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  1. Tocan

    SP Native Tocan's Calradia - a Native Expansion/Mod Compilation +SOURCE

    Hey! Sorry for my late reply, I'm hardly active here anymore. Unfortunately I haven't released a new mod yet, just contributed where I can, but I'm still modding. My friend Antonis set up a Discord server for me some time ago, and I'm active on it. Everyone is welcome to join:
  2. Tocan

    SP Native Extended Native - Calradia's Borderlands --- Released !

    Thanks for the eMail Douw, appreciated. Good look with your mod! hope you don't give up.
  3. Tocan

    Online face code generator tool | Tweak facekeys and see how they work

    Awesome! Thanks for your work Swyter.

    After the XenForo transition in 2020 things have not been the same... Now this place is obscured and does not enjoy that much popularity as it used to in the past.
  4. Tocan

    Editing BannerPage's campaign map speed as a non-scripter.

    You can try removing the whole block
    game_get_party_speed_multiplier -1
    41 21 1 1224979098644774912 2133 2 1224979098644774913 100 4 0 1073741855 2 1224979098644774912 0 541 3 1224979098644774912 0 13 1685 3 1224979098644774914 1224979098644774912 14 2107 2 1224979098644774914 3 2105 2 1224979098644774913 1224979098644774914 4 0 2147483679 2 1224979098644774912 0 4 0 541 3 1224979098644774912 441 16 501 3 1224979098644774912 441 24 1 2 2 1224979098644774912 2133 2 1224979098644774913 0 5 0 541 3 1224979098644774912 441 24 2133 2 1224979098644774913 0 3 0 3 0 4 0 31 2 1224979098644774912 0 31 2 144115188075857080 1 2107 2 1224979098644774913 2 3 0 5 0 1073742365 3 1224979098644774912 0 11 541 3 1224979098644774912 0 7 4 0 2273 0 521 3 1224979098644774915 1224979098644774912 4 2147483679 2 1224979098644774915 7 2147483679 2 1224979098644774915 14 1676 2 1224979098644774912 27 2133 2 1224979098644774913 0 5 0 1 2 2 1224979098644774912 3 0 3 0 2111 2 1224979098644774913 0 2075 1 1224979098644774913

    npc_get_troop_wage -1

    and reducing the number at the top of the scripts.txt
    scriptsfile version 1
    by one

    I don't know the mod so it could be that the mod alters the script in a way that the mod will not longer work as intended.
  5. Tocan

    Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    You could open the map with Swyter's Cartographer and rewrite the map.txt, maybe that helps.
  6. Tocan

    Need help with correcting textures transferred from Iron Europe to Between Empires


    Haven't read everything here but these are NW or WFAS shaders. As long as you added the shader brf to your mod + the mb.fx it will work fine. If you don't use their shader file you could change the shaders above to native ones. Sadly there is no shader in native that reads the color from specmaps.

    I honestly don't get it, i changed the shaders to support colored specmaps instead the "more precision black and white ones" and i don't see any difference on the quality.
  7. Tocan

    Troop trees problem

    Just search for create_combo_label_overlay in your whole ms.
    Otherwise game_multiplayer_admin_panel uses it.
  8. Tocan

    Troop trees problem

    Sorry slider_overlay was wrong, i mean create_combo_label_overlay.

    Best search for presentations that already use create_combo_label_overlay and take a look how it works.
  9. Tocan

    Troop trees problem

    Yes, while the presentation script supports as many factions as you want, the combo_button does not, because it is not scrollable.
    You have to change the
    ## combo_button (create_combo_button_overlay, "$g_presentation_obj_1"), (position_set_x, pos1, 500), (position_set_y, pos1, 690), (overlay_set_position, "$g_presentation_obj_1", pos1),

    and replace it with a slider_overlay.
  10. Tocan

    Warband Modding Community Survey

    Thanks for your interpretation Mr. Ardamírë

    Not really, best would be to integrate the whole modding board into the main board but this don't gonna happen.
    I know this won't happen, still we modders would benefit from it. like in the good old days :sneaky:
  11. Tocan

    Merge request: Diplomacy and companions

    possible that Malik added them later or that i don't liked them ^^ no idea.
  12. Tocan

    Merge request: Diplomacy and companions

    I would appreciate it if anyone who feels up to it would try and merge the mods i mentioned, im particularly attached to the companions that are added in that mod, ive been using it for years.
    Yes they are all in, otherwise i wouldn't recommend my old work. I can't say i'm that much proud of it ^^

    There was someone using Tocan's mod as base but I can't recall anymore which one it was.
    A lot mods use(d) it as base, since it has basically no bugs, and pbod without the need of wse.

    edit: i always forget that i even have a thread:
  13. Tocan

    Merge request: Diplomacy and companions

    Do you know my old mod? Could count as outdated tough, but it works even with 1.74.
    Oh but no gay marriage..

  14. Tocan

    battle_renown_value not properly calculated in some places.

    In all the years WB Modding I have never really looked at this more closely but now that it is mentioned, as a Player I have always wondered from where the unusually high renown for freeing villages from bandits comes from.
    Diplomacy has some fixes, might be worth checking if that has been adressed/fixed there yet.
    Now without looking myself, I'm pretty sure: good find!
  15. Tocan

    Wie ändert man das Spawningverhalten von nachkommenden Einheiten?

    Eigentlich haben die meisten ein Problem mit dem spawning, aber mehr das die Verstärkung zu weit entfernt vom eigentlichen geschehen gespawnt wird.
  16. Tocan

    Adding a new custom spawn

    if they should not spawn randomly

           (store_num_parties_of_template, ":num_parties", "pt_yourparty"), #tocan: if you want a numbers check
           (lt,":num_parties",16),  #tocan: if you want a numbers check
           (store_random_in_range,":radius",10,101),  #tocan: if you want various radius
           (set_spawn_radius, ":radius"), #tocan: if you don't want various radius instead ":radius" just the number
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