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  1. guiskj

    Can you please enable removal of Order of Battle and set teams with numbers like it was before?

    I don't understand why we can't have both.

    Have units default to a group, as they do now. But allow me to both override group assignment as well as create new ones.

    I want the ability to say that my Tier 4 and 5 (and only those tiers) of crossbowman should be considered shield troops. Then on the Order of Battle, when I assign my shield troops to a formation, it will include those crossbowman.

    This is just an example of why I want those manually assignment we used to have SO BADLY! Because it would IMPROVE the current system by working in synergy.
  2. guiskj

    Taleworlds is going to release a post to let us know about their futur plans for the game. What are your expectations ??

    Unfortunately, TW has burned any trust from me. I'm not interested in a DLC that looks interesting before release but that takes months if not years of post release to "finish".
  3. guiskj

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    I'm not trying to dispute your other points, but this one is just wrong. People still say that CK3 and Vic3 are barren, even with DLCs (I'm not even going to mention EU4 base game because it released like a decade ago). Cities Skylines, which released just recently, is horribly optimized.

    Paradox is probably the worst developer around (when talking about development practices, otherwise, Activision-Blizzard is all around the worst when you also add the treatment of employees -especially women- in the workplace). Not only are many of their base games incomplete, their DLCs are overpriced, usually add very little and can even break games (like Leviathan). They legit released 2 DLCs for Vic3 while the game is still ****, and one of the DLCs is a cosmetic that only adds a day/night cycle to the game, WHICH HAS THE SUN RISING FROM THE ****ING WEST.
    So much misinformation here. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, and I am not an apologist for them, but regurgitating (mis)information from Reddit is not cool either.

    But as someone that owns only the base game of CK3, plays it regularly, and have seen that base game get so much better over its 3 years without me having to spend a single penny more, I must say that there is alot more nuance to their business practice.

    Vic3 is on my wishlist, because patch 1.5 is probably getting the game to where it should have been at release. Its DLCs have truly been underwheling, but they were locked into them because of the DLC season pass and couldn't easily pivot after the base game and first DLC were so poorly received... And the sun does not rise in the west in Vic3. There are 2 lightsources ("Suns"), one of which moves only somewhat. This was a deliberate decision by the art team to make the game look like they wanted. Whether you think this is still silly (which is valid), it's your opinion. But it was not like the Devs just forgot where the sun rises.

    However, I can see a lot of similarities between Taleworlds and Paradox when it comes to releasing games with great potential but fairly barebones and trying to improve them overtime. The massive difference in this type of comparisson is that Paradox both acts quicker and communicates a lot better. Again, as a consumer you can hate that aproach of game development, which is totally fair, but as long as the base game continues to improve and DLCs are parallel to the core experience, I personally see no problem with that aproach.
  4. guiskj

    Please FIX the Couched Lance Animation

    Even if the Devs add this to their backlog, their throughput is so slow that it would be years before you'd see this change.

    Even with the assumption that Devs are incredibly well intentioned and listen to feedback, the speed is so slow that only modders matter for this game.
  5. guiskj

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    SQL? For game programming? Are you alright?

    With all due respect, you seem to have no idea what you're talking about.
    Sigh! It's already been done. Making modding incredibly easy. Exactly what some companies DON'T want, with valid reasons.
    As a Civ6 modder, I can attest that SQL modding does exist and it works VERY well. It takes some getting used to, but this has a few great positives:
    1. Using a Database Management Tool. everything is visible at once! All the data is there; the tables, the columns... No digging around decompiled DLL files trying to make sense of spagetti code
    2. The database is local, usually meaning SQLite, which has a TON of support in the Open Source community for tools and documentation.
    3. You can share your game state (SQLite file) with others, including Devs, to help debug stuff
    4. Mod compatibility is usually better, as SQL inherently handles the merging of data.
    In-code modding is still far more powerful, but don't discount the accessibility of DB-based modding.
  6. guiskj

    Bannerlord is really just a broken game.

