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  1. Treebeard

    Female battle orders voice

    The female voices are from the early days of PoP 3.204 when extra .ogg files would make the game crash. We had both female and male voices in combat originally (in the test versions) but the game was crashing so we decided to take out one set of commands.

    I'm looking through my old files but sadly I can't find the original female vocies any longer, so if nobody else downloaded the set before, then they are lost.
  2. Treebeard

    Suggestion Thread for Post POP 3.6

    NicotiN said:
    Who is working on Pop 3.5? what you guys want to change?Pretty sure i can add my old wacky ideas:smile:

    Nice to see you back :smile:

    PoP is currently at released version 3.51 (plus you can use the July 24 on top of a PoP 3.51 install).
    The next version will be PoP 3.6 :smile:
  3. Treebeard

    Game Engine Gender Limitation Fix

    Interesting and good work.

    Can you also control the equipment that the troop spawns with to regulate female equipment to the female spawn of the troop agent?
    The falcon knights (male) would be using the male Falcon plate and a different helmet than the female falcon knights (for example).

    However, there is the problem which troop(s) should be used to recruit the Falcon Knights from (Pendor Knights vs Maiden Nobles). Currently the game only handles one troop as recruit pool. Basically it might be necessary to split the Order into two orders (a male Falcon Knights and a female Falcon Knights) and splitting an order into two orders has some disadvantages.

    But your solution is a good approximation and it can be used so that there is only the female order but at spawn time there will be a mix (hopefully with the equipment distributed properly).

    Impressive work with the coding.

    If you'd like to consider trying out the module system too I am sure you'd be welcome to join the PoP dev team.

  4. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    felixng2011 said:
    Why does it take double the prestige than normal to get order of the falcon knights? Its bad enough already that i can't upgrade Ravenstern Knights to Order of the Falcon Knights but I have to use double the prestige too!!

    Well, the Lady Falcons do not require Noble Recruits that the other Honor Troops require. Instead they upgrade from Maiden Nobles (which is the new upgrade of Maiden Adventurers). In addition they are an outlawed Order and these two factors in combination means that they are hard to recruit (i.e. they cost twice as much).

    Shadow Legion also cost twice in the July 24th update of PoP 3.51. This is because they are very good but they are harder to recruit.
  5. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    The_Hound said:
    thanks for your reply.
    1. can not agree with you on that tough choice. After all, with enough qualis gems you can get items superior to these, so i think you could just add some additional PIA features to getting these items instead of banishing heroes. What about capturing maltise three times or dueling a demonic magni on foot with chipped vanskerry sword?  :smile:
    2. What about demon plate? not the one with wings, the other one, with look of plate armor. Is it obtainable? And what are chances of getting it and demon chargers, if demonic magni are never encountered anywhere but in heretic armies? I mean, they dont go in patrols as fallen revenants do for example.
    p.s. btw, are there any other unique spawns that offer items except maltise and noldor lords?

    1. It is doable, but these unique items are among the best in-game items and they are unique so if you want them you'll have to sacrifice the re-encounter. However, it is something that might perhaps be tweaked in the future.

    2. The plate is also unique (i.e. can't be looted or purchased). It has a strength requirement of 73 so it wouldn't be usable in any case (unless your character has obtained 73 str via cheating. And in that case you could cheat to get the armor anyway). All the other demon armors (legs, arms, body) are natural armors and are also not lootable.

    Each King has a unique weapon and Aeldarian has a unique weapon. The kings of corse do not disappear if you take their weapon but you do suffer consequences for doing so.
  6. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    The_Hound said:
    How can you obtain:
    Demonic Charger
    Demonic Magnus armor (the one with wings)
    I had down a heretic army to just 10 demonic magni, then I did about 300 save/loads but i couldnt get any of these. Every time there was a netherworld shield or a black spear or more rarely, ebony blades and runed swords.
    I know numbers of my troops affect my loot quantity, but me and my allies were down to about 70-80 men too, so I dont think that was the case. Was that a bad luck on my part or are they unobtainable?
    also, aint it a bit unfair, that I, a commander and highly renowned knight, dont have a privilege to get to choose best items from whole loot?
    another unfair bit is that while you capture maltise or any of noldor lords and ask them for items, they disappear forever. You guys should not have made it such a tough choice. I miss dread legion, personally.
    p.s. btw, are there any other unique spawns that offer items except maltise and noldor lords? if not, i think it would be a great idea to grant each of them an item, which they could offer as another option for qualis gems (assuming then they not dissapear op would "never return again", silly idea, that). Wouldnt it be awesome to have drunkards mace, gryphonsword armor, kodan's ruby cleaver and so on?

