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    Patch Notes v1.2.8

    My personal opinion is that it became feasible for them to develop a more detailed simulation of weapon interactions with a larger team and new engine, and those who make the game don't have the same playing experience or expectations. The justification may have been that attacks which visibly collide with the player hitbox before the block hitbox should bypass the active block. On paper this sounds like a very sensible thing, but the player has limited control over the exact positioning of their weapon or shield during a block, very minor rotations left and right can expose varying amounts of a player's hitbox, and terrain elevation can be difficult to perceive. Most players use third person, and will instinctively angle their camera down in melee so they can see their opponent fully, which makes it hard to notice mild slopes.

    If you're not a player who greatly values readability, responsiveness, and precision, then you may not notice or care about attacks bypassing blocks. It doesn't happen terribly often for me, but when it does I notice it every single time because I've had many years of experience, including playing at the highest levels of competition in Warband. I am highly proficient at blocking and expect it to work every time. The average player may just believe they were too slow, accidentally blocked in the wrong direction and didn't see it, or had a weapon crush through their block even if their opponent's weapon isn't capable of it. Maybe they do notice and just accept it as a minor flaw in the game. It's fine to have different expectations, but for me it's a distinct downgrade in the aspect of the game which has historically been the strongest, and inspired many imitators that never managed to feel as clear and responsive.
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    There is an in-game report system for notifying employees about this kind of behavior. You can send what evidence you have to me if you wish. We will not continue the confrontation in this thread.
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    Patch Notes v1.2.8

    I prefer vanilla Warband (the only mod I ever used extensively was Diplomacy) over Bannerlord because the core of the game, for me, has always been combat mechanics. Warband is simpler, but because it is simpler it is more feasible to do complex things. The evolution of technical ability with Warband's melee mechanics in the Native MP dueling scene was fascinating to me, as a participant and observer. Skills translated 1:1 to SP, though bots would obviously commit on every error.

    The key difference for me is the absolute nature of directional blocking & attacks in Warband, as opposed to the variability in Bannerlord. In Warband, blocking up will block all vertical attacks from a wide angle in front of you, regardless of height difference between you and your attacker. The same goes for blocking down. Blocking left and right offers the only exception, where a "wrong" block on one side can still intercept an incoming attack if your "wrong" block is rotated enough to face your attacker. This seemingly odd interaction makes perfect sense when seen in action, though, so it feels natural. By contrast, BL requires correct block direction and intersection of weapon/shield hitboxes to score a block, which means correct timing, input, and facing can still result in a failed block due to terrain or character height difference or short weapon hitboxes. Mixed results from correct input feels bad in skill-based games. The same distinction is made for chamber-blocking, which was so straightforward in Warband that it simply became a way to disrupt timing, and is so finnicky in Bannerlord that almost nobody makes deliberate attempts to do it.

    I played M&B starting with the .623 beta for the original game in 2005, was in the first wave of invites for the Warband closed beta in August 2009, and participated in the friends & family beta as well as the closed MP beta for Bannerlord. I've played thousands of hours in the first game, and in Warband both SP and MP where I was deeply involved, but I can't stomach Bannerlord for very long. It does not feel as good as its predecessors, even though it looks better and has some interesting new systems.
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    So no, with asking a question that was answered just 5 posts before, you're not within "your rights", but instead violating the forum rules.
    Congratulations, you triggered an entire page of spam by playing backseat moderator. Unless his single post contained an advertisement, copy-pasta, or other irrelevant content, then it isn't considered spam.
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    CA to be gutted, lesson for TW

    We have a board for discussing other games. It is conveniently titled "Other Games."
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    A lie, but ok, we have Mr Wonderful 2.
    I learned the core concepts of OOP in C++ in an elective class, in an American public high school, in 2006, when my only prior programming experience was one class of Visual Basic in the previous semester, at the ripe old age of 15. There are tons more free, high quality resources to learn from on the internet now compared to then, in different formats (audio, video, written, real-time interactive), and C# is objectively easier to learn than C++. Plus, the Visual Studio IDE is available now for free. I didn't even have the benefit of a robust error/warning report in the C++ compiler we used in high school, but VS has great debugging tools for C#. It's not a daunting task to learn, and it is easier now than ever before.
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    Who of the old guard are still around?

    There is one I know of, but I'm not in it. @Cpt. Nemo might be able to help.
  8. Orion

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    Depends on the type of content you want to see. If you're only looking for complaints about the patch cycle of Bannerlord, the forum appears to be thriving.
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    The thing is, if the game was designed properly and all the data in Databases, a single passionate modder could add all these features within a day !

