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  1. Leonion

    Need More Info Clan members stealing garrisons

    I'm having the exact same issue.
    I created a new army with my MC's older brother's wife in charge of it, gave her only a few troops hoping she'll recruit the rest and the first thing she does is entering my main town (Marunath) and stealing a bunch of tier 5 troops (a few khan's guards, a few banner knights, a few legionaries, a few elite cataphracts) from my own garrison. Then she went to my other town nearby (Seonon) and left a couple of soldiers in the garrison (Seonon's garrison is much smaller than Marunath's).
    So apparently player's clan members think they can manage player's fiefs as they please.
    Many people, like myself, enjoy perfecting garrisons, and the ai just ruining it is really immersion breaking.
    Lords stealing my troops literally made the game unplayable for me. I'm not exaggerating, I just can't play like this.

    I do have a couple of minor mods (like extended encyclopedia or swadian armory) but I doubt any of them causes the issue.

    reproduce the issue much easier and faster.
    I don't thing it's the kind of issue that needs reproducing to find out what causes this.
    Just check AI's reinforcement scripts. It kinda make sense that members of the same clan (since they have shared ownership over fiefs) can all manage those fiefs, but you really should add an exception (or a setting allowing such an exception) for player's clan, to stop clan members from touching player's garrisons.
  2. Leonion

    SP - General To disallow lords from taking my garrison troops

    The first messages about this stupid "feature" were posted over 2 years (on reddit), then multiple other threads were created over the course of those years, here this thread is 1.5 years old and still nothing changed.

    This is one of, if not the most terrible part of Bannerlord design for me. I cannot describe how disappointed I was when I found out I cannot safely store any troops in my garrisons because apparently clan members think they can take whoever they want. This is so game-breaking I don't even want to keep playing anymore even though just half an hour ago I was greatly enjoying the game. :xf-frown:
  3. Leonion

    Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Where can I report bugs?
    My save file got "infected" with annoying sound.
    It's the sound of diplomacy changes (it started happening after Battania made peace with Aserai), but now it plays every time I load a save file.
    Resaving/restarting the game doesn't help.
  4. Leonion

    Forum hacked??

    Keeping the joke going year after year on the same day has its charm... The fact that the f orum does not return to its normal state after 24 hours is a bad joke that is not very funny :iamamoron:.
    I don't want it to return, I want to stay Bigfoot the Pterable!
    Tbf, I didn't like previous years (my little pony and that car guy) but this year gave a me a good laugh.
  5. Leonion

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    How come me am Cera Stuck-in-tar of Dinosaurs team now?

    Oldtimer the confused
    Because it's April 1st. :grin:
    And at last I have a cool Fool's Day profile, not like the other times.

    UPD. lmay, they even edit messages.
  6. Leonion

    Having trouble recruiting from prisoners

    Replacing code like that is a terrible idea.
    First, it can potentially seriously break your game because of changed ids of global variables, factions, parties, party templates etc. if they're a part of that code.
    Second, there is a lot more in that script (other than that one particular feature affecting player's recruitment) that wasn't there before. By downgrading the code you delete it all.
  7. Leonion

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Tax inefficiency (or money transfer inefficiency as it's supposed to be called in Perisno unless someone changed it in the last versions) is completely different from Vanilla M&B.
    The main thread has Useful Stuff section => How the new economic system works subsection.
  8. Leonion

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    what is the penalty for using 1h/2h as 1h?
    Roughly 15% to speed and roughly 10% (1h/2h) or 20% (2h from horseback) to damage.
  9. Leonion

    Perisno 1.0 - Main Thread | V1.001: 4-8-2020

    I have just found that Dragon Priestess Khivachis is ridding a ... bear? Is this intended :xf-eek::xf-cool:
    Why can't a dragon priestess ride a bear? So many people are surprised by this...

    There were some legal issues with her riding a dragon (for reals!!) so they had to give her a bear...
    Who in the world can give legal issues to a bunch of modders who mod a game as a hobby I have no idea, but if I remember well, that is what happened.
    That is not what happened and we had no legal issues.
    The reasons for removing dragons were multiple:
    1) The creator of the mod pointed out they were initially supposed to be a legend in his view of the Perisno universe.
    2) They looked bad and were not animated. Stuff like this just doesn't work in Warband (unless you're from China, they did break some barriers). And we attempt to make Perisno a quality mod rather than second Paradigm Worlds.
    3) Finally, yes, while replaying HOMM 5 about a year ago I suddenly realized the dragons are clearly from that game. I don't know who exactly added them to Perisno, but my guess is that somebody from the Chinese M&B forum ported them (they have a lot of HOMM mods for WB using ported assets), posted in the "resources" section and somebody else who was not familiar with HOMM thought it was OSP assets and added them to Perisno.
    All things considered, dragons were removed. But no-one forced our hand.
  10. Leonion

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    But where are the dragons?
    They're a myth. Stop spamming new threads to ask simple questions.

    crappy kingslayer sword...
    It's only one of the best bastard weapons. Good luck finding a better one, they're even more rare.

    a ton of parts of the map are just... empty...
    Just like in real world.

    after lots of trial and error found out what "sell before" does when it sold my entire iventory...
    God bless changelogs and main thread. Before using a device, you do read the manual first, right?

    considering there are no sorting mod on this mod, it is just useless and cumbersome
    What on Earth do you need to sort?