    Obtainability of above items:
    Demonic charger: Only through looting Demonic Magni
    Demon armors: Not obtainable in normal gameplay since they are Natural Armors (not something you would be able to put on)
    The player's share of the loot is not going to increase because that adds inflation of good items. Coming across these hard to get items means more when they are hard to get.
    Regarding choices and additional unique items:
    Since these items are unique and good, it comes down to a hard choice. You gain the item and you lose the opportunity to re-encounter the hero. By design. New unique items may be introduced in future versions of PoP.

  7. Treebeard


    robindelang2 said:
    I think this isnt normal...


    Its a Jatu Nomad Lamellar Coat

    p.s dont look at my cheats.. was just testing account for 3.51

    This seems to be related to the dds file named: banded_armor_mail_leather_grü
    Make sure that in the PoP Textures folder you have that dds file spelt: if you are using PoP 3.51.

    (Also never apply the DLC on top of a PoP 3.5 install if you did that. Only apply the DLC on top of PoP 3.51)
  8. Treebeard

    Lag during battles

    If you go to the Configure option in the pre-launch menu and click on the Video tab, you can try to fix the lag by setting max frame rate to 60, turning on Force Vertical Sync and turning off anti-aliasing.
    Your graphics card is better than average for a laptop but it is still not strong enough to be considered high-end.

    Also make sure you have good drivers for it. I hear that there were some issues with recent drivers for NVIDIA cards which were causing lag.

    Normally this kind of thread belongs in the support thread though (and on page one of the support thread there are a couple of links that may help you further if the above does not help).
  9. Treebeard


    centurybg said:
    Thanks for the help, I found the problem! When I press "backspace" I saw the menu, but it strikes me that whenever I start the battle that "beak" for Infantry is always removed, why?


    How I can fix permanent switch on ?

    Couldn't see your linked picture but perhaps there is something odd with your Warband keyboard mappings (- you could try to revert to default key settings in the main menu's Options). If you have a gamepad controller then disconnecting it might perhaps help too.

    I think someone mentioned before that reinstalling Warband solved a similar issue of no troops responding to orders, so that might help too.
  10. Treebeard


    Vades said:

    I'm having an issue opening the game after DL.

    I'm receiving this error: RGL Error
                                      Unable to open file

    Any help would be grand.


    If you do not have PendorHorses.brf in your Resource folder (which in turn is located in your PoP 3.51 folder), then this error will occur. The reason in your case might be that there is a problem with your downloaded rar file and PendorHorses.brf (and possibly other files as well) is missing. If the rar file is intact with all the contents, then perhaps you extracted the PendorHorses.brf file to the wrong folder.

  11. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    esuna114 said:
    Absolutely. I killed a party called "Death Cult" of purple/Violet color containing a lot of Heretics. So, it's not good? Because I didn't get any points from that.

    That should have gained you progress, yes. I see no problem in the code (currently) so I'm unsure why you would not get the progress in this case. How many troops were they and how many troops did you have when encountering them (what was the strength ratio between you and them approximately)?
  12. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    esuna114 said:
    Hello. My knight of the Griffin has given me a quest to kill heretics or adventure companies. But I just killed some of them and I still have 0/7200, nothing happened. I think there is something buggy as with silvermist quest I didn't kill any jatus but completed the quest...

    To gain Silvermist quest progress you need to defeat eithr parties of forest_bandit faction or jatu faction.
    To gain Griffon quest progress you need to defeat either adventurer faction parties or heretic faction parties.

    If the party you encounter happen to contain adventurers (or heretics) but the party itself is not of the correct minor faction, then you gain 0 progress. By looking at the color of the party you'll be able to discern which minor faction it belongs to.
  13. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    raider128 said:
    Sorry i can not find a detailed description on how the factions are different/balanced :sad:.
    Can anyone explain it to me or link me to where it explains please? I just want to know how much different each faction is and how they were balanced since 6 months ago. Thank you!

    can someone answer please? :sad:

    The faction rebalance is this:
    - 8 of their lords have increased in attributes (especially in level) which means that their party size has grown.
    - The Sarleons (all of their lords and King) have their troop mix geared towards better quality troops (- so the ratio of good troops is bigger than in PoP 3.42 for Sarleon troops). This also affects their garrisons.
    - The Sarleon infantry and cavalry units have been significantly buffed so the quality of their Knights and Squires are unrivaled and their Armored Footmen, Men-at-arms  and Halberdiers are also significantly better than in PoP 3.42.

