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  1. Michadr

    Custom Troops Discussion

    My new troop's power (only change body) is zero (castle's power). Can I solve by tweak txt file?
    Sorry for my bad English!
    Thank you very much!!
    Try using Morphs
  2. Michadr

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Hi all,

    is Perisno compatible with WSE2? It starts alright but lots of info that should appear down left of screen does not.
    Like abt. lords being defeated.

    Rgds, Oldtimer
    You'll get much quicker responses if you join the Discord. I only check here from time to time. The team is very active on that platform.

    But to answer you're question, its not fully compatible with WSE. You'll get some red text etc. You should be able to use it, but expect some hiccups.
  3. Michadr

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    You Disable Hard Mode at the start of the game.
    Perisno does not support WSE, so that's why you are having issues.
  4. Michadr

    Perisno 1.1x - Main Thread | V1.4.4 | 4-16-2022

    Perisno 1.4.4 Has been released.


    See OP For more links & Info
  5. Michadr


  6. Michadr

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    How come I am Cera Stuck-in-tar of Dinosaurs team now?

    Oldtimer the confused
    Isn't it nice!!
  7. Michadr

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Theres a full version 1.4.3 download you can grab from moddb.
    I accidently marked the patch as outdated.
  8. Michadr

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Hi all,

    guildmaster missions dry up after 2-3 have been accepted. But tavern keeps still inform abt. missions being available though guildmasters then say there are none requested. How come?

    Rgds, Oldtimer
    What version are you on?
  9. Michadr

    Perisno 1.1x - Main Thread | V1.4.4 | 4-16-2022

    Perisno 1.4.2 Has been released!

    Available on Moddb, Nexus and Steam.
  10. Michadr

    Perisno Factions, Lore, and Info

    Some Teushek Artwork. These are relatively new to the Perisno lore.
    Female - Male


    Version 1.4 Loading Screen artwork
  11. Michadr

    UI&UX Creation

    Looking for someone who has experience in making UI in warband. Can potently pay for time.
  12. Michadr


  13. Michadr

    Perisno Bug Reports/Troubleshooting -Version ONLY

    Reports bugs for Current version ONLY: Please utilize the Trello Board for most up to date Bug reports/Fixes. Join the Persino Discord for the quickest responses to issues and discussions. - Perisno Development Team.
  14. Michadr

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    Warband is 1.174, Perisno is

    Looks like someone posted the same issue on the Steam forum back on Dec. 14th.
    The latest version of Perisno currently is
    You can grab the hotfix too if you feel like you need the changes

    Related to your issue:
    • [Fixed] Having cheats on no longer locks you out of Ingvar Mercenary’s equipment dialogue
  15. Michadr

    Perisno Mod Bug Reports

    I had played this mod a year or so ago and didn't encounter this bug that I'm experiencing on my new computer/new installation of Mount&Blade + the Perismo mod. (My previous computer had multiple updates to the game and various mods, so a file may be missing on a new clean install?)

    When I go to the custom mercenary encampment and start hiring the new player mercenaries, then talk to one of the troops to change their gear, I don't have a 'Continue' button at the bottom of the choices. The second to the last choice is (Select female armor), and the last choice is (Select custom armor - NOT RECOMMENDED...). The last choice of custom gear I don't remember from a while back. Could that option overwritten the 'Continue' choice? I have to force quit the application to get out of that screen. Can't exit/save from there, so can't customize my mercenaries.
    Can you tell me what version you are on?
  16. Michadr

    Empty Space

    I have noticed there is a large vast of empty space, both near the Aroulo continent, in the desert between the dwarfs and Drahara, and in between the two Ogre kingdoms. Is there any play to eventually fill those up?
    Unlikely for warband.
  17. Michadr

    Discussion + Suggestions

    Thanks for your answer, but how can I do it? I don't find this option in the game settings of the camp menu (I am playing version Maybe it's elsewhere.

    I am not sure when the option was added but it should be there, near the top in Mod settings.
  18. Michadr

    Perisno 1.1x - Main Thread | V1.4.4 | 4-16-2022

    Nice. I'm always up for more Perisno. I check the board regularly, in fact.
    Great to hear! Be sure to join the Discord, if you aren't already. Much more active then the forums.
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