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  1. Deleted the game and will not come back until at least something changes

    It's not a matter of being a "hero" man, and yea, I do play often with half damage to player. It's that enemies are always way too accurate when it comes to melee and it's silly to think you can always hit someone that flies past you, you'd get lucky hit at most. If there's 10 guys in a bunch, each and every one of them will land a hit on you, that's silly. In WB you had a bit leeway, here you're dead instantly, no matter if it's looter, t3 troop or elite, because all weapons deal too much damage and everyone is skilled equally in terms of damage and swing speed (another of my gripes with this game). And there's also a matter of some ranged hits that are really, really suspicious at times. Like few hours ago, I got shot by bandit horse archer, pretty far away from them, with shield up, in my uncovered leg (was foolish of me to not use big kite shield) all that while running like lightning. And you know how inaccurate horse archers are here, can't hit a barn if it stands still in front of them. Eaten a harpoon soon after that, pretty far away from sea raider that threw it, smack dab in my side, with my shield up, full speed again. It's like most times they can't hit a barn, but in certain moments they get a moment of clarity and suddenly start to lead their projectiles better than any player could. Even though I dislike the amount of realism that came with BL, I can live with that, but this stinks of something wrong with targeting.
    I really don't see this accuracy discrepancy that you are. I only ever feel like I'm "sniped" in a tournament, which makes sense. I don't think I've ever died to a random arrow or javelin in a real battle. So I find that odd.

    All I'm gonna really add is that I find it REALLY odd that professional baseball players can hit a tiny ball that's moving 100mph but you think it's impossible to hit a big man moving 30 MPH on a horse? Lol
  2. Deleted the game and will not come back until at least something changes

    I honestly do not understand your argument.

    "This is a thing of me being old Warbander where there was more of a "heroism" and I sorely miss it here."

    I am not saying "Git Gud" but if you want to just be an unstoppable hero, and aren't good enough to do it on your current difficulty setting, then why not just lower the difficulty?

    You complain it's not realistic but you clearly don't want it to be realistic. You want to be a "Hero". The things you claim are unrealistic ARE the realistic things.

    You say you hurt your neck looking up at someone on a horse but are surprised infantry only hit their legs? What did you want that 45cm axe to reach his head? Of course calvaries legs get hit by infantry. Where the hell else would people be able to hit? You also seriously misunderstand on what Calvary can do/does. You should NOT be able to just charge through a shield wall on a horse unhindered. This is why they are generally used for flanking. They aren't tanks. They're flesh and bone no matter how big they are. They aren't elephants FFS lmao.

    I 100% understand and admit this game has flaws and there is plenty of things that need tweaking with the combat and damage and those points you made in that regard are legit. However the majority of the things you are complaining about are just coming from your lack of understanding of the real world.

    Seriously, the irony of you wanting to be an unstoppable hero and thinking that's realistic at the same time is mind boggling.

    One or the other man and if the difficulty isn't fun for you then just lower it so you take less damage and deal more so you get that hero feel you want lol
  3. Need More Info Captured lords teleporting

    Summary:Friendly Lords from my kingdom are instantly teleported to friendly fiefs after being captured by enemy parties. This is not the issue where they won't get put into dungeons. Vlandian Lords captured by say sibir are INSTANTLY in somewhere like Charas the second they get caught. How to...
  4. Trouble with captured lords

    It's not you, TW changed how lord handle prisoners so now they barely put them in fiefs so yeah, jail breaks are rare and sometimes it looks like they have proisoner bug they can't be accesed and stuff.. You could search and see if it's been reported already and make a bug report if you don't find it. But this has been problem known to players at least since 1.8.
    Thanks for the reply!
    Whether this is partly bugged or a TW decision this is messed. Lords should not be teleporting literally to the other side of the map when captured even if they don't get put into a fief. This is just wrong. I'll take a look and make a report if necessary.
    Thanks again!
  5. Captains should not effect the call out of a group.

    Agreed. Captains should turn into whatever type of unit they are commanding if they have the required weapons. Also should be able to have an option to take a captain off their horse. At the very least if assigned to bow or infantry they should automatically be taken off the horse.
  6. Trouble with captured lords

    So I've seen a video or two recently about how you can trick Lords of your kingdom into getting captured then break into the dungeon they are held in and "accidentally" ;) get them murdered. However my issue is everytime any lord of my kingdom gets captured, whether by me tricking them or them...
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