    I've been lurking these forums for some time now, but this post made me register just to say I agree with pretty much everything OP said.

    I obviously don't know the inner workings of TW, but it feels like Bannerlord's project lead is either very inexperienced or just simply does not exist. There are so many absurd, illogical design decision in the game it becomes kinda creepy. It seems to me like they just threw a lot of half-baked ideas into the mixer and pushed the button without even giving them a second pass. Just a couple of obvious pointers:

    • Why do you have a full-fledged dynasty mechanic with children and everything when the game's pace is not even remotely close to allow this mechanic to work? You can experience all game's features (battles, leveling system, party management, fief management, kingdom management) in just a couple of in-game years, but children require unfathomable 18 years to grow up. I never came even remotely close to see my kids become of age.
    • Why do you have a food supply system when pack animals provide effectively unlimited inventory space? In my last play-through I had a personal party of 500 and still carried enough food to last 3 in-game years. Excluding the need to constantly buy date fruit to have enough variety, this mechanic in completely pointless because the player is never even remotely close to run out. All it does is wasting developers' time because they have to make sure Bannerlord's idiotic AI parties carry enough food to not starve.
    • Why do we have a full-blown simulated economy if it barely influences war and the player has pretty much 0 ways to interact with it outside of "buy low, sell high"? They obviously spent a lot of time implementing this system and balancing it, but the end result is completely pointless. For unknown reasons the economy is not simulated for weapons and armor - no, this stuff magically appears out of thin air when recruiting/upgrading troops. Therefore, you can spend all day raiding wood and iron villages of your enemies, but it will not matter even the slightest. They are still gonna vomit armies after armies of fully-equipped soldiers. As for player's interaction - you would think that simulated economy means the ability to establish trade routes or just the most basic ability to tell your caravans to not trade with a specific kingdom to limit their economy, but nope.
    • Why do you remove the ability to issue commands to allied parties if your AI is completely braindead? At least in Warband we had some mechanism of circumventing AI inability to do anything even remotely intelligent, but in Bannerlord there's nothing.
    • Why do you have hundreds of perks when there are approx only 5 that are even remotely interesting? Why create a barrage of completely pointless effects that are so small that you don't even notice they're there. There's a good reason why "2% increase" became a meme in Bannerlord's community. Why not make every skill go from 0 to 100 and think of like 5 interesting perks for each?
    • Why do you implement your "encyclopedia for of war" system in the update featuring the new gang alleyway mechanic? This is the first time we actually have to pick companions with specific skills and traits for what is clearly an early-game activity, but you make it almost impossible unless you just know in advance which companions have high roguery. Or you can just mindlessly travel from city to city "discovering" all companions I guess. What could possibly be the reason for these two features being introduced in the same update?
    And I can go on and on for all day long.

    The worst part about all this is the fact that I cannot even blame them for trying to artificially bloat the game's feature list for the Steam page because some mechanics like simulated economy clearly took a lot of time, effort and care. It's more like nobody at TW doesn't possess even the slightest idea of what they're doing with Bannerlord. Which is a real bummer because the idea is fantastic and the game doesn't have any real competitors, so it really sucks that the implementation is... this.

    This was my own take, back in August 2020... For whatever that's worth.

  7. guiskj

    Bannerlord is really just a broken game.

    I see Bannerlord the same way I see RPG Maker bundled with a demo game. That's the only way I can feel good about my purchase.

    One day I hope to have enough time to rip nearly everything out, keep the World Map and the Mission Combat, and then redo everything else with an eye for simplicity and player agency.

    One day... One day.
  8. guiskj

    You know the game is dead when the adult mods take over...

    Whether you like that type of content or not, it is a good measure that the community has moved on from a game when its modding scene is taken by adult content...
  9. guiskj

    Dialog/Quest workflow best practices?

    I appreciate the response. I am less looking for how to do it and more talking about how does TW or other mods handle dialoga at scale.

