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  1. B Modern [WB] Battle for Yugoslavia -Trailer Pg29-

    Yeah in the begeening but later on ustaše had crna legija which had their own uniforms similar to Germans and domobrans which had same uniforms as austro-hungarian empire in WW1
  2. B Modern [WB] Battle for Yugoslavia -Trailer Pg29-

    Yo homies , when will this be realesed and can you post some screenshots of ustase and will croatians have like their authentic uniforms or you ll just take ones from germans?
  3. EUA_PW4 Admin Application

    Can you try not to post comments bcs this is just for admin application not for your rude comment towards other persons.Thank you.

    And whats with my apply though?
  4. EUA_PW4 Admin Application

    1. In game names: Stjepan_II_Trpimirovic

    2. Nationality: Croat

    3. Names of 2 or more administrators that has vouched for you: Never asked any

    4. Amount of time spent on the server (Weekly) and your time zone:Its only thing i play,middle europe time i think is 2+

    5. How often can you be online? Everyday

    6. Will you put administrating in front of RPing at all times? Yes

    7. Any past experience with administrating, if none, leave it blank: I have been admin in MBW mod Mount and Musket,Napoleonic wars,PW some small servers you wouldn t know it (that was in aplha5)

    8. Why do you want to become an administrator? ? Bcs I think there is still injustice on the server

    9. Why should you become an administrator? As I noticed you don t have admins in morning and I can fill that spot

    10. Your age: 14

    11. Your steam account:franveber,GIMLIsucks

    12. Are you willing to be on Teamspeak 3 most of the time while you're administrating, and do you have a microphone? Yes I have mic and I ll be in ts

    13. Languages you can type/speak and how good you are at it:Croatian,English,Serbian,Bosnian,Montengrian(not sure if correctly wrote in),little French,a bit of Slovenian and German

    14. Are you willing to be on Teamspeak when Roleplaying?: Maybe but I would bewith my friends

    15. Do you think administrating is difficult? Are you prepared to spend most of your time dealing with other players problems instead of playing the mod? Judging is difficult but I can handle it and yes I like adming its quite funny

    16. The newest PW version released when you started playing PW:  Uh I started in PW4_Alpha_5

    17. Mapping experience for PW, if any: Not much experience but willing to learn.

    18. Your level of maturity and professionality: i am not mature while rping but i am while i have some kind of duty to obey like maybe this one

    The Admin Quiz

    1. How long do you think you can be without someone asking for an administrator on a server with 60 people?
    If I am only admin there would t be no pause players constatly call for admin

    2. Someone is saying that he's being randomed and is calling for help in the administrator chat. Would you approach the situation visible or invisible?

    Explain why. I would go to the situation visible so  that they can see that  they have to stop and then i would check logs and make a decision

    3. There are 3 commoners fighting eachother at the spawn point.

    One of them is named "Lolkill", one of them "Sparta" and the last one "Warband". Both Sparta and Warband are attacking Lolkill.

    What do you do and why?

    1st I would freez maniacs and than i would make a decision who is resposible for this and I would warn them to not fight at spawn

    4. A miner is complaining about people robbing all the miners at the iron ore selling zone.
    What do you do? 
    Well I would check if he was roleplayed robbed or it was just money or your life thing and if its all rped i would tell him that outlaws can robb and that is not my problem if they have been rped

    5. One of the female miners are offering sex instead of money to the robbers.
    What is your reaction as an admin to this?
    If robber accepts it i would say to him to go watch porns immidietly

    6. One of the miners refused to pay, and tried to run off. The bandits shoot him in the back as he runs away, and the miner dies. The miner then complaints about this to you. What do you do?
    I would ask miner if he was robbed properly with rp or not and then I would explain that outlaws can robb ppl with rp

    7. The miner from the last question farmed and is now a heavy knight. He finds the outlaw that killed him and he kills the outlaw.
    The outlaw was robbing a miner when the knight killed him. What do you do?
    Well by  old rules I would check logs if there was any rp by knight and outlaw and after i will make a decision who is guilty,but today you made new rules witch makes outlaws KOS

    8. A big faction is overrunning all others with twice as many members and a very aggressive leader.
    You receive a complaint about it. What do you do?
    Nothing its clearly not my problem bcs other factions are weaker than this big one

    9.The big faction has found itself at war with one of the smaller factions, the big faction is sieging their castle. While the fighting is happening, a member of the smaller faction complaints, saying that the big faction is killing surrendering people. What do you do?

    Its matter of honor ,i would ask to take surrended soldiers as prisoners or let em leave faction

    10. Someone complains about a randoming occurring within a faction, you go there and find out that they are all saying they were attacked first.

    Chat log:

    Faramir : They attacked me first to steal my horse.
    Boromir : No you attacked first
    Golum : Boromir is right, he attacked us first.

    What do you do?
    Well I would seek for witnesses and check logs then I would tell em if they want to fight they should duel and if i find guilty guy I would punish him

    11. You see someone getting killed without anyone saying anything. The victim doesn't complain and the murderer take the gold. What do you do?
    I would teleport to murderer and ask him why he killed him and then teleported to victim to solve the problem

    12. A group of people has raided a castle. They killed and looted everyone. The lord of the castle complains. What do you do?

    Well I would check what are raiders (commoners,outlaws...)and i would check logs if they were commoners i would punish them becouse they cannot robb or tax and if they were outlaws or else i would make sure that it was done in a big rp way if not i would punish raiders

    13. A group of players are Roleplaying inside of an inn. A faction comes inside of the inn, wanting to arrest them all and take them to the dungeon to show his power. What do you do, if anything?
    I would ask faction was arrest necessery and would ask for explanation
  5. Grenzer Regiment Oguliner Nr.3 (!Recruiting!)

