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  1. Vaeya

    TEATRC for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    Bloody brilliant! Absolutely psyched for this!
  2. Vaeya

    SP Native [WB] Heartfire

    First of all, there's lots of interesting ideas! Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of similar posts where people lay out plans and ask for people to sort of do the work for them on the grounds that they don't have the talent. They rarely get a huge amount of interest as I think they come across as a bit high handed and modders would rather work on their own projects than be 'hired hands'.

    I'd recommend that you try and play around with the module system a bit so you have something to show to encourage other people. There's a few guides on the forums, plus lots of OSP code with instructions (I think there's also a thread experienced modders questions). There's definitely one showing how to do basic quests which you could implement. (I'm very much speaking not as a modder, only someone who has done some very basic stuff with OSP code).

    Even if what you produce isn't as exciting as what you've described here, if you have something solid to show people are more likely to be interested than just relying on the community. Good luck!
  3. Vaeya

    MP Musket Era [WB] American Independence War.

    Not to be cruel but pizzaman_6 has a point: you'd be best off looking up some guides on how to mod multiplayer first. People would be more likely to be interested in getting involved if you've got some progress; there's a thread you can post ideas if you're not personally interested in modding (there have been a lot of mods that got going with 2 or even 1 person as well, at least at the start).
  4. Vaeya

    [B] TEatRC Warband 1.134

    Looks great to me (and happy to contribute some ideas for new parties if you're still looking for them)!
  5. Vaeya

    [B] TEatRC Warband 1.134

    I can't offer much in the way of code I have to confess, but just thought I'd say how exciting this is to see!
  6. Vaeya

    Is this mod dead?

    This really isn't the help thread I'm afraid (I'm dubious the new mod team even looks at this page).
  7. Vaeya

    Is this mod dead?

    Yes, sadly - although they released their material as open source I believe.
  8. Vaeya

    B Native Musket Era [WB] Renaissance Mod - Beta Released

    Only 3 years late by the look of things...
  9. Vaeya

    SP Fantasy [WB] The Conquerors of Coultchorn v1.1 Beta (Discontinued)

    Just thought I'd drop in my two cents and say a huge congratulations for making a wonderful mod! It's nice to have something which plays with a bit more of the Brythonic/Goidelic influence too, and isn't afraid to drop in some other faction! I think troop balance might be a little off (sorry if this has been said to death...) but I think that may be mainly due to some archers (Wicklands mid-tier bows, I think) not having any side-arms, and archers (on both sides of the battle) often just switching to melee weapons even when the enemy is miles away. Otherwise, really, really good stuff!
  10. Vaeya

    tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia - improved version, new features

    I have to second that, the retooled Laurians are particularly fabulous!
  11. Vaeya

    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    I would love that! I think since everyone wouldn't mind adding their own personal power fantasies in (and it'd save you a lot of extra time and effort, by the sound of things). The only thing I'd bear in mind (and this may be my personal failings) but at least in the 16th century mod, making my own faction all too often ended in having a mass of factions stepping on me. Also, I don't know if I'm being mistaken but how would this relate to making your own regiment? (If that's still in, apologies if I'm finally mistaken...)
  12. Vaeya

    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    I don't want to speak for the Dev team but I feel from the messages they'd really need a new scener for that...
  13. Vaeya

    A compilation of TEATRC lore, universe expansions & codices

    Glad you like it, Khan! We should hopefully have a map sometime soonish, and then even more history will be in the making (also, lots of bloodshed).

    Whilst waiting, have a taste of some potential minor factions for Murond...

    Concentrated in a few university towns centred around Oxbridge, the Lollards have an uneasy alliance with the Republic due to their hatred of the Laurians and their Inquisition. They are made up of armed students and tutors (the Gown), a hastily armed city watch (the Town), and are assisted by groups of mercenaries. Their most formidable force is, in theory, the ‘Lollard knights’. If all of these horsemen, squires and entourages were grouped together, they might prove a threat even to the Laurian tercio. In reality, however, they are disparate collection, ranging from truly noble nobles (and commoners with horses), through puffed-up tin-cans, more interested in titles than faith or heroism, down to the truly evil: men who use their stature to bully those beneath them into payments. Nevertheless, the power of the Lollards has contained the spread of Filaharnism into too much of Murond, with missionaries of that absolute faith sent to the blazing pyres.