    ,specially since it disables the denars estimate of the trade, requiring you to keep attempting to close the deal and then remove one item, try again, and so on, until the trade fits the money
    You really don't need to do any of this when using sell before/after buttons and they're the ones that are intended to be used in 99% of transactions.

    every nation has their own set of completely crazy titles, it make tracking characters very confusing, wtf is "Artanhen" supposed to mean?),
    First, it's Artanher, an elvish title.
    Second, surely, it would be a lot let confusing and easier to navigate if all of them were "lords". You open a list of lords and just see 135 lords.
    Also it would be very realistic. Like in real world, where every country has/had the same titles, right?

    boring weapons (well, at least the legendary ones... I saw some evil faction with some cool axes, but the legendary swords are all normal swords, in a fantasy mod where is all the cool fantasy swords?) and so on.
    Wrong mod.
    While it's a fantasy mod, it's a low-fantasy mod. There are no anime buster swords or anything like that here.

    I was hoping I could ignore all that if I could ride a dragon but... I can't find it :sad:
    Abandon all hope.

    the scary black week [...] I had heard it is normal for them to take factions out
    Exaggerations. As a Russian proverb says, "huge are the eyes of fear".
    Although Zann declaring truce 6 days after invasion is strange.:???:
  11. Leonion

    Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

    problem is 1.0 is already a thing, and 1.1 is WIP... so you're defenetely late to the party =)
    ....not to mention there was also 0.99 between 0.9 and 1.0.
    ....and 0.8 and 0.9 have virtually the same balance since I worked on both. 0.8 differs from 0.7 in this regard, but hardly from 0.9.
    Somebody's seeing things.
  12. Leonion

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    There are troop stats being wonky and out-of-place, like Vlandian Sergeants having higher movement stat in mounted than dismounted. I think there are already mods that take care of it, but it shouldn't be hard to fix.
    You've got to be kidding me...
  13. Leonion

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    I Really hope this gets fixed, i randomly teleport out of my castle sometimes, sometimes its near and sometimes its super far away

  14. Leonion

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    I sure am glad you put bannerlord in the title so it directs to this instead of an actual bannerlord report thread...
    FYI, It used to be named "Official Bug Report Thread [READ FIRST POST]", but it didn't stop a dozen of people from posting BL bugs here.
    Unfortunately, it seems that even more explicit name doesn't stop them either.
    I suppose it's very hard to read the first post or look at the path:
  15. Leonion

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Wrong thread, all of you.
  16. Leonion

    Discussion + Suggestions

    I`m asking you.
    Taking into account who they are, you decide if they're good guys or just bandits.
  17. Leonion

    Discussion + Suggestions

    AFAIU they`re good guys, right?
    The answer would depend on who you'd ask.
  18. Leonion

    Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

    They have those invisible helmets.
    No, they don't.
    Cretasan troops don't wear head enchantments.

    As for banners - all banners work identically. They all use one mesh and are placed on large texture sheets (if one banner was bugged, all 21 banners from that texture would be bugged - which in this case would be all Draharan banners, provided I understood you correctly and you were talking about Vizier Khalil's banner). So, naturally, I cannot reproduce your bug.
  19. Leonion

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    backstory is set to 61
    Well, that explains it.
    I didn't know this variable gets overwritten in one of the dialogues.

    Thanks for helping me find the cause of that elusive bug. :smile:
  20. Leonion

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    I managed to get Hyk back with savegame editor. From what I have seen there, Hyk(while lost) has correctly set slot_troop_occupation and slot_troop_cur_center (I assume thats why Traveller can point you to his whereabouts). I think you fail to actually populate him in tavern. Might be connected to his special appearance in special start scenario?
    It shouldn't be, the script is pretty clear...
                 (try_for_range, ":companion_candidate", companions_begin, companions_end),
                   (troop_slot_eq, ":companion_candidate", slot_troop_occupation, 0),
                   (troop_slot_eq, ":companion_candidate", slot_troop_cur_center, "$current_town"),
                   (neg|troop_slot_ge, ":companion_candidate", slot_troop_prisoner_of_party, centers_begin),
                   (this_or_next|neq, ":companion_candidate", "trp_npc13"),
                   (eq, "$backstory", 1),
                   (set_visitor, ":cur_entry", ":companion_candidate"),
                   (val_add, ":cur_entry", 1),
    So it's either not_Hyk or you started at the island (with Hyk), and then this companion spawns at the current tavern.
    I dunno why he doesn't spawn...
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