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  1. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Your qualifier makes the entire exercise pointless.
    Obviously there are train wreck games and projects out there, this is one of them, that was the point.
    What you define as "respectable" surely won't match my definition,
    You've already dismissed GaaS, and so you would likely dismiss any and all MMOs which are the most obvious examples of games with two public-facing, concurrently updated versions (one "live," and the other for testing). I won't be pulled into a bad-faith argument.
    A distinct sign that your predominantly single-player game with PvP modes is doing well: Comparing it to MMO's/live service games to justify a multi-decade of development hell.
    devs, hurry up
    Every time this gets asked the gravity triples where they work. Rookie mistake.
  2. Shaxx

    Dear Taleworlds, Is there any way you can remove the 2048 unit cap on battle size for the game?

    @Dejan I talked about this to a engine dev at Gamescom 2022 and he was thinking that it could be doable ☝️(if I remember well)

    Could you please bring this up at some point ?
    For the years to come, removing this limitation could be very beneficial for high end PCs while playing with some mods 👀
    In 2016 they made similar comments at a couple conventions that as CPU technology developed the game's battle size would scale with it. But they also said they were in the finishing touches stage that year, and that it was going to be out in some form that year. The game they showed off did look pretty cool, wonder when it'll get released.
  3. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    It is very suspicious I must admit, I find it hard to believe anyone that's sane of mind would be happy enough with the state the game is currently in. Like it's incredibly strange to me that they are defending a company who's entire policy of communicating with one of their player bases (console specifically) is complete silence and zero transparency beyond the absolute bare minimum (patch notes).
    It is hard to believe then again I've found that there are way more people than one might think who are more than willing to lick a corporation's boots for no other reason than they might notice their existence (they never do). A certain type of person who aligns with whatever passes for authority without a second thought because they're a 'good boy' or that's 'just what heroes do' or something else ridiculous.
  4. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Damn how much are TW paying you to defend them like your life depends on it
    Every time I see a mob of 'recruits' rushing to their defense I think it's just alt accounts of those who shall not be named.
  5. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    1) Mods have never been an obligation in the world of video games, many companies even block their access to maintain a monopoly on new features. Criticizing Taleworlds on this aspect is really inflated.
    Warband's success was built on mods. It was expected, Bannerlord is very mod unfriendly. High profile mod authors have publicly walked away due to this. Open letters have been signed by whole modding communities decrying the state of modding. With every 1 line hot fix countless mods are resigned to the dustbin of modding history never to been seen again because of how they have to be maintained on two different versions of the game in perpetuity forever.
    2) The logic of "untapped potential" is truly grotesque... Where do you think this potential comes from? There was work before, right now, and apparently after. Bannerlord did not appear by the force of the holy spirit, a minimum of respect for this "potential" would be more deserved.
    Coming up on 14 years of 'potential'. Oh look they redesigned pine cones again, neat.
    3) Code a real project once in your life, even just a website from scratch, then you can give lessons in branches and development. Especially since no one forced you to play on unfinished versions, it's YOUR choice and an opening from Taleworlds.
    This argument is always hilarious, a version of 'make your own game then if it's so easy', particularly in this case because in the time Bannerlord has been in development it is completely feasible for someone to go to uni, get a four year degree in software development and then have 9+ years and counting to spare.
    4) It is also YOUR choice to have purchased the game in the condition you knew it.
    The "you knew damn well I was a snake" defense. Nice.