    - The Ravenstern Knights are a bit better than in PoP 3.42. Their Horsemen and Squires are also better than in PoP 3.42.
    - 5 Ravenstern lords have had their attributes raised which means that their party sizes have grown.
    - The Ravenstern troop mix have been slightly improved to yield a few more Ravenstern knights (at the cost of fewer Ravenstern horsemen)

    - 5 D'Shar lords have increased attributes which means bigger party sizes.
    - D'Shar units with throwing knives no longer have throwing knives. Instead they have darts and war darts. Scorpion Assassins still use assassin daggers.
    - The D'Shar troop mix has been geared towards less low tier troops (i.e. improved quality) compared to PoP 3.42 (including their garrisons).
    - D'Shar horses have been buffed.

    - 4 Empire lords have been raised in attributes which means that their party sizes are bigger.
    - Empire troop mix has a few less recruits and a few more skirmishers (i.e. slightly better quality troop mix).

    - No changes

    In addition some changes to house hold troops have been made for lords that have household troops.
  14. Treebeard

    Huzzah! We are the Jatu!

    M0rdred said:
    Quite honestly they are my primary form of income. I use an entirely infantry army (Mettenheim Style!), and the first order I give is dismount all, followed by stand closer. Their charge may kill a couple in the first impact, but then it is mostly a case of mopping them up. It might be an idea to give their horses a higher charge value (or horses in general actually), so that the infantry square becomes somewhat less effective as a counter (because at the moment it demolishes cavalry in all forms, only Knights of the Lion seem capable of withstanding it... those guys I fear).

    There is a way to make cavalry charges more lethal for all cavalry.

    In the file module.ini there is this setting:
    horse_charge_damage_multiplier        = 3.5

    Change that value to a higher value and all horses will be harder in the form of dealing more damage and not being stopped so much when hitting infantry. (Mason wanted this value to be at 5 at the release time of PoP 3.2 in November 2010.)

    It will of course make the player's cavalry more deadly too.
  15. Treebeard

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Like MV said, it looks like you have a version issue. It's either that you have version 3.5 or you might have PoP 3.5 + DLC1.  If you have PoP3.5 plus DLC1, then you have a pendora.brf that is calling out "" but in your textures folder you have "banded_armor_mail_leather_grü".

    The DLC should never be used on top of PoP 3.5. It should only be used on top of PoP 3.51.
  16. Treebeard


    Gedeone said:
    @DarkTemplar: Ty for the quick reply, but i just noticed my problem was mentioned earlier in this very thread (lol) by at least one user (rafw).
    Apparently, i dont have enough ram.
    The odd thing is, PoP 3.42 was running just fine...but maybe  ver. 3.50/3.51 handles sound differently?

    Anyway, i will try the «resource reduction patch» Treebeard posted.

    Edit: It didnt work. The game still CTD just before the end of the battle. Not always, but often enough. And sometimes when i try to exit the game in order to reload a previous save.

    In PoP 3.5 there are more new graphics that adds about 100MB of graphics files compared to PoP 3.42. Also the sounds have been upscaled to higher sound quality and changed from .wav to .flac. But in PoP 3.51 a lot of sounds are not loaded into memory at startup (instead they are streaming from HDD), so on the sound side PoP 3.51 may be less demanding than PoP 3.42.

    I think you'll have to visit the links on the first page of this thread and see if they help (i.e. adjust VM and things like that).
    You can try to force single-threading to see if that helps (in the pre-launch config options).
    Last resort would be to disable all sounds to see if that helps (in pre-launch config).
  17. Treebeard

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Regarding save game compatibility for July 24th update of PoP 3.51:
    Troop changes and item stat changes might require a new game to take effect (- you'll notice if the Maiden adventurer is level 33 or level 40 in your saved game. The Maiden Noble will most likely take effect even in a saved game). The graphics and other changes take effect immediately.