    Dummonian Renegades:
    Not all the riders of the fens agreed to serve with the Republican army. A number, seeing the infighting across the Obello as an opportunity for freedom, have begun to attack all their enemies. Miners are often captured by them, paraded about, and then put to work as slaves in the mines which their forebears captured. Some say they are looking to foreign powers for aid, though this remains an unsubstantiated rumour.
  14. Vaeya

    A compilation of TEATRC lore, universe expansions & codices

    Following up on the stuff above, my effort on the earlier history on Murond and the people who inhabited it earlier for the side-mod we're working on at present (fairly heavily based off of the Britons and Anglo-Saxons)

    Excerpt from ‘The Annals of Konstantine’

    We have landed in a land to the north of Calradia, which as yet has no names. It is a horrid place, all rain and sleet, and the sun dares not show its face here. The people are brutish, and the food is worse. I fear the men will revolt if they must live in such squalour, so I have set about bringing civilisation to the chieftains.

    Excerpts from ‘The Ecclesiastical History of the Murondian People’, by the Venerable Bod.

    Lo! In what the Ellisians called the Northern Ocean, that we call the Obello Sea, an island. It is a wondrous isle, and upon it grow trees and plants and herbs, and in some parts wineyards are grown…The Dummonians, when they faced the clansmen, grew terrified. They sent messengers to Ellis, with humility and great weeping. The Emperor sent a great army to aid them thrice, and bade them defend themselves. When the Clans rose once more, they fell upon the Dummonians like wolves and wild beasts upon sheep; they trampled them like ripe corn underfoot….And so it came to pass that from distant lands came the strongest of folk, the Murondum, and brought with them a mighty host. They pushed the Dummonians north into the marshes and the fens, for they were a dreadful punishment by the Lord upon those exiles.

    ‘A Treatise on the Dummonians’, by Sir Geoffrey Monmaw, 1456

    Though Bod’s account is not entirely without merit, he deprives the Dummonians of their autochtony. They were a flourishing people before the arrival of the Murondii, and they traded with their Calradian neighbours in the Highlands. Though Clans would, from time to time, send raiding parties over, the Dummonians were hardly defenceless: their skills at horsemanship and deadly aim with javelins forced even the Gallowglasses to think twice from attacking.
    Their defeat at the hands of the Ellisian legions was in part due to their own in-fighting, and part thanks to the expedition’s leader, Konstantine, a fine tactician. He chose not to slaughter his routed foes but offered them peace - and the Ellisian way of life. The chieftains agreed (unlike the Clansmen), but many of their folk refused. This tension was ended by the arrival of the Muronds, whose success was gradual to say the least. Only through sheer weight of arms did they grind down the fortifications of the city-dwelling Dummonians, allowing them to drive their free riding cousins out into the Great Northern Fenland. For generations, the Dummonians have suffered persecution at the hands of the Kings of Murond, who demand great tribute and forbid them from their ancient traditions. Their ancestral lands are greatly diminished, for the mines which dot them hold great wealth: instead, they must live in only the most barren and destitute places, beyond the Crown’s authority.
  15. Vaeya

    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    I've got to second the Cowboys, I'm planning on making my own Rough Riders...
  16. Vaeya

    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Not sure if this is any use but found one vaguely interesting 'Roman' officer...
  17. Vaeya

    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Gosh darn Marathas, soaking all the country's martial pride (and they say southerners aren't a martial people...)
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for work on this mod, it looks and sounds incredible!
  18. Vaeya

    Minor Faction Questions

    I'm afraid I can't answer your first two questions but I'm pretty sure that it's a yes with regards to the third - Bogatyrs, Amazons, Foreign Expeditions and Forest Bandits/Rangers if I remember rightly (and haven't screwed things up) can't, generally because they don't get event armies.
  19. Vaeya

    Mount and Blade original multiplayer mod development

    I don't want to rain on your parade with my own highly minimal modding experience, but this seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth, considering that Warband's Persistent World and related mods seem to have dwindled - and that's in a game with multiplayer as a given.
  20. Vaeya

    businesses stop selling stock

    I'm not entirely sure there's been a satisfactory answer but this has come up a lot in the bugs thread - probably best to check there next time. Sadly, the only method to combat it so far is your manual resetting...
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