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  1. Messius

    Need More Info Game stuttering

    Hello, I need help with a difficult problem. For the last few weeks I have been troubleshooting a problem with a game, where I have started to notice slight choppiness to the point of being unplayable. I've tried everything, reinstalling Windows, optimizing the system (e.g. disabling the Game...
  2. Messius

    EU INT Skirmish Completed [BNL] Bannerlord Native League #2 - Skirmish tournament

    I disagree, I feel like more ppl use discord on daily bases than forums.
    But isn't it ironic that you have to post it on the forum first to let people know about it?
  3. Messius

    Resolved Server version is and there is no update of the game out

    Can't play crpg till the new update :neutral:
    Im sure you are not alone. :grin:
  4. Messius

    Resolved Server version is and there is no update of the game out

    Summary: A mismatch error that cannot be fixed by closing steam and reopening. I have done that. I have also reinstalled.
    How to Reproduce: Log in multiplayer
    Scene Name (if related): Login screen
    Media (Screenshots & Video):
    Computer Specs:
    OS: Win11
    GPU: Nvidia 3070ti
    GPU Driver Version: Latest as of Sept 29th 2022
    CPU: Intel i12
    RAM: 32gb
    Motherboard: -
    Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD
    They are currently uploading the update to the Steam servers for players to download.
  5. Messius

    login server is down

    The servers are down, the fault is not on your receiver.
  6. Messius

    Need More Info Disappearance of weapons and other things

    This time it happened to my friend on the Trade Center map as a crossbowman from Vlandia. All of a sudden he couldn't move, couldn't change weapons, nothing. No one hit him before he was immobilized.
  7. Messius

    Need More Info Disappearance of weapons and other things

    After that happened was the server still running?: Yes, the server was still running, the others continued to fight.
    Do you remember what was the map and the factions?: It was played on the Zendyar map, specifically at the flag in the ruin with three entrances. I'm not sure about factions but I think I played for Battania.
    Do you remember getting hit before the thing happened?: I feel like I was hit during one of my attack attempts but I noticed the problem a little later.
    Were you kicked or got hit by a horse for example? No, none of this
  8. Messius

    Need More Info Disappearance of weapons and other things

    I would like to point out a bug that happened to me while playing the ranked skirmish. I was playing as a cavalry and during the combat "a thing" happened that my weapons disappeared from my hands and I couldn't attack (even with my fists). I didn't understand what was going on so I tried to...
  9. Messius

    MP Proposition for Conqueror rank design change

    So all other ranks follow a similar coloristic patern, but the last one looks kinda wierd. I would propse either this or any other color for it (Maybe a Diamond blue?) Or making the pink to more Royal Dark Purple ?

    I think the color problem is the least of the problems with this ranked system. :grin:
  10. Messius

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    • Armour Effectiveness Improvements:
      • Reduced the armor coefficient from 100 to 50. In translation, 1 armour now provides 2 health points against blunt attacks.
      • Reduced blunt damage's pure damage coefficient from 1 to 0.4.
      • Increased additional armour effectiveness against blunt damage from 0 to 0.25.
      • These changes increase the effectiveness of mid to late game armour against blunt damages to make it feel like a more meaningful investment.
    So this is only singleplayer stuff?
  11. Messius

    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    Yet i'll still be taking it over your homebrew definitions. I don't think that's unreasonable.
    My definition? I didn't mention any definition, just that for something to be fantasy it has to have fantasy elements. Because if it doesn't, it's not fantasy but according to you, everything is fantasy.
  12. Messius

    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    Calradia itself. Just because it doesn't have dragons and zombies doesn't mean it isn't fantasy. By all means disagree with the people that actually wrote the setting though.
    For something to be fantasy, it must contain elements typical of fantasy. You wouldn't call a children's story horror either when it doesn't have any horror elements. Just because an author writes something doesn't mean it is the word of God and it is true.
    Zombies from original M&B
    Was in the game iirc, very early version.
    First of all, eastereggs are eastereggs. Second, it's not in the game anymore. Third, the zombies themselves are just the horror part, the apocalyptic part if you will.
    And no one has heard of disease either, even in armies. Must be that 'historical fiction'...
    So because of the missing mechanics that the developers didn't add, that's not what it is. It's not fantasy either, I can't heal my units with magical powers.
  13. Messius

    [Boosting in Ranked Skirmish, ANY REGION]

  14. Messius

    MP Clan/party channel in chat.

    If it was just a chat during battle, it would probably be useless but if it was also in the menu, it would be awesome. Definitely a good and interesting idea.
  15. Messius

    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    Read my sig. The person that writes for the setting actually says it's low fantasy. Still fantasy.
    If you give me a fantasy example from Calradia, then I'll agree.
  16. Messius

    Skirmish Zendyar

    I think it's an even worse map than the new sand map because it forces both teams to play the same scenario. Capture the flags in the buildings and leave a flag in the middle where there is open space so that the cav has room to use their power. Another problem is that the some closest paths to the flags in the buildings are solved by unnecessary detours.
  17. Messius

    Skirmish Sharis

    Players playing as a cav will probably not like this map at all. The flag on the rooftops is a meat grinder for them and the other two force them to maneuver in a tight space which is quite a problem for a cav. Not to mention there are objects everywhere. I'm worried that here it's going to be played out over the flag on the roof, or just fought on the center. So the third remaining flag is there for nothing. But this map is more likely to be banned.
  18. Messius

    Skirmish Urikskalaar

    We tested this map yesterday and I can't think of anything to say about it, except that the "over the dam" part of the map is unnecessarily large and you won't fight there anyway. Maybe it's unbalanced in the sense that one team starts in high ground position so they have an advantage at the start and force the other team to choose a certain option of where to go.
  19. Messius

    10 Reasons why ...

    I wonder why these people don't get penalized for leaving games. I know, because they didn't create any so why is it mentioned in the list of new and changed things in last patch?
  20. Messius

    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    The fact that it's not real. That's literally what a "fantasy" world is. Star Wars is a fantasy world. So is Star Trek, any world that's not real is fantasy
    Just because the world is fictional doesn't mean it's fantasy. Fantasy has certain elements that are typical of the genre and Bannerlord doesn't contain any of those. If fantasy were defined only as a fictional world, it would be every fictional movie, TV show, game, book etc.
    Star Wars or Star Trek are not fantasy, it's science fiction. It does have some elements that could be classified as fantasy but it tends to straddle the line between the two genres.
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