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  1. Warzin

    Thank you.

    Vid invasion har vi tack o lov Horace
  2. Warzin

    Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]

    Yes we all know warband is dying, Atleast attempts to keep it somewhat alive.
  3. Warzin

    [WBL] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    Remove me from TT roster thx.
  4. Warzin

    [WBL] MOSS Anti-cheat

    What is the problem, Just avoid showing / close down anything personal while the match is being played, and you won't leak anything,
    a bunch of snaps of your screen every 30 sec and a logfile of all background processes,  :roll:
  5. Warzin

    Native Fantasy League [NFL] Sign ups!

    Name: Berg
    ID: 1753641
    Main Class: Archer
    Second Class: Infantry
    Steam: Steam
    TaleWorlds: Link
    Interested in leading a team?: (Yes/No) No
    Would you mind/Do you want to call for your team even if you aren't the captain?: (Yes/No) No
  6. Warzin

    How skilled is the player above you?

    Socially, the dook is by far the most prestigious person on the pilgrimage. He has fought in many battles and served his king nobly. (Readers should note that the dook has not fought in secular battles; all his battles have been religious battles of some nature.) He is the very essence of chivalry, honor, and courage. Similarly, he is the epitome of gentility, a man who loves truth, freedom, and honor. Everyone in the pilgrimage looks up to and respects him.

    Despite his elevated position, the dook is also filled with humility. He does not participate in the quarreling or complaining, nor does he condemn it. Although he has distinguished himself several times in battle, he never talks about his brave and valorous deeds. He is completely satisfied with his station in life and is courteous to the other pilgrims without becoming friendly with them.

    The dook's Tale perfectly fits the dook himself. He chooses a story filled with dooks, love, honor, chivalry, and adventure. The main emphasis in the story is upon rules of honor, decorum, and proper conduct. For his hero, he chooses the Greek hero of legend, Theseus, who was the most highly thought of man in Ancient Greek culture; indeed, Theseus was the King of Athens, and Sophocles, in the Oedipus Trilogy, presents him as the ideal king. Thus Theseus, like the dook himself, is an embodiment of all the ideal human virtues.

    Conclude this with 9/10
  7. Warzin

    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Name: Berg
    Steam: Steam
    ID: 1753641
    Main Class: Archer
    Do you want to command? (Yes/No) No
  8. Warzin

    [WSC] Streams & VODs

    Unity - Tilde Turtles

  9. Warzin


    I'll sign up but only as Samwell Tarly
  10. Warzin

    [EC5] Semi Finals

    ggwp FT
  11. Warzin

    [MBCL] Free Agency

    Ingame tag: Berg
    Player ID:
    Steam link: Steam
  12. Warzin

    Native Completed Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    In-Game Name: Berg
    Steam Contact: Steam
  13. Warzin

    Native Completed North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

    Name: Berg
    Steam ID: Steam
    NA or EU: EU
  14. Warzin

    [NC2017] Quarter Final Lower Bracket

    Great match neighbours, GGWP!
  15. Warzin

    How skilled is the player above you?

    Unfortunately i don't know you, But 7/10 for a nice comment
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