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  1. Sh1mbo

    Still no Camels?! (Nov ‘21)

    camels?? i have never seen a single Chariot in the game
  2. Sh1mbo

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    A situation where the death probability is higher for the player-involved battle and player-related characters(companions and clans) can have two "lives", in their first death it is prompted to the player that the character is deeply wounded and have some sort of debuff (and then dying, if the character dies while deeply wounded". I believe some of our players also had a similar suggestion.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    two lives? **** no, i want meaningful deaths, to the player and to the campaign, i wanna see lucon falls conquering his final battle to unify the empire, i want to see my wife or one of my brothers in arms die in front of me, two lives sucks, rise up the death probability to 3% or even 4%

    stories of war, love and death has been telled since the early days and some of them are poetry(the iliad) taking out something like death from the game just because some pity players dont want so see their companions die is taking away a good story telling element from the game imo
  3. Sh1mbo

    Next New Big Feature after Campaign Battle Maps and Keep Battle? (W/Dev Replies)

    feast where boring in the original game, i need real banners, and more now that the banners mod gives you childrens as warriors
  4. Sh1mbo

    How do you eliminate a Kingdom?

    Sometimes when a Kingdom is dead, I see a message saying the remaining lords have joined another Kingdom, then that Kingdom is gone.

    How does that happen?

    I've been fighting Vlandia for a long time and they're completely dead. 0 fiefs, 1 clan (king), yet they don't go away. I don't want to have to execute everyone and you can't recruit kings, so how do I eliminate them?
    purge them, **** xenos,

    sorry, wrong game XD
  5. Sh1mbo

    Next New Big Feature after Campaign Battle Maps and Keep Battle? (W/Dev Replies)

    i remember they upload a vieo some years agor saying something as battle replay, sadly i could not longer find that video i hope they could do something similar, maybe at least for MP matches, coul be great as a machinima tool
  6. Sh1mbo

    Steam-DB Prophesies

    elephant and chariots are a must have
  7. Sh1mbo

    Steam-DB Prophesies

    Well I'm sure lots of people noticed these before but I was checking SteamDB like hourly once,


    achievements (this one is in Turkish, the texts are not important. It basically says "looks like they tested achievements"
    any news about the elephant? they cant hide him from us!
  8. Sh1mbo

    Will 1.6.1 be the mp patch?

    maybe in the 2.5, the final release version
  9. Sh1mbo

    It's time to remove captain mode from multiplayer

    im still wondering why this doesnt happen in Napoleonic wars, or even in the only Native captain mode server, its due de number of bots? more players per battle?, size of the map, or maybe because those maps are more open than bannerlords? maybe a mix of all
  10. Sh1mbo

    Weird gaming habits, post your rituals

    that annoys me 2; i think captain mode should be 1 life; or at least cavalry
    its the only gamemode i "enjoy" in MP, my pc is too crappy to even play a siege
  11. Sh1mbo

    Weird gaming habits, post your rituals

    join to any random captain battle match, sees clans using cav parking and quit, wait another 2 months to play online again
  12. Sh1mbo

    In Progress -5 million years to investage neretzes folly

    Hello, can you please send us a save file so we can further inspect the issue? You can upload the file to address. Please paste the link to this thread as description so i can identify it.
    done =)
  13. Sh1mbo

    In Progress -5 million years to investage neretzes folly

    Summary:i dont know if is related to a bug i got earlier(the earlier bug was that i fail the knife asociates captured by bounty hunters, but counts as a success), i just check my quest and saw this bug How to Reproduce:dunno Have you used cheats and if so which:as far i remember i dint use...
  14. Sh1mbo

    Sell Dragon Banner

    dude its like if someone sell the one ring ik TLoTR or selling the cosmic cube, its supose to be a quasi legendary/(magic?) item, you cant sell, maybe it could be good in game if you pass them to a "worthy" lord, and lose or win some relation with the other lords/kings according to your choice
  15. Sh1mbo

    Low Tier units vs High Tier units

    i agree that there is should not be a huge diference in armor, i mean if i hit you with you with a 5 kg axe in your head, when im riding a horse at full speed, you are gonna feel the blow, no mathers what kind of armor you are using. For me, the gap should be on on the A.I. side, how often the soldiers attact on how of fast they block
  16. Sh1mbo

    Elephant DLC?

    StFU and take my money, i will pay for a chariot dlc too
  17. Sh1mbo

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Why are loading times actually so slow? Trying to load a campaign is taking like ten minutes at least, when the campaign was new it took a few seconds.
    since the last update(im still on main branch) the game stutter a lot in battles, and yes loading time feels longer than before
  18. Sh1mbo

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    I can beat him in a pissing contest (i think)
    lol XD
  19. Sh1mbo

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    It has been suggested many times that athletics skill should start high and decrease with age instead of the other way around....

    Not sure in what universe people start slow as **** and become quick as lightning as age progresses.
  20. Sh1mbo

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    That was awesome.

    I saw some dude in a Discord channel I'm in suggest that you should make cut-scenes like this when you speak to the lords about the battle of Penderac, each revealing their side of the story. I think that would be absolutely awesome, and would really stitch the story together as I found myself confused and forgetting what had happened with the current dialogue.

    I just hope it wasn't too expensive too create, but even much shorter cinematics could be great and would really cement the 'story mode' aspect.
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