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  1. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    Your analogies are so weird I don't even understand what you're all talking about at this point. FBholer I don't know what you're doing here, if you really think no one plays or cares about MP why are you still arguing about, just avoid the section entirely (And I mean... The fact that the game has an entire section about it definetly means people do care about it), anyways what are you trying to achieve here talking about meat and potatoes and flavors escapes my mind, do you want them to first finish the SP? If that is your point then let me tell you something you already know, it's not going to happen, this team will keep working on it, and people are still going to play MP regardless of your "data", and those that do not play MP do care about it and put their complains in the forums, some others are just waiting for MP mods, it really doesn't matter, these recurring arguments that go on and on are pointless and a waste of time
    You can listen to your own advice and ignore me totally :mrgreen:

    If you stop attacking the person and start attacking the argument, I may start reading your posts again.

    My point stands still: MP = loud minority.

    You don't have to agree, and any further ad hominem attacks will be ignored.
  2. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    A useless rant over SP > MP i see. And your analogy is completely wrong, it goes more like:

    Asking a 5 star cook to prepare food for a farmer. A farmer has a solid knowledge of the basic ingredients such as a potato, carrot,... and all sort of other crafts (In this analogy the "basic ingredients" are the SP people who know the basics about the combat)

    But it is the cook who will create an astonishing meal for both the farmer and the cook (Here the cook being a MP player who is dedicated to playing the combat)

    A meal made by the farmer will be good enough, but the cook will be utterly disgusted by the meal the farmer made. Why are you trying to make a bad meal when you can have an astonishing meal for both the cook and the farmer?
    I my opinion your analogy is off.

    Asking MP guys to improve overall quality is like designing a whole car around its tires, just because they're vital to the grip, speed, etc.
    While the tires may give some constraints, it's not good design choice to do so.

    Going back to food, it's like trying to feed construction workers with 5-star chef food (i.e. small quantities, exquisite flavors). They need meat and potatoes.
  3. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    Its their fault nobody is playing MP. There was plenty of players ready to get on board with it. If they had messed Up SP real hard you wouldnt want them to give Up on it and focus only on MP wouldnt you ? Lack of MP Community isnt the players fault, tons of them been Telling TW of the hundreds of issues with multiplayer and TW chose to ignore it. Upper management seems to have a disdain for quality multiplayers expériences because of how Much sabotaging they are doing to the already too small mp Dev team while on the other Side in SP it seems everything is being done correctly and players are listened to
    Just to be clear, I didn't touch SP in the last 4 months. I don't play too much, but I like to give MP a shot every now and then.
    Long story short, MP is less than 5% of the player base since the second month of EA. It's not the playerbase fault... this was always that way, M&B was always about SP and mods. MP is a nice addition, but it isn't their milk cow.

    You may say MP guys are more experienced, but the player base do not demand good MP, they demand good SP which needs different features than MP.

    Saying that TW should listen to MP guys just because they're skilled is like trying to hire a farmer to cook in your restaurant because they have more knowledge on vegetables and animals than your chef.
  4. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    Nobody on MP asked for them to change the combat for SP, that is just TW's poor design choices that affects SP. The old combat was perfect for SP and didnt need any change.
    My point is more primitive than this.

    Why spend time and resources fine tweaking MP while 99% of the community don't ever touch it?
  5. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    Tell me, who will extensively exploit the combat to its full potential and study all of it's underlying mechanics and strings attached? A singleplayer guy or a multiplayer guy?

    The mid-level being played in multiplayer will never come in comparison to the singleplayer, you literally think bots are going to do insane feints?

    You're one of the only people complaining about the combat in SP right now, you are a minority in a majority.
    Who's complaining about single player combat?

    Design the gameplay to cater MP with a 1% fraction of the community is just nuts, no matter how well the multiplayer guys know about the game mechanics, it must work on SP to prosper.
  6. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    It's as if MP people know more about combat then SP people fighting bots
    Thanks for giving me the perfect response :grin:

    99% of the community play against bots.
    Yet, people feel like it's better to cater those fighting against humans. Because sKiLLz.
    It's like designing a car to cater Nascar pilots.

    Game design should know their audience, and for BL it's overwhelmingly SP. MP has been a very tiny fraction of the picture from the very beginning.

    The MP community will transition from WB to BL the moment BL becomes very very very similar to WB. This would greatly hurt SP gameplay, because WB is wonky and the robot-like movement is the key to reading your opponents.

    Tl;dr: SP is the milk cow TW should focus on. MP is nothing but loud minority.
  7. FBohler

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    And still the tiny MP community feel more entitled than single player folks when it comes to combat suggestions / feedback. That I call a loud minority.
    Ps: I'm mainly playing MP for the last 3 months or so.
  8. FBohler

    [Multiplayer] (Huge Game Breaking Exploit With Proofs) Increasing Class Perks From Config Files [Edit: Just a Placebo effect.]

