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  1. vfkaseke

    [BNL4] Tournament information

    Sign-ups open until: 20th of January BNL4 Admin team Popowicz Administator Gotha Server distributor, Administrator Dest Administrator Kaseke Graphic designer, Administrator Quadri Statistics, Administrator LINK TO SIGN UPS: HERE ^click the icon to...
  2. vfkaseke

    [BNL4] Free Agent Signups

    Signups are open from 5th of January until 20th of January 2024 23:59 CEST. Those wishing to sign up as a free agent provide info here (also sign up in the discord for maximum visibility): Steam ID / Discord ID / Bannerlord Tag (can be found in MP lobby if you open the 'Social' tab) Preferred...
  3. vfkaseke

    v1.2.4-v1.2.5 Balance Changes

    I dont know what people expect from 1 guy, he buffed sturgia and khuzait (2 lowest wr factions) and did slight vlandia nerf.
    Horses buffed, hunter perk buffed as a counter weight.
    Horse knockdown - good change, as 13 damage threshhold was reached so rarely people actually though knockdown was removed from the game entirely.
    Rider dismount - that is a questionable change. Of course it depends on the chances to dismount but once again lifts the value of the light cav above heavy option. Why would you go heavy cav if you can be dismounted by cheaper class in 1 random 20 damage hit...
    Anyway, patch is in the right direction, keep it up!
    To be honest heavy rider is much harder to dismount at 70 threshold than light at 50, so that might make heavy more valuable in all of this. Add to it the knock down buff that we're still pretty unlikely to see with light cav and it seems to me that heavy might actually get picked more again instead of taking 2 light cav spawns and one peasant spawn at 380 gold.
  4. vfkaseke

    v1.2.4-v1.2.5 Balance Changes

    Making throwing more accurate and harder to punish makes me afraid we're going to slide back to the Jereed meta where people were running around with 24 Jereeds and nothing else. Throwing axes deal ALOT of damage to things such as horses, and are very easy to hit even at the moment. I guess an accuracy buff isn't the worst thing to make them more consistent, and the shield damage nerf is honestly pretty great combined with that. The total damage on those things is criminal in the right circumstances though.

    I'm also a bit worried about the horse dismount mechanic, especially on light cav. With 70 damage required on heavy cavalry, I don't see it being as impactful, but 50 for light cav is a pretty normal number to see in cav duels, and will most likely make cavalry avoid those more and more as time goes on. And on the topic of cav, it's really hard to tell at this point how the riding skill changes are gonna change things, but archers on horses continue to be a problem, and I don't really see this fixing it. We will have to see though.

    I find the Imperial Heavy axe length change curious. It will either be a major buff to one of the best infantry classes in the game, or it will inadvertently nerf the unit due to causing them to actually hilt hit like some of the other axes. Right now the Legionary is THE best heavy infantry in closed spaces and amazing at hugging other units due to the speed and short length of their axes.

    I also don't think improving the hunter perk for archers is a necessary change. Archer is already the best counter to cav running rampant on the field, and this will only make it easier to one or two hit horses. Especially with Vlandian crossbows, which will almost guarantee a one hit on a horse coming towards you.
  5. vfkaseke

    [MAP] Lighthouse

    Map designer: Reginald
  6. vfkaseke

    [MAP] Vatnborg

    Map Designer: Firunien
  7. vfkaseke

    [MAP] Ghost Town

    Map Designer: LowLifeLarry
  8. vfkaseke

    [MAP] Archipelago

    Map designer: Kaseke
  9. vfkaseke

    In Progress [MP] Decals getting removed on round start

    Problem seems to persist whether decals are placed as objects, added onto an empty entity, or just placed from the add decal menu.
  10. vfkaseke

    Cavalry Needs a Nerf

    Guys you are necroing a post from 2022
  11. vfkaseke

    Cavalry (and other) sounds

    The absolute worst thing about cav is the fact you can't hear them when they approach. Sounds are just all over the place. A guy gets stabbed across the map and it sounds like its right next to you, but you can't hear a galloping horse on a cobbled street until after he couches you.

    Will this every be fixed?

  12. vfkaseke

    Randomly logged out of lobby over and over

    We can barely play clan matches because of this. You also get into a loop of constant disconnect, and then you log in and are stuck in a constant "please wait..." screen until you get disconnected again after 15 seconds.
  13. vfkaseke

    couched lances need to have a reduced area of effect

    I think that if they made it to where the couching wasnt permanent, and it only lasted a few (1-2) seconds it would be much better. Sort of like real life where you cant just hold the lance in hand, in a real tournament joust you can see that they lower the lance at the last moment because it is actually possible to aim it as it goes down. holding it would cause it to bounce up and down and you cant aim at anything that way
    The lance DOES have a mechanic like this already. After a couple seconds of couching the lance will indeed start bouncing up and down and become near impossible to aim consistently.
  14. vfkaseke

    TW says that MP is in a "good" place in latest gamescom video

    LOL!! I would not like to play a game TW thinks is in a bad place. That would probably injure you physically in rl
    Sound of death was a thing for a while, so I guess yeah.
  15. vfkaseke

    login server is down

    Callum, may we ask you for an estimated time for the resumption of the game?
    No one at the office at TW on weekends. It's just business as usual. This is not gonna get fixed until Monday most likely.
  16. vfkaseke

    login server is down

    No one at the office at TW on weekends. It's just business as usual. This is not gonna get fixed until Monday most likely.
  17. vfkaseke

    In Progress 1.8.0 Aim / mouse movement accelerated making precise aiming very difficult

    I suspect this has to do with this part of the patch notes

    "Increased the aiming sensitivity with a ranged weapon for the controller."

    Probably leaked to M&KB side too. Bow feels pretty normal until you start to notch an arrow and actively aim with it. It happens in multiplayer too. The problem is extra apparent when zooming in on a target, but happens when you aim normally as well.
    *This is in the live version of 1.8.0
  18. vfkaseke

    login server is down

    I'm surprised there has been no official statement about server status yet...
    No one at the office at TW on weekends. It's just business as usual. This is not gonna get fixed until Monday most likely.
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