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  1. orbitup

    Resolved Order of Battle bug

    Happens to me during either of the caravan quests.
  2. orbitup

    In Progress [1.8.0] Smithing Unlocks alreadly unlocked parts

    Hey, this issue should be fixed. Can you please let me know if the issue is persistent.
  3. orbitup

    What is the next big update we will get?

    More pommels

    Wouldn't surprise me at this point.
  4. orbitup

    Resolved Problem of the ransom for the lords in the tavern (1.9.0 beta)

    Maybe they aren't worth anything.

  5. orbitup

    We need better Wanderer game start spawn system.

    Not to try and get this thread back on track or anything but I just tried Hiring and firing companions to try and have new ones generated. Now as soon as I let them go the grief is overwhelming and they off themselves. Not that it matters I guess.

  6. orbitup

    Slaughter The Cowards

    Tried the « brace » option on spears recently, if you are not interrupted, that’s radical, the guy impales himself on your pike. And there are very long spears that could be used in a shield wall, the bearer being behind the infantry with shields, deadly efficient against cavalry charges imo.
    Would be cool if the vlandian pikemen were knowing how to use it - and btw, make them useful !
    I will say that infantry with a polearm can bring my horse to a stop but I don't worry I see cav running at me like I used to in Warband. I don't think I've been "one shotted" in Bannerlord at all. Cav now just bunch up and try to scratch each other to death with long sticks.
  7. orbitup

    Slaughter The Cowards

    Also, my troops seem to have night vision and I don't. If they just knew how to use a polearm they would be great soldiers.
  8. orbitup

    Slaughter The Cowards

    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I enjoy chasing down fleeing enemies for cheap XP right? Why is it that the AI can locate them but I can't? I just end up watching the direction my guys are running and head that way. I wouldn't want L Alt to show me fleeing enemies during the battle but it...
  9. orbitup

    In Progress Factions don't attempt to take back city from Rebellion

    I had it happen while a faction was at war with me. I'll upload my save.
  10. orbitup

    Need More Info Crash On Interrupting Raid

    Summary:Enemy was raiding Dyopalis, I encountered them before they broke off the raid. How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which:None Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:10 GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):SSD
  11. orbitup

    In Progress smithing parts disappear

    by the way, I have noticed that the same part of crafting can be unlocked more than once, it is strange, sth related to smithing must went wrong.
    Now that you mention it I did notice it was unlocking parts I already had.
  12. orbitup

    In Progress Leaving loot behind

  13. orbitup

    In Progress smithing parts disappear

    Started a new game with 1.8 this morning. Same thing happened to me.
  14. orbitup

    Gun wankery

    I'm not familiar with either, but 6x45 sounds like it'd just be higher velocity.
    It's just .223 necked up to 6mm. I was shooting 87gn VMAX in an AR.
  15. orbitup

    Gun wankery

    How do you like that 6.8 SPC?
    I haven't hit a pig with it yet, I was using a 6x45 but wanted more punch.

    ...crocks/sandal style flippers with socks?!
    It is the way.
  16. orbitup

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    I've been around since 07 playing M&B1. I thought I was pretty good until I got to beta test Warband MP. I got stomped so bad I had to give that up. Still me favorite game to play SP.
  17. orbitup

    Gun wankery

    Guns? I like guns.

    Obligatory picture of of one of mine.

  18. orbitup

    Your Car

    I got this recently, 1927 Buick. It runs and drives but I need to fix a few things on it.

  19. orbitup

    Resolved Crash on Siege Army.

    Seems okay after the hotfix.
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