    Armagan did indeed make a statement when the EA released recommending that people just wait to play it on full release, because well, it was incomplete and still in active development. And now here we are on full release and it's still incomplete and in active development.
    5) This topic has reached a critical level of disrespect (I even saw a finger pass not long ago...), thank you to the TW moderators for doing something.
    I have been registered since 2010 and I can say there were no darker days here than that of the year 2015 and the year 2019. You ain't seen nothin'.
  6. Shaxx

    Order of Battle broken

    This is one of those bugs that gets fixed and re-implemented a few patches later ad-nauseam throughout EA and now post 'release'. The issue is, very likely, intern makes a rookie mistake, figures it out, fixes it, finishes their academic credit, leaves, new intern replacement makes a rookie mistake, fixes it, gets credit, leaves, and so on and so forth.
  7. Shaxx

    "Baldur’s Gate 3 is Causing Some Developers to Panic"

    Baldur's Gate 3 recently released a large patch for the game, naturally it broke every mod ever made for the game and ruined half of ongoing campaigns... oh wait no it didn't, it was fine, barely an inconvenience really.
  8. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    You probably should stop embarrassing yourself
    Doesn't have an actual defensible argument, resorts to personal attack.
  9. Shaxx

    Patch Notes v1.1.6

    Yeah TW are very slow when it comes to working on their game, after all the game was in beta for years before release, I'm convinced they have like 3 Devs working on the game
    They have nearly a hundred employees. And for the majority of the game's development they had only a single project they were working on.

    Now they have that other project, which going by their track record inside this decade we can expect results on that in 9 years or so. But they're still developing this, so might be longer for them to bring that to EA, 15 year mark is very probable.
  10. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Pretty much every modern multiplayer game does this.
    They don't compete against each other, they don't receive the same patches, they don't split the community.

    Not that it matters, but these games are also typically known as 'live service' games, or a 'game as a service', which Bannerlord, unless I missed a memo, is not.
    Slay the Spire did this when it was in active state of development.
    A card game, cool.
    There are so many issues with Bannerlord you can complain about them all day. Having two branches is not one of them.
    It serves no purpose, they get patched in tandem, both patches had no prior public testing done, and very frequently new things to the live version had never appeared on the beta version prior... so they're both beta branches.
  11. Shaxx

    Dear developers the engine looks outdated.

    The game has been in development going on 14 years, it's outdated itself many times over. It's a thing of the past rutting itself into the future.
  12. Shaxx

    Roadmap? Features in the future? Anything?

    Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?
    Finishing the dynasty/can system maybe? The easiest way to win the game is just to execute lords because these systems aren't finished and you can depopulate the world very easily.

    A huge part of the pitch for Bannerlord was this idea that it is a generational game, heirs, clans, etc, the issue here is you can conquer the map inside a tenth of a single lifespan. The pace of mechanics is all wrong, voiding/making most new features, as barebones as they are, pointless.
  13. Shaxx

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Yes, live versions are generally more stable than beta versions. Especially in the context of mods - as each update receives its own branch on steam for players to continue their current campaign on.
    Except for the fact that more often than not each branch, live and beta, gets either the exact same update or a partial update to the live version right along with the beta patches. And even when they're different, they're still released to both on the same day. Defeating the purpose for having two branches if they are both updated with the same regularity.

    Also when they are different, very frequently changes to the 'live' version never appeared previously on the 'beta' version. You are effectively maintaining two different public beta versions of your 'released' game, forcing the modding community to do the same or choose just one version for no reason.

    One time there was even a 'hot fix' that went into a patch prior to the live version, you know just to shortchange people trying to opt-out of the ridiculous update cycle the game still has 14 years into development.

    Is this the only game you've played in the last decade? Simultaneous live and test versions are a common practice across the industry.
    Name one respectable game that is not in early access nor in an active beta/alpha stage that has two concurrent and public facing versions (one of which is recommended for mods) that compete with each other and get same day often identical patches.

    The game 'released', remember? You can't hide behind EA anymore, not that there was anything early about a decade of development to get it there.
    Find something real to be upset about, and post in a different thread about it.
    Define 'real'.
    If you come back with more of this nonsense, it will be the last time for a while.
  14. Shaxx

    I thought DICE/EA was bad at communication

    same old complaining whining crap as always.
    A decade's worth and to the next decade we go.


    "Renamed Warlord Scale Armor to Scale Warlord Armor."
  15. Shaxx

    How is everyone's morale these days?

