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  1. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Patch Notes v1.1.4

    I understand this type of stuff takes a while but what's the point of pushing this out as a patch instead of just a hotfix.
  2. HugoTheFrenchMan

    My first encounter with a mod crash.

    You should post about crashes in the technical support section. Although any mod you have enabled could lead to crashes.
  3. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    So do frwquent MP crashes still happen?
    I'm not currently home to test it myself.
  4. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Are the cRPG devs lying or TW really this bad?

    I mean even trying to play one game in native MP without the server crashing is pretty rare, so yeah it's probably on TW.
  5. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    "How dare those console peasants enjoy a game that I've spent a better part of last 6 months spreading vitriol about!" - someone on this forum, probably.
    I can already see the tears on the console's players eyes when they're told that their opinion is wrong, oh what a tragedy.
  6. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Patch Notes v1.0.1

    Multiplayer client-side fixes cannot be released as part of a hotfix as users may otherwise crash when loading into multiplayer without updating.
    I'm assuming this has fixed the crash after every map, atleast I hope so.

    Either way thanks for the response, communication is appreciated as always.
  7. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Patch Notes v1.0.1

    This should've just been a hotfix honestly, it doesn't really feel like enough changes to get it's own update thread.
  8. HugoTheFrenchMan

    This game sucks

    It's certainly somewhat disappointing but I could not say it sucks after the hours I have put into it, I think the 1000 hours or so justify the price I paid for the game.
    Definetly got my money's worth, definetly needs much improvement to be an overall good game but I can't say it sucks.
  9. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Waiting for mods to catch up

    Well most of them are just regular people, so for a lot of mods it might take a while to catch up.
  10. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Official Release

    Had to make an account just to say that I'll be sure to never 'pay' for another taleworlds game, and I'm passing the good word along to a substantial amount of people. So I hope that even the slightest little cut in future profits hurts. Speaking from someone who played the OG mount and blade, you guys really subverted my expectations with how big of a 180 your company did. Just another faceless corp, not the one we once knew.
    No company cares about anyone lol, they care about profit margin in which Bannerlord has been a success.
  11. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Official Release

    True. I'm just concerned about the older versions having been culled from Steam's beta downloads.
    Yeah, I don't understand that decision much, there doesn't seem to be a point to it.
    I don't think keeping the beta patches would've hurt anyone.
  12. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Official Release

    Cool I guess
  13. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Decent patch, game is still pretty buggy and also F for MostBlunted.
  14. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Patch Notes e1.8.1

    Only took 3 years a lot of pain and the MP community dying twice over for custom servers. Nice!
  15. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Army Cohesion Reset. Thank You Taleworlds

    1.8.0 version. Screw consoles.
    Already been announced sadly.
  16. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Will TW do a No Mans Sky thing?

    Seeing a lot of the stuff in this thread has made me question my existence.
  17. HugoTheFrenchMan

    Release date announced on 25th October for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S,

    This is extremely funny.
    I can't wait to see the few console players coming into the forums and reddit to ask questions about features only to come and realise the game only updates like every other month now or whatever and quit after spending full price on an unfinished game.
  18. HugoTheFrenchMan

    POLL: How are people liking the 1.8.0 Beta?

    My suggestion would be to add enforced Peace Treaties where if a faction makes peace and signs the treaty they are prevented from declaring war or attacking the other faction for X number of days/years.
    Might reduce it by a very small amount.

    War with the Southern Empire done, Sturgia declares war on you, you peace out after winning for a bit your truce with the Empire is up and right back to fighting them it is.

    Unless the truces were like 2 years long it wouldn't do much since every faction borders at minimum 2 to 3 other factions.
  19. HugoTheFrenchMan

    POLL: How are people liking the 1.8.0 Beta?

    Oh no, they didn't make it harder on purpose. I'm pretty sure by industry standards, Bannerlord is more mod-friendly. But by giving players way more powerful tools and access, you basically need an education or professional experience in this **** to make effective use of it. I think @Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James made that point in a bunch of other places elsewhere but bouncing between WB modding and BL modding, you can see for yourself how that latter is way more difficult.

    I had to start learning C# just for BL tweaking, not even real modding, and even then it is hilariously easy to **** up all kinds of **** by making very simple mistakes or even just oversights
    Yeah I don't really think it was on purpose but it is still pretty annoying at best and downright infuriating at worst when you screw up, it makes you really think on how all those bugs get left in the game honestly.
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