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  1. killer-blead

    Greedalicious's Competitive Commentating topic

    Hey man its been a while!
    Yeah its still a thing, slowly but surely. Right now we have the cRPG 2 tournament, and BNL will be starting soon. After that we have a Nations Cup which should be fun.

    And yep, still in Wolfpack, we just play other games these days.
    That is great to hear! I am happy to hear you and the boys (guys?) are still rocking out together. Exceeding_Arrow sends his regards as well!
  2. killer-blead

    Greedalicious's Competitive Commentating topic

    Hello Greedy,

    How are you, old friend? Is this competitive thing still going on? I would like to see it if it is.

    Are you still in Wolfpack?
  3. killer-blead

    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    Mm, it has been a while since I have been on the forums and most of my experience is with single-player. What is this green/red dot you are referring to? And what kind of cheats has OP seen other than people who are slightly faster than him and arrows not hitting hitboxes?
  4. killer-blead

    Is this a joke?

    Why do we need to accept this?
  5. killer-blead

    SP - General Less throwing weapons in Practice fights

    In warband I used to enjoy roleplaying as a tournament fighter or a trainer. I would train my weapon proficiency in the practice fights and use that to win the tournaments. This works in Warband. However, this is completely impossible to do in Bannerlord. Besides the fact that everyone keeps...
  6. killer-blead

    Mods for Bannerlord

    The modders are already working overtime. 6 pages of mods on the nexus ranging from rebalancing, adding troops and new features:
  7. killer-blead

    Why Do We All Have Fake Names?

    i wonder which lord i am

  8. killer-blead

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access Announcement

    Man i am so lazy I don't want to replace my signature down there... I'll get around to it though.
    Signature will be changed soon(TM)
  9. killer-blead

    (temp) Dev Blog 14/02/20

    That is wonderful. That means high level lightly equipped troops are viable because they know how to block!
    Oh no here come the naked 2h wielding berserkers.
  10. killer-blead

    1ste Infanterie van Nassau

    Dat zijn veel Nederlanders, waar komen die opeens vandaan.
  11. killer-blead

    Micro transaction for bannerlord. hope it's not true.

    I will not be buying cosmetics and skins for a game I paid full price for, I'd rather have it be unlockable. Heck, I'd be even more for it if the unlock was something like  "Let someone install the game and add your referral code in it to unlock the skin" to push people to advertise the game with their friends.
  12. killer-blead

    What would you do if Bannerlord was a massive failure?

    If Bannerlord was a massive failure I wouldn't really be bothered by it. My enthusiasm for it has disappeared long ago, not because the game is any less appealing then it was before, but because for me the hype has died down and I have other more important things to do. I will be playing it when it comes out just to check, but I will never be as active on it as I was with Warband.
  13. killer-blead

    Some questions

    I'D imagine that we would get a lot of memes with factions who have 5 civil wars at the same time because the king did not feast enough.
  14. killer-blead

    Camels !! wow, why not Elephants

    Teje said:
    Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong but modders will be able to create new "skeletons" for new animals/monsters/humans, aren't they? I mean not like in warband where every mount felt exatly like a horse. Here in native we have at least the camel one and the horse one. Apart  from that we can have seen other animals like dogs, sheeps...

    Hopefully some eldritch abominations as well.
  15. killer-blead

    Early Access - but No Access?

    Eador imperium, tiny size shard hard ai.
  16. killer-blead

    Early Access - but No Access?

    Varadin said:
    Blead said:
    Varadin said:
    lol , how badly i want to insult this dumba** but i won't  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    You are not a very nice person, are you? This is the second time I see you and both times you are being unnecessarily rude.

    Sorry , did i hurt your feelings ?
    Are you one of those emotional girls ?
    I'd say we settle this like man on the battlefield, but I understand that you don't have a key so that won't be possible.


    Taleworlds has made some earlier mistakes on steam with the state of the game. Perhaps they means closed early Access? Either that or they are very early with announcing a single player early access.
  17. killer-blead

    New Blog Schedule

    Well I don't want years of blogs anyway.
  18. killer-blead

    Early Access - but No Access?

    Varadin said:
    lol , how badly i want to insult this dumba** but i won't  :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    You are not a very nice person, are you? This is the second time I see you and both times you are being unnecessarily rude.
  19. killer-blead

    Bannerlord Worries

    I think the people who say that Bannerlord is looking too much like Warband are very much exaggerating it. It's like comparing Warband to Mount&blade.

    Mount&Blade had 2 factions (Swadia vs Veagir) You couldn't really siege fiefs it was just an endless battle with lords, patrols and prison trains. You had 2/3 companions, you could only do the black fortress siege (which, while epic then fails miserably by Warband's standards).

    If the difference between Bannerlord and Warband is as big as Warband vs Mount&Blade then we have nothing to worry about.

    Even better if it is the difference between Warband and Warrider.
  20. killer-blead

    Can we run around naked in MP ?

    The first round of skirmish is just a bunch of rowdy hairy man tearing each other's clothes off while giggling in the discord "Teehee".
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