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  1. Isaac Komnenos

    Servers Downtime

    They don't even work anyways ?? Why even have servers up tw your game constantly crashes? Ignorance is bliss huh?
  2. Isaac Komnenos

    well well well, you just murdered the last straw for mp

    They don't give a **** about MP, honestly I'm starting to really dislike TW
  3. Isaac Komnenos

    Server Crashes

    Every multiplayer game no matter the gamemode captain, team deathmatch whatever 4 games out of 5 result in crashes what is going on Taleworlds? this crash has been happening for so long now do you have the means to fix your own game? if the crashes continue into full release im done with MP this...
  4. Isaac Komnenos

    we are satisfied with the current state of multiplayer

    They clearly just don't care about multiplayer dude its sad
  5. Isaac Komnenos

    Unacceptable multiplayer server performance

    I have a friend that went to gamescom and asked about this and the answer he was given was "Servers have been vastly improved so if you see new issue you can report it on forum".

    The issues go away if you just pretend they don't exist, this is exactly the attitude they have to their fanbase, for months now they have said NOTHING cause they think the best way to deal with this is to stay quiet, appalling way to treat your (SMALL) fanbase
  6. Isaac Komnenos

    Getting disconnected from the lobby, cannot join any server

    I cant even login, getting login failed couldnt receive login result from server
  7. Isaac Komnenos

    Not to be rude but its this game ready for "Full Release"?

    The devs know the game is not ready but theyve squndered all their money already and need another cash influx to do nothing with no doubt, 2 years of development since EA release for what? nothing
  8. Isaac Komnenos

    New UI is dog**** for names, who thought this was a good idea?

    Lol, so exactly what does the Q&A team at TW do?
    waste time until they run out of money
  9. Isaac Komnenos

    Can`t find match in captain mode (and still happens in v1.8)

    That's what happens when... with a single update you kill the remaining player base of that mod...
    I was one of those people, played almost everyday since release, 1.7.2 just killed it for me and the rest of the other captain players
    Agreed. Why they didnt rollback on 1.7.2 is madness to me. from a MP that had little wrong with it that worked fine to having play on player servers cause their actual servers dont work
  10. Isaac Komnenos

    Will MP be completed for full release?

    they ran out of money and need console sales to prop up their poor planning
  11. Isaac Komnenos

    Transparency on fixing the issues

    I can see where they are coming from through.. now we bash TW and if they talked we would bash them personaly.. :p
    No communication does speak volumes about TW. If any of dev would step up and talk, we would probably flame/**** talk him about the current state of multi but in the end both game and us would get better with some communication.
    In my job I get lip from customers you know what i do? i laugh it off cause im paid to do a job, the devs are also given money to do a job, no communication fans the flames and destroys your reputation for your game AND your company, silence doesnt fix anything and it will just serve to bury bannerlord unfortunately
  12. Isaac Komnenos

    No option for multiplayer full campaign?(co-op or versus)

    the coop mods probably have more active people developing the game than the main game does at this point, look at the competitions on their social media they are trying to outsource development as much as possible
  13. Isaac Komnenos

    Transparency on fixing the issues

    The lack of transparency regarding the server issues in particular is worrying. TW answers a lot of questions and responds to feedback about other topics, but it’s completely silent about the most important one for MP. We’ll see if the next patch fixes anything but my hopes are fading quickly.
    I saw one of the mods comment that the devs dont want to post updates cause theyre scared of backlash but this is a contradiction/excuse to me as lets be honest theyre going to get way more abuse if they dont, but hey what do we know?
  14. Isaac Komnenos

    Transparency on fixing the issues

    I haven't gotten a captain match in over a week on the EU servers this is getting silly now, any chance of some transparency from the dev team in regards to the plethora of issues this game is mired by? any kind of roadmap that we can get or a roadmap for the roadmap?
  15. Isaac Komnenos

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    So we're clear, ikKO was muted for spamming the same message and tags across multiple threads. He was banned because he made a duplicate account shortly after, to bypass the mute. He even did it a second time minutes after the first dupe was banned. Nothing to do with dissent, and you can tell yourself that the purely volunteer forum staff are shutting down negativity with an iron fist but anyone who can spare a glance at any of the BL boards will see that isn't the case. Might make you feel better, though.
    Spamming and being a donkey isnt cool but it would be nice if the dev team was a little more transparent about a few of the issues this game currently faces so that you dont have people feeling like acting up is their only way to heard, not excusing people being a donkey but you get the point.
  16. Isaac Komnenos

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    They will NEVER acknowledge it's broken and they want you to stop trying. Unfortunately, you can only play Captain Mode via the DR Captain servers that are EU based.

    This isn't me caping. I think it's horrible.

    If we want more insight into the development process/known issues maybe we are expected to learn German, join the DR clan/community, and try prying insight out of them.

    edit: More likely they want us to **** off and shut up and will continue to ban/mute dissent until they can make the console sales and start the cycle over
    the lack of communication on these issues is telling for certain
  17. Isaac Komnenos

    Custom Servers Beta Test & Battle Mode

    New here? We'll get em when they are ready
    which is never at this rate
  18. Isaac Komnenos

    This is unplayable (Stuttering 1.7.2)

    Captain mode still dead can we roll back 1.7.2 please its been a catastrophic disaster for the game
  19. Isaac Komnenos

    so is this game dead now?

    They take millions to do nothing with essentially 2 years of development resulting in fluff and filler
  20. Isaac Komnenos


    they dont give a toss clearly
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