    This system, where strings are how you stich dialoga together has proven a big headache for me when trying to implement lots of branching logic.

    It is very error prone as there is no way to verify that your intended dialog tree is valid at compile time.

    To be honest, once I got spent some time with this system it became clear to me why Bannerlord is so bare of interesting dialog. It's just awful to work with.
  10. guiskj

    Dialog/Quest workflow best practices?

    During Beta, I tried adding some quests to my mostly tweaks mod and I was seriously disheartened by how difficult the system was to use. Adding a few lines of dialog was easy enough, but the whole thing didn't seem to lend itself to helping authors manage a narrative. Has anyone found a...
  11. guiskj

    The Lost Relic

    Lost Ezerai Scroll. Me: I would like you to write a side quest, including possible player dialog options. This side quest is set in the world of Calradia, from the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. Sure, here's a possible side quest set in the world of Calradia: Title: The Missing Relic...
  12. guiskj

    Few questions please, if you don't mind

    Mod mod mod, moddy mod mod, mod mod.
  13. guiskj

    Patch Notes v1.1.2

    Kind of refreshing how quiet it is around here nowadays
    The silence is deafening.
  14. guiskj

    F5 to Dismount Cavalry breaks group designations.

    I believe this was intended to help when cav is dismounted because their mount died. Instead of trying to follow the rest of the cav on foot, the unit would join the nearest melee/archer group.

    The problem imo is that this does not distinguish why a cav got dismounted. We need a way the AI can discern being forcibly dismounted to being told to do so.
  15. guiskj

    I have concerns over the Mid and Late Game in v1.1.0 Beta and feel the gameplay has been degraded from previous versions.

    There is but it's not campaign AI, it's combat AI and I don't even think it does anything. Like does the AI fight even worse if you turn it down? I don't know but I can't imagine what they would do to be worse.
    If I remember correctly from when I was toying with modding this very thing WAY BACK during EA, a unit's skills affect its combat AI rating.
    This difficulty setting changes how much skill affects it, so that One Handed value of 100 can either be a imbecile or decent.

    Funny thing is that, again based in how it used to be, the best unit AI possible is with a skill at 350, making it so that you never experience it. Kind stupid, imo.
  16. guiskj

    What new features will be added in the future?

    If you see the gameplay as a great Demo of what the platform is capable, it makes you a lot less mad.

    I've started looking at Bannerlord as an awesome spiritual successor to RPGMaker. It has done wonders for my blood pressure.
  17. guiskj

    About updates and mods and blablabla

    In a dream I had, TW would focus all efforts on stabilizing the game, being honest with themselves that their main canpaign is mostly a proof-of-concept for their platform, and work directly with modders to help foster multiple different total conversion mods, both for single and multi player.

    I could see a very successful marketing strategy of "This game costs U$50 and you can access unlimited different interpretations of it! From a recreation of Middle Ages British Isle, to recreations of well-beloved fantasy realms!".

    It would remind me of NWN1, in a sense.
  18. guiskj

    So many abandoned modifications

    I'll give you my two cents.

    When EA started, I was super excited for the game and started a small mod with some tweaks that I hoped would grow to eventually be a big Vanila+ kind of mod.

    But after fighting with many breaking patches and,.most importantly, the time investment it took to decompile DLLs and parse through TW code to reverse engineer their stuff and then have to manually test my changes... It just became too much. Something like 60 to 70 percent of my steam game time was just debugging stuff and it burned me out.

    e1.5 was the nail on the coffin for me. I got disillusioned with the game's progress and decided I'll come back to the game when it comes off of EA.

    Now EA is, I guess technically, over but the vanilla game has still left a bad taste.

    I want to wait another year or so to see what TW does with this game and see if it is worth coming back.

    Having said all that, I genuinely thank the existing modders for creating some quite deep mods. Whenever I do decide to come back, it will be so much easier, to drink from their fountain, and hit the ground running.
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