    Unfortunately modders need to deal with complex "C sharp" and OOP. This means only the smartest and most experienced Programmers , with a passion for BL, can add any of these features. Their numbers are very small. Most gamers don't have these skills.
    C# is perhaps the easiest of the C language family to learn, and there are tons of free, high-quality resources one can learn from. The only requirement is willingness to do so. Implying that this isn't properly done isn't fair, and I would point you to other games which have incorporated C# in their modding ability or even their gameplay (like Space Engineers). I would estimate that progression from the most basic "hello world" console application to an entry-level modding project in BL for the average person, with zero programming experience, could be as little as three months. From the list that Duh gave which you're referring to, I'd say that these would be feasible for that first project:
    companion variety, ... settlement projects
    The only real skill necessary to develop those projects would be the ability to read and understand existing code, and once you can do that then you do what every single professional programmer has and will continue to do: copy, paste, and modify. Object-oriented programming is also not difficult to grasp conceptually, especially in an established code base full of examples.

    That said, it's still not the most accessible avenue to modding I've seen. Any mod which seeks to add new functionality to the game rather than utilizing existing functionality is going to require more knowledge, but that only pushes your timeline out a few more months. This problem isn't unique to BL, it exists for all games.
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    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    Yes, for anyone trying to play a Skirmish game without having to go through a dedicated Unofficial discord, or wanting to get some of the in-game accomplishment badges, this is definitely the biggest problem with BL MP. Captain mode actually has some Custom Servers that are regularly filled, but the Custom Skirmish Servers are always empty.
    I meant the guy who responded just before me with two videos about cheaters in other multiplayer games.
  11. Orion

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    You think that's the biggest problem with BL MP?
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    To answer your question Orion, the above quote is most likely an example of what Flesson was referring to. Yes, there was more to the quote and I get it, but the perceived tone isn't a good look. I personally don't have a problem with the moderator team here, however, sometimes you do seem to come across as a bit power hungry.
    I didn't have a question, but I get your point. Part of our policy for moderation here is to consider verbal intervention before issuing warnings through the warning system. We've seen many times in the past that low-intensity spats can usually be resolved without any lasting consequences being dished out, and it doesn't hurt to try. I'm brusque sometimes, but I'm a proponent of that policy.

    My other rub with the moderator team right now is how people (like myself in an earlier comment) are trying to defend TW a little bit and immediately getting called TW shills and the like, but then the moderator team doesn't come into the picture and warn the people who are trashing us regulars who are asking for a little patience.
    We can't be everywhere, but you can always get our attention with a report. There's a button for it on the bottom-left of every post, and we check for them regularly. You also only have 14 posts, so I went and checked. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see any hostility in responses you've received to any of your posts. Did you have something specific in mind?
  13. Orion

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    If you do it then you get the TW lovers blasting you, or a certain moderator (starts with an O) that will swear and threaten to ban you, so why waste the time.

    If you have a problem with a member of the moderation team, feel free to bring it up with any of the other global moderators or a community manager. Or, as you have for the past few months, you can continue to snipe from the sidelines. I can tell you which would be more effective in resolving your problem, though.

    Just remember that all of the moderators here are volunteers, have the same privilege to engage in conversations on the forum as you, and are not expected to be communal punching bags. We're also allowed to swear (but are encouraged to keep it minimal), as the profanity filter is on by default in every user's profile settings.
  14. Orion

    "Baldur’s Gate 3 is Causing Some Developers to Panic"

    why is everyone pretending this game wasn't available in an unfinished state for 3 years
    why is everyone pretending this game wasn't available in an unfinished state for 3 years.
  15. Orion

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    30 minutes a day on here since 2005? That's sad.
  16. Orion

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    166 days online? On THIS FORUM?? Step outside, touch some grass dude.
    I mowed my back lawn yesterday, does that count? Can't mow the front, I landscaped it all with stones, shrubs, and flowers years ago when it became clear my neighbors weren't going to do anything about the weeds in their yard. Forget touching grass, go pull some weeds.

    You do realize he joined in the year 2005 right? Not to mention he's a Global Moderator. I guess something as simple as logic or common sense doesn't exist in your vocabulary.
    I know, right? It works out to something like 30 minutes a day. I admit, though, that I make the mistake of coming to a forum to read, so it takes a little more of my time.

    A distinct sign that your predominantly single-player game with PvP modes is doing well: Comparing it to MMO's/live service games to justify a multi-decade of development hell.
    It's not my game, though, and I don't have any personal stake in defending it. All of the moderators here are volunteers from the community. There's a plethora of valid reasons to criticize the game and TW's track record of developing it, but the live vs. beta version thing isn't one of 'em, and this isn't the appropriate thread for that kind of feedback.
  17. Orion

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Name one respectable game
    Your qualifier makes the entire exercise pointless. What you define as "respectable" surely won't match my definition, and I'm sure the reason would vary depending on any example I could give. You've already dismissed GaaS, and so you would likely dismiss any and all MMOs which are the most obvious examples of games with two public-facing, concurrently updated versions (one "live," and the other for testing). I won't be pulled into a bad-faith argument.
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    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    Rolling through more of the Tiny Desk back catalog, watching or re-watching. This is a re-watch for me:
  19. Orion

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    keep on living on your parallel universe of "official releases" and "beta versions"
    Is this the only game you've played in the last decade? Simultaneous live and test versions are a common practice across the industry. Find something real to be upset about, and post in a different thread about it. If you come back with more of this nonsense, it will be the last time for a while.
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