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  1. CounterPoint391

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Here's an unfinished project -- a render of a Spring Loaded Camming Device (SLCD)



  2. CounterPoint391

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Slytacular said:
    Working on a helmet for Planetside 2.

    As a suggestion, since the function is an orbital drop helmet -- the upper portion of the visor should be flush with the visor. Currently the design will create extra drag and induce eddy currents that would destabilize the flight pattern of an extremely high altitude skydiver. So to make your model more believable consider the function that your design is supposed to do, even if it's imaginary.

    Look at Felix Baumgartner's jump --  he went into an uncontrolled spin almost immediately after jumping. Presumably a future orbital re-entry suit would contain mini exhaust ports coupled with advanced flight control algorithms in order to stabilize flight so the end user could retain orientation and arrive to ground fit to fight. Any engineer designing such a system would look to eliminate unnecessary protrusions that would affect the re-entry performance.
  3. CounterPoint391

    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    @In Vain: Looks damn fine, awesome scene. My only crit is the road  from gatehouse to bridge is super straight, which may be by design. I think it would be more visually interesting if it gently curved, similar to the main street gentle curve from gatehouse to castle.
  4. CounterPoint391

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    @Mandible: Sweet model, and I feel like you've improved your 3d work!
  5. CounterPoint391

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    kraggrim said:
    Attempt at painting a metal texture from scratch, pls criticise:

    I would say the overall effect makes it look more like stone, rather than metal. I think you should darken up the diffuse base a bit, and play with the spec map values in openBRF. If you look at the bilewit texture, you'll notice that the base metal texture is quite dark.

    For metal textures it's tempting to use the diffuse to convey a metal look, but honestly most of the effect is in the specular map, and your material settings.

    The details on the collar piece look nice. Consider adding some subtle highlighting to give the texture a bit of depth, or just make a killer heightmap to build a normalmap from.
  6. CounterPoint391

    Make reflections for weapons and armor?

    You also have to enable the specular flag for weapons. Flag value 720 should work IIRC. The spec map texture should also have a flag of 4.
  7. CounterPoint391

    Make reflections for weapons and armor?

    Use the evmap shader, and use the "earthenvmap" texture for the Enviro map in openBRF. Compare your material settings to the ones in the CommonRes Folder and you'll find you can replicate the effects of the native items. Hope this helps.
  8. CounterPoint391

    OSP Other 2D Art Count's retexturing guild (download link on first page + Game of thrones OSP)

    Love your work! I especially like the nobleman outfit retextures. Perhaps you could update the Courtly Outfit mesh (nobleman_outf) from native?
  9. CounterPoint391

    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    Finished the major building layout for my town scene, just have to add more details.




    And for the curious, here's an overview of the whole scene
  10. CounterPoint391

    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    Nice! As far as borrowing props, try pulling a couple from Nova Aetus. There are some high quality Russian style props there, and decent textures.

    From far away it looks like it has potential for an awesome skyline. I usually place the towers first, then check the view angles from far, from the town gate, and from the castle. It's sometimes challenging to get a placement that looks good from all player angles.
  11. CounterPoint391

    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    cwr said:
    What mod is it for?

    That's just my test module....

    Adorno said:
    That big, square tower seems to have some lighting issues. Maybe try another shader.

    Fixed it -- it wasn't loading the normalmap since it was spelled NormalMap on the dds file. Looks way better now.
  12. CounterPoint391

    Nordous' Sceners Guild

    Messed around with some scene props, experimenting with visual composition from various viewpoints in the city. I've barely touched the landscape, just adjusting elevation as necessary. Any tips or suggestions for planning a multilevel scene like this?




    As far as what I plan to do next
    -Add some orchards/vinyards outside the city
    -Add small river port
    -Fill in all the skyline deadspots with props
    -Finish lining the streets with buildings
    -Fix the stupid lighting issues with some props
    -Fill visual empty spots in the town with trees, probably
    -Paint the landscape properly
  13. CounterPoint391

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    The normal map is faint, but there. I ended up overlaing a copy of the normalmap over the original to help it stand out, but I think the effect is too strong. Good point abount the tiling -- do you know of any tricks to fix that? I like the current size of the stone bricks so I like the current UV map scaling
  14. CounterPoint391

    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Finally got around to UVmapping this wall section I modeled ages ago...


    And now I know what a tremendous amount of effort scene props take to make, and make look good. I saved myself the texturing work by using some of the Crusader Way to Expatiation building textures.

    Feedback on the UVmapping job? or model?
  15. CounterPoint391

    [OSP][Model] New castle in progress, suggestions welcome

    Jaakko said:
    I never forgotten this  :smile:



    Hey Jaako, is there anyway you could release these? They are absolutely beautiful!
  16. CounterPoint391

    Native OSP Scenes Native Scene Replacement Pack - [Added Bariyye 30.12.2018]

    Awesome scenes! Looking forward to the rest!
  17. CounterPoint391

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Russian Infantry armor

    I would like to second that notion. Dia, could you upload the files again?
  18. CounterPoint391

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack - UPDATE RELEASED 2016-09-19

    Looks awesome! Only suggestion would be to add some vertex shading for the underside of the mail to help make it stand out more. Glad to see you back around!
  19. CounterPoint391

    AAR: Me, Floris | Completed | Chapter 60 & Epilogue posted (19-09-2015)

    monnijke -- Awesome tale. Thanks for coming back to finish it. Great to see it develop through all these years
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