning Vietnam. (She actually stayed overnight)
  19. Raz

    X-Com returns! As a FPS. And there was much crying.

    I just hate how everybody is wearing a ****ing suit.
  20. Raz

    How to make a bad video game

    Great read. :wink:
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