    Why haven t you wrote that Grenzers are Croats?
  6. Unbann request

    Name under which you were banned - Zlovrhnje (i am friend of him bcs he asked me to do this for him) Server(s) you are banned from:all MM servers (official) What was happening when you got banned-insulting other  regiment in LB with insult "cowards" Time and date-1 year ago few weeks before...
  7. Bye

    1: What is your primary in-game name? List that, and if you have two more in-game names please include the next two most common ones.
    2: What is your nationality?
    3: How many languages do you know? Please list them.
    English,Croatian,Serbian.Bosnian a bit of Franche
    4: When did you first start playing PWMOD? Do you consider yourself well acquainted with its mechanics? Would you be able to provide a new player an adequate amount of information on the mod and its features? Would you be willing to? How much time would you dedicate per player to doing so?
    Cernetly I am acquainted with mechanisam I am here over 2years.Ofcours I would I would be glad to show people beutys of PWmod.Well how much time?How much it takes to learn him
    5: Do you have any experience administrating? If so, please list them:Yes I was adminstrating on Mount and Musket mod  but I know admin job in PW very well
    6: How much time do you spend playing PW mod? How much time do you spend playing video games on the device you use to play Mount & Blade: Warband? Do you have a Steam account? If yes, please list it.Hmm its everyday for sure but I don t know how many hours per day

    7: Why do you want to be an administrator? Do you believe you will be able to spend more time administrating than playing PW? Will you dedicate most of your time to administrating? Or will you play PW logged in as an admin and respond to complaints when need be? If you intend to have a different style, please describe it.
    I want to be admin becouse most of admin are offline before 15:00 in my country as I saw it today lots of randomers and stuf like that.Cernetly I would.Yes I would.Sometimes I would RP but I would do complainmants aswell
    8: Which do you consider more important: The enforcement of server rules or the satisfaction of the playerbase?
    Hmm I would stimulate rules but I would keep player satisfaction on 1st place aswll
    9: Have you hosted an event before? Do you believe you could host great events that aren't too time consuming? Are you interested in hosting events?
    I haven t hosted any event but I hosted line battles.Yes I beleive I could.Certenly I am intrenstead
    10: Do you believe administrating is difficult? Why?
    Hmm not so hard when there are no randoomers but smetime it kinda gets hard
    11: How well do you cope under enormous stress, a hectic environment, and a boring and uninteresting one?
    I can handle stress and things like that and administrate under stress
    12: Do you believe you a mature person? Why do you think so?
    Hmm I belive I am but I can t approve
    13: Do you know any admins personally? Would they vouch for you?
    Personally no.But I am sure some f them remember me from game.Don t know if I coluld get vouch
    14: When you think of the average PWMOD player, who do you think they are? A roleplayer? Someone looking for a fight? Someone bored and looking for something interesting to do? Or someone else?
    Hmm,players in PW are oten people who are boare and they want to fight they certenly aren t RolePlayers
    15: Are you active in any group outside of PWmod? Such as: Mount & Musket regiment, Mount & Gladius legion and the likes. If you are; What group is it? Is it time consuming? Will, for example, your Mount & Musket regiment come before the server? If you become a United PW administrator, which one of the following sentances is most likely to be said by you: "I don't get much time for PWmod anymore, my clan/regiment/other is taking so much time." or "I won't get much time for my clan/regiment/other anymore, because of PWmod"?Now I play only PWmod nothing else I am in no clan I am able to be on seve in afternoun and at evneing.When ever you need it
  8. United PW TownGuard [DISBANDED. Read for Info]

    I am not contacted,I am denied or accepted?
  9. United PW TownGuard [DISBANDED. Read for Info]

    In-Game Name:Jack_Moon
    Reason for wanting to be in the Town Guard/Civilian Watch (strike where appropriate)I want to help people and make the law in town in this times there are is unjustice and courroption
    References/recommendations (does anyone support you or were you recruited?)I doubt so,I am new to server but I seen things going

    Situations (Advanced Questioning for Town Guard applicants only)
    Someone in town dies/logs out, they drop their items and armour because they have died. Someone quickly loots the body and steals the items, the person returns to collect their things (if they didn't log out) and sees that their body has been looted. You notice the event, what do you do?I would explain the looter that the owner of armor and other eq is back or that he crahsed so I would ask him to return it but if he dosen t want to its still by the rules so I couldn t do much
    There is a fight in town, someone has insulted the other player verbally and a fist fight ensued. The players seem intent on beating each other to a bloody pulp and you must intervene using non-lethal force (not using weaponry), what will you do to break up the fight?1st I would said "stop fighting" if they don t listen I would stand beetwen them with shilde and stop the fight wit my shilde
    Someone in the town killed another player, and the player is very upset with the murder. Upon inspection, it appears that there was no major reason, other than some basic forms of RolePlay, the factions were not at war/both players were commoners. How do you proceed?Well if there were any witnesses who can confrm that storyI would arrest him for murder and give the things(if looted) back to owner and if the vitcm droped money I would make murderer to give the droped money back
    You have detained a player for breaking the law, however he continues to resist arrest and is refusing to listen to you or anyone else. How would you go about defusing the situation, and what would you do in order to calm the man down?If he dosen t listen to me at all I would kick him and see the reaction if he still continues to ressit arrest I would kick him some more and if he still continues I would shoot him with crossbow or bow in leg
    There has been a horse theft in the town and the victim is irate. He is seeking to kill the player who stole his horse, who appears to have fled the scene. However, the thief has returned to town without the horse, and the victim has noticed him. How would you go about intervening the situation to ensure that nothing happens?I would arrest player who stolehorse for theft and try to calm the lost horse owner down
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