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    Notables and governors

    Notables : should immediately support the conquering clan if the town gets conquered if that clans is independent and should immediately support the dominant clan if the town gets conquered and that clan is part of a kingdom its silly to see the player owned fief/town notables, supporting...
  2. hr443

    In Progress Perks are distributed automatically on clanmembers

    been like that since 1.2.4 hit i rekon ( on steam ) wanted to file a report but someone else did , its like this in beta 1.2.6 aswell .
  3. hr443

    high time now?

    Please, im getting really tired of my character looking like a dumbass, carrying the shield on the 'back' in combat id pay for a dlc accesory this point.
  4. hr443

    Resolved difficulty gets reset to freebooter after quitting the game and reloading any save

    well, as of a few days testing this issue DOES NO LONGER occur on latest beta 1.2.1.

    as usual with all mb2 versions :
    started a fresh playthrough sandbox
    bannerlord difficulty
    default game
  5. hr443

    per character and player assigned

    AN per character perk auto allocation not an universal one as the one already existing, would be an immense qol also being able to designate wich perks get auto allocated once a main.player clan member gets to the next level would also be amazing ! or if possible expose the template in either...
  6. hr443

    e1.6.0-v1.2.7 Modding Changes

  7. hr443

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    may i know where is the patch v1.2.0 for the modding kit? its still @ v1.1.5 :sad:
  8. hr443

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    the update for the modding kit @ steam is where? the kit is still @ 1.1.5 :sad:
  9. hr443

    SP - UI auto allocate perks/skills for individual clan members not for all members

    Please implement an new feature to enable auto allocation of perks/skills for specific individuals, or in other words auto allocation for only the members the tickbox is checked as seen below. currently there is auto allocation for any/all members of your clan, this is not very usefull...
  10. hr443

    Taleworlds are good transparent developers

    so, some imbecile is using chatgpt ( to generate the above text@op) garbage to troll here AND on steam forums, well done piece of **** person or group doing this , well done..this will spark a new wave of censorship on steam and here .....
  11. hr443

    What kind of new faction(s) would you like to see added to the game in the future?

    one that invades calradia and phacks up all the current factions if they wont put up a fight, it has to be overpowered of course and function like the black knight invasion in old warband, because why reinvent or think of crazy new stuff when you can copy paste since tw is the dev of mountnblade warband anyway...
  12. hr443

    come on now!

    The ability to hit more than 1 troop per weapon swing would be awsome with melee ( all ), of course with different levels of ( penetration decided by weight and speed ) , big fights are really a bore without this.
  13. hr443

    Need More Info beta 1.1.0 battles won in sandbox counted as lost

    Summary: won battles in sandbox are counted as lost it seems, retiring mainhero at any point in the course of his life wether is after 1, 5, 20, 50, 343 battles the statistics w/l/all line ( this one and only this one ), incorrect, it seems all battles are counted as lost...
  14. hr443

    Resolved [beta 1.1.0]ALL crafted weapons have double and triple weight upon savegame reload

    Summary: my findings: it seems ALL crafted weapons ingame are affected crafted weapon *WEIGHT* is in most cases double and/or triple after any savegame >>exit to desktop OR main menu, load saved game where you recently crafted said weapons : and lo and behold weight has doubled or tripled and...
  15. hr443

    Resolved Crafted weapon values changes every time i restart a game

    Yeah i wanted to file a bug report on this happens of 1.0.3 AND 1.1.0

    my findings:

    it seems ALL crafted weapons ingame are affected
    crafted weapon weight WEIGHT DOUBLES after any savegame >>exit to desktop OR main menu, load saved game where you recently crafted said weapons : and lo and behold weight has doubled...i mean come on ??

    it gets to ridiculous weights if this is not fixed
  16. hr443

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    the modding kit is outdated 1.0.3beta @ steam launching it throws a multitude of errors if base game is updated to beta 1.1.0
  17. hr443

    Resolved <move install folder > option gone since some days now for this game @ steam.

    Summary:move install folder is gone for this title and same for the modding kit How to Reproduce:r-click this title in steam library >>properties>>local files>>notice the option to move install fodler is gone for this game and its modding kit, whereas is available for ALL steam games . branch...
  18. hr443

    Console Command Broken

    posted that waaay back, nobody cares it seems, like all other 'lost' console commands in the past, it seems that one goes the same way...
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