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  1. Vidortan

    Resolved Kingdom Policy Fails Despite Having Majority of Votes

    When a policy is up for a vote, the majority sometimes will fail despite having more support. Why is this? I assume this is a bug.
  2. Vidortan

    Resolved Duwain of the Wastes: Text Error

    Summary: Text Error How to Reproduce: Talk to Duwain of the Wastes Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Misc Tavern Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.0.8 Computer Specs: OS: WIN 10 GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7700K RAM: 16GB Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus Code IX Storage Device...
  3. Vidortan

    SP - General Sort 'Party' Screen by Formation

    +1 agreed

    Agreed again, very good mockup and that is exactly the sort of menu I'd like to be implemented.

    Thanks! I know they have a ton of things they are working on and they are doing a great job. Hopefully we see some form of this in a week or two. ?
  4. Vidortan

    SP - General Sort 'Party' Screen by Formation

    Aww yeah, this would be awesome - good mockup :smile:

    Thanks! I tried to make it visually clear as possible and the most user friendly. ?
  5. Vidortan

    SP - General We need a system to classify/sort our party

    I thought maybe one easy way to improve the party screen (without adding a bunch of features) is for the game to always remember how you have manually sorted your party, INCLUDING troop types that you have currently 0 of.
    So for example, if you run out of Imperial Archers, they disappear from you party screen, but next time you get one, they get sorted back to where they were. I reckon all that it would take for this, is to always treat your party as if it includes every possible party type and then just filter out the zero quantity troops types.
    This is not to say I wouldn't like the above features, just that I'm hoping this specifically could be implemented without any trouble.

    That sir is a brilliant idea! Saving player-sorted party build layouts. I like that a lot. ?
  6. Vidortan

    SP - General Sort 'Party' Screen by Formation

    Love it. That would make life so much easier.

    Also like your use of 'acceptance criteria'. :wink:

    Thanks man! ?
  7. Vidortan

    Party sorting

    Totally agree, I created a mockup for how it could look here:
  8. Vidortan

    Idea: Ability to Sort Troops By Tier.

    It would be great to implement the ability to sort your army by tier. That way the strongest troops will always be at your side and micro managing would be cut down significantly.

    Sort by type and tier would be even better.


    Totally agree, I created a mockup for how it could look here:
  9. Vidortan

    SP - General 143 things to improve in Bannerlord (Singleplayer + Multiplayer)

    58. Make women more women like to the "time period" (yes, yes this game is not "historicaly accurate", but I do not want it just to have that statement true, I want it because it is important to me NOT to have women somewhat unequal or something, but so they have their position that they should have, listen there is a reason why women were not leading war parties, alright?? And it is not about some men forcing everyone to do their will so please shut the hell up already everyone), make them the stewards, or just have them go around fiefs but not in full gear fighting, but accompanied by guards

    Despite his argument about period/historical accuracy in a fictional setting/game, this is sexist and does not help players or their community.
  10. Vidortan

    SP - General Party Management Screen: Filter and Sort Options

    Hello and loving the game! After 30+ hours playing I noticed a lot of time I spend scrolling through troops looking for specific types. It occurred to me by adding a simple filter and sort feature to this screen would help make this less of a chore and more fun! I. New Feature Request...
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