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  1. 0btuse

    95th (Rifles) Regiment Of Foot

    Name: 0btuse
    Steam ID (Or a link to your profile page): gen_teo
    Age: 22
    Nationality: Malaysia (studying in Canada)
    Experience in the game before: Mostly on SP, but playing more MP mods like Nord Invasion as well as Napoleonic Wars
    Do you understand the rules of the Regiment? : Yessir
  2. 0btuse

    Fire & Sword Better Than Warband ?

    On SteamStore, it says that WFaS was developed by TaleWorlds. Knowing that another studio did this debacle sort of puts me at ease. Multiplayer is the ONLY redeeming point of WFaS to me.

    Hopefully the next installment of the franchise can do better. After this, most TW fans on these boards will use WFaS as a low point comparison.
  3. 0btuse

    SP Fantasy War of the Lance - Dragonlance Mod [IN PROGRESS]

    Yay for dragon lance mod!!  :grin:
    Is the ergoth trilogy anywhere near this timeline?

    @Sir Gowe - is there a recruiting thread for your clan i can go to join up?
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