    It is day 1,988, the butter ran out some time ago and there is just this shadow in a top hat with a cane staring at me now.
  16. Shaxx

    SP Native Amazing Work《Life in Calradia》 ,nice!

    Don't make me reinstall Bannerlord. Don't give me hope.
    Good stuff. I wonder if a guy from community can create a housing, farming functionality, why do we get prision brakes as a top feature after months of waiting that's literally one dungeon and few enemy npcs.
    Too compexTM TooCompilatedTM
    Too bad it will more likely be broken with further updates and abandoned.
    New update: We changed the user interface a tad and broke every mod that ever existed even text mods we are impressed enjoy.
  17. Shaxx

    I thought DICE/EA was bad at communication

    Seriously where are the Devs? Its been close a month since they dropped the last patch and we havent heard anything concrete about where the game is going..
    Been like this for over a decade, it is a divine comedy at this point.
  18. Shaxx

    POLL: what do you want as first DLC for bannerlord? 2 votes

    majority of people who like m&b, already played bannerlord very much and are fed up with that time period.
    Not even close.
    So with the full release coming, we can already discuss about the future of bannerlord.
    Yep, release, any year now since 2016.
    @terco and ikea knight: you both expect too much, bannerlord delivered what warband had and more, plus better graphics
    Even if that was true, which it blatantly is not, it would have taken them 12 years and counting to do it and would still be an impressive failure of project and business management.
  19. Shaxx

    Access to Aserai through sea or patrol around here when?

    I would love it if Bannerlord ended up in such a position with tons of DLC and improvements over the years.
    In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman could survive.

    This is what I'm hoping for too. The battle size limit of the engine is a bit of a drag though, hopefully M&B3 will improve in that in 38 years time.
    Reminds me of an old interview in 2016 where Armağan mentioned that as CPU technology progressed years after the release of Bannerlord the engine would still be able to take advantage of more and more cores that would allow larger and larger battles as the times progressed.

    So that was a lie.

    Because they are boring and overdone. They are the zombies of the historical setting.
    *snorts in Roman empire*

    If we do it for OP they will not be vikings, they will be corsairs, so... Barbary Zombies, it will be the Resident Evil 5 of Vikings.

    I hope the first DLC will be story focussed, you know that´s what Warband was all about.

    I want to know how looters gained this massiv strength to throw rocks with deadly precision to even pierce heavy armor for the one hit kill. So TW should tell us the story about the looter "Looter Mcloot Face", they can just recycle some parts of their epic main story from the base game.

    Like you got a sister "Lootie Mcloot Face", but she was captured from a bad boy. So you as the player have to get her back. On your journey you can discover many different lords who all act the same but have different names and traits, which do nothing at all of course. After you´ve reached outlaw level 3 you get a new quest where you have to gather 6 pieces of an epic rock which was once thrown to end a dynasty of a tyrant. After you collected all 6 pieces of the epic rock you can smelt those into the most epic rock ever seen in history. Which give you two options for an epic ending:

    a) Throw the rock 5m into the air, when it hits the ground the impact will shatter the cell your lovely sister "Lootie Mcloot Face" is beeing hold as a hostage. Your sister will escape, you´ll move on to Alabama and live on with your family live.

    Throw the rock 5m into the air, when it hits the ground the impact will shatter the cell your lovely sister "Lootie Mcloot Face" is beeing hold as a hostage. Your sister will escape, you´ll move on to Texas and live on with your family live.

    Roll credits.

    Price should be around 30€ for the EA of the DLC and at least 40€ for the final release, maybe 39,99€ if you already own any Warband DLC.
    This kept on giving.
  20. Shaxx

    Need More Info Crashing with the same error in two separate campaigns

    Custom Spawns/Calradia at War is not compatible with Bandit Militias, might be why, might not.

    One of their mod pages use to say this, they do not anymore, perhaps they are now, who knows.

    Also, Custom Spawns needs to load AFTER Realistic Battle. I found this out the hard way, random crashes, could not believe that was the source.
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