    No dw, you just suck.
    Thanks for your kind words, made my day really better than before! Be sure to keep that attitude and your life will be wonderful :lol:
  9. FBohler

    [Multiplayer] (Huge Game Breaking Exploit With Proofs) Increasing Class Perks From Config Files [Edit: Just a Placebo effect.]

    So there's some other explanation for ridiculously fast spamming enemies other than that I suck at the game? Interesting!
  10. FBohler

    I personally would like an option to go back to the old order menu

    Not my ss, I took it from a user (don't rmb her/his name). Still with 1.5.4... ?
    You naughty SS thief! ?
  11. FBohler

    I personally would like an option to go back to the old order menu


    I'm having an OCD attack...why isn't it even centered?
    Anyway... as a complementary menu for advanced orders, as I commented here (Sprinkling the strategy: Advanced tactics with radial menu); Yes. To replace the classic menu "just for the sake of it" with this radial smear; absolutely not. This should be a configurable option in the settings menu and associated with the gamepad usage.
    I don't buy it...
    Wow the game looks gorgeous in your screenshot, is it cranked up to ultra high? ?
  12. FBohler

    MP Matchmaking servers for SA region

    See, @Callum how many MP players you wasted in the initial sprint? South Americans are very passionate about MP in general, I think the servers would even be more populated than NA ones.
  13. FBohler

    Is SA getting a server one day or are we not allowed to enjoy this game?

    Even NA servers are dead empty right now, not to mention Oceania that barely has anyone playing on them. It's about time they do something about SA.
  14. FBohler

    Wishlist item: DeathCam

    I wish there was a quick kill cam from the attacker's perspective so I can get to understand why I get killed so much.
  15. FBohler

    Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    Yes, let's all create a world culture of mocking any form of independent thought and rely only on official sources to provide us with correct and proper information. Official sources are so trustworthy, they will always tell us the truth - so no need to draw your own conclusions. No need to think for ourselves. \o/

    Stay calm - everything's under highly sophisticated totalitarian mind control.
    This would make for a good conspiracy theory.... if it wasn't happening right now ?
  16. FBohler

    Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    It had thousands, the only reason MP is dead is because TW puts the playerbase on mute
    Your statement doesn't change the fact: MP is semi dead.
    I don't believe it's going to get any better, and I think we're going to see a lot of people trying to make us believe that what makes BL great is the MP so the devs should listen the pro players because they're better than single player average Joe in the game.
  17. FBohler

    Wrong color on the horse....

    Yeah can recommend you writing something to, since its a given thing for sure..imagination wise and might keep you busy on something else then destructiveness :smile: Its not my thread but for everyone following it <3 I was just the one setting it up so to speak but it was everyone in it who created it
    You may just stop feeding the troll... let the guy say whatever he wants.
  18. FBohler

    Wrong color on the horse....

    Oh damn Shinboi, thanks for sharing. That has really never happened to any of us, ever. What a remarkable bug. Could you please make three other topics highlighting similar issues? Im sure everyone here appreciates your attention to detail.
    Seems to me that you're kind of mocking him for reporting small bugs.

    Reporting small bugs is actually useful.
  19. FBohler

    One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, How about Double Handed Swords?

    Main problem with dual wielding would be its use.
    In real life the main advantage of dual wielding is being able to perform two actions at the same time, e.g. attacking with both weapons or attacking while parrying.
    In a game like M&B, where the combat is action oriented, it's very difficult to make it enjoyable and balanced both for the user and the enemies.

    Playing it simple would make it just like sword + shield but without protection from arrows.

    Adding abilities to attack in 2 directions at once would make it OP for sure, only shields would hold the dual wielder from spamming, for a limited amount of time.

    That all being said, I would like to see this modded into some sort of high fantasy single player total conversion.
  20. FBohler

    Absurd Conspiracy Thread (Alex Jones Approved)

    You say only 1% of the playerbase played WB MP is like Joe Biden saying, " When im done saying this sentence 200 million people will die from the coronavirus"
    Don't be like sleepy Joe, don't twist my words.

    I never said anything about WB MP/SP ratio. I'm talking about BL here. Last time I checked Steam Charts we had avg over 10k players on Steam vs less than 100 people in all MP servers combined. This acounts for less than 1% because not everyone would log in through Steam.

    Thank you for your wisdom, wise one. Will the new IP be based on the Calradic universe? or something completely different?
    Thank you for your words, young padawan.
    All I can tell is it's going to be loosely based on the Calradic Empire. The ties in the lore are in the line of those found on Red Dead Redemption and GTA. The new IP will be considered an odd ball by the die hard fanbase, and a bold move for the company to break into the AAA market. I'm not sure they'll have success yet... let's wait for 2031, when the new IP begins Early Access.
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