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  1. mujadaddy

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    There are rumors that a good part of the team was fired due to incompetence, they are delaying the development of the game due to a lack of intelligence, they are racking their brains to fix simple bugs.
  2. mujadaddy

    Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    Interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Just some questions:
    Adults, not sure of birthday but I'm a grandparent now; they show level 30 & 34.

    Governors, and anyone "left" in town, always participate in tournaments for me; party members, I need to enter also.

    1 pip 160, yeah, that does in fact look weird.

    I do have "Governors Handle Issues", but afaik that only lets them get minor xp for Quest skills.
  3. mujadaddy

    Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    I am finding really tiresome to leveling up melee combat skills for my kids.
    Put them in your party and tell them to hold fire while you hunt down small parties. I doubt you can get them to 300, but 200s are doable if you focus on it. Also, tournaments.

    This kid has been a Governor all his life, only tournies:

    This kid has been in my party all her life, but I never told her to hold fire:

    Her 2H is 100% from Tournaments, fyi.
  4. mujadaddy

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops rework perk order and remove learning limit

    Your mod is wonderful. Would consider making it adjustable to 0.1 or 0.5?
    It's possible, but I'd want to make it adjustable with a config. My idea is just to get a couple skill levels at the end of life; if the multiplier is too high, all your companions tend to be slightly "too good" after a long campaign.
  5. mujadaddy

    Prosperity and Food - the death spiral of a fief

    That one is dead for quite some time I believe.
    My bad, Updated version!
  6. mujadaddy

    Prosperity and Food - the death spiral of a fief

    Supply Lines and Improved Garrisons provides all of those features except building farms. These might be temporary solutions. Is there any mod out there which gives options for agriculture?
    Agriculture Estates, of course!
  7. mujadaddy

    Prosperity and Food - the death spiral of a fief

    Quick tangent on this subject, does this game have flavor text for high prosperity fiefs and towns? I've never seen the game describe any as better than "average wealth"
    Yeah, "You hear much praise for the wisdom of the rulers who have achieved this prosperity." yadda yadda
  8. mujadaddy

    SP - UI UI: Don't make me click LEAVE town- just DO IT when I click on the map.

    I'm back to necro this and point out how out of touch this forum can be. The mod that does this very feature has... oh.... about 25,000 subscribers.


    Humbly, I am thankful that it is *possible* to mod this in, however... not so humbly, take you're extra click to exit the town and, well, shove it.

    I'm a big Leave On Click guy, but if TW were to add this, 100% as is, I would still want a checkbox to enable it.
  9. mujadaddy

    Closed King Decisions can be delayed by Waiting past the deadline

    Hey, i have forwarded the issue to the QA team for further inspection. Meanwhile, if you can share your save file and your crash ıd with me that would speed up the inspection process. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
    Well, the crash doesn't hit the crash reporter, it just freezes in the narrow case where the Kingdom had a Peace Offer.

    I put all my mods back though, and I don't have the save file any more. You should be able to recreate easily as a kingdom leader; the 48-hour timer is ignored in Waiting menus (Town, Siege)
  10. mujadaddy

    Closed King Decisions can be delayed by Waiting past the deadline

    King Decisions can be delayed by Waiting past the deadline Summary: As King, I can conquer a city, and use my Parade perk, Festivals, and a matching-culture Governor to farm Loyalty in a very hostile city. This is intended. What is probably not intended is that if I do the above set-up, then...
  11. mujadaddy

    Possible bug in the "State Monopolies" policy

    when I had just formed the kingdom, the income due to the policy was around 300K gold per day
    Ahh, this may be the issue. I was elected ruler of an existing kingdom. It might mean there is a bug in the code which doubles up the Revenue count for player-created kingdoms.
  12. mujadaddy

    Possible bug in the "State Monopolies" policy

    I can't speak for your campaign, but I just tried it on my current game with 11 cities and a castle and I only boosted ~20k per day.
  13. mujadaddy

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    my complaint is not about absence of pre-deployment screen, its about captains being scattered without it.
    It's really f****ing annoying to join a battle with 5 villagers and have all my horse archer companions in the wrong groups, and tactics muscle memory rendered useless.
  14. mujadaddy

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    When will this update come to console?
    Save yourself some headache: the consoles will never get a Beta, so once 1.2 is out in the main release branch, it will be pushed to consoles very soon after.

    1.2.2 beta is, from what I've seen, not going to be the last version on the beta branch.
  15. mujadaddy

    Why is the battle AI so poor in comparison to Warband?

    Guys, the AI has a preferred way of doing things. If you're leading a non-AI strategy, and you go down, the AI will revert to its preferred way.

    Instead of fighting against what the AI wants to do, maybe try to learn what it wants to do, so you can die in peace.
  16. mujadaddy

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    This is unrelated to the current fix, although it would be good if you would point me to the tech support ticket related to that issue.

    I would write the issue as follows:

    "As the ruler of a kingdom, when I capture a town or castle, as new owner I am unable to upgrade my troops from the Manage Garrison screen. I must go to the Party screen to do upgrades. This issue does not occur when I am not the ruler, or once I am on a Donate Troops to Garrison screen."
  17. mujadaddy

    Disorganized State?

    Because it was too hard coded into engine?
    Ehh, more like I didn't want to spend the time to figure out why the first 2 things I tried weren't working. Maybe one day.
  18. mujadaddy

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Fixed a bug that prevented attacker parties from donating troops and prisoners to a newly conquered settlement.
    Does this do anything to address the "Kingdom Owner can't upgrade own troops in garrison" issue, present since e1.6 at least?
  19. mujadaddy

    Disorganized State?

    i find map chasing one of the most tiresome aspects of this game as characters with matching speeds chase each other from coast to coast, speed it up and it looks just like pac-man.
    I tried to make a mod which would give a random plus/minus to all parties, based on Tactics skill, every 6 hours but I gave up on it.
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