    If gamefront is crashing, here's an alternative download site:
  18. Treebeard

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    This is a small "DLC" for PoP 3.51 (version: July 24th):

    - Extract the contents of this file into your PoP 3.51 folder.

    Change log for PoP 3.51 July 24th:
    - Changed player's standard disguise (- it now uses lute and dagger and no staff)
    - Made the recruit troop for Lady Falcons be the Noble Maiden (lvl40) (upgrade from Maiden Adventurer, with stats and equipment comparable to the Pendor Knight).
    - Maiden adventurer was lowered to level 33 (from 40) but is still a bit better than the adventurer.
    - Heroine adventurer buffed a little to accommodate the longer training/upgrade time
    - Fixed empire_knights and ghilmen to be flagged as mounted
    - Ornate Leather boots is now using leather prefixes instead of metal prefixes
    - Silvered Rune Axe has been buffed (to match its price better)
    - Falcon Knights and Shadow Legion Centurions cost double prestige points compared to other orders
    - Female adventuring companies and Meregan's adventurers have been slightly modified to include Maiden Nobles
    - Resource savings in the form of modifying the dialogues so that all dialogue sounds are streaming from hdd.
    -Graphics updates by Four Leaf Clover (9 items have been spiffed up!)

    The graphics updates include these items:
    - Knight Helm
    - Crowned Helm
    - Dark Knight Helm
    - Empire Buckled Leather
    - Vanskerry Chieftain Helm
    - Green Padded Leather
    - Red and Blue Padded Leather
    - D'Shar Mail Shirt
    - Ravenstern Helm

    (After installation of this update you can remove the following texture files:

    This is save game compatible with PoP 3.5+.

    Thanks Four Leaf for the nice new graphics updates!
  19. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    mr48 said:
    I dont know, given how long it take to upgrade Maiden Adventurers (since they are lvl 40) that method would be rather impractical, since it would be much much easier to get normal noble recruits than to upgrade a sufficient quantity of level 40 troops to level 45. Perhaps a better method would be to make the Falcons upgrade directly from the Maiden Adventurers as suggested previously, but make the order slightly more poorly equipped than the more traditional knighthood orders (since they have been a renegade order for a long time and have no established finances). Perhaps a more light-cavalry version of the Clarion Call Rangers (sword, shield, crossbow, lightly armored horse).

    Well a Pendor Knight is at level 45 (whereas the Maiden Adventurer is level 40). So a Noble Maiden at Level 45 (the same level as Pendor Knight) makes good sense to use as the troop from which to make Falcon Knights. I've already made these changes in my source version and we'll see how it works out in testing later on. I think having the level 45 Noble Maiden will work out nicely. And for players who don't want to use the Noble Maidens as troops for Falcon Knights, they can still use the Noble Maidens and these maidens are able to upgrade to Heroine Adventurers when they get the required experience. (Edit: Since the Falcon Knights are renegade and they do not use the standard Noble Recruit upgrades (in the next version update) it makes sense that getting the recruits for the Falcon Knights takes longer than for other orders. It will go well with players who RP and likes the Falcon Order I think.)

    Also added is that Shadow Legion Centurions are now costing double prestige (as are the Falcon Knights) because the Shadow Legion Centurions are extremely strong.

    JJaaccoobb said:
    I have PoP version 3.42 and was wondering if there was just a way to patch from 3.42 to the latest version? I really don't feel like downloading everything again.

    Not really, because many resources and sounds and music changed/were added. You'll have to weigh the curiosity of playing PoP 3.51 against the hardship of downloading the full version and then decide what you want to do.

    Edit 2: After some testing I think that lowering the level of the maiden adventurer to 33 and lowering the level of the maiden noble to 40 is probably a good idea (that makes the step from noble maiden to heroine adventurer not so steep and also the step from maiden adventurer to noble maiden is reduced. Thanks mr48 for pointing that out).
  20. Treebeard

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Dorrin said:
    The double upgrade path sounds pretty good, is it possible for the maiden-noble line to be more expensive than the normal path for them? Or perhaps cost the player a point of honor(or gain controversy) for each non noble that is promoted to noble knighthood status, much like how some of the other lords in the game dislike non noble companions being made lords(we get a relations hit every time we give a fief to one of those). Honor is pretty easy to farm when you're at war anyway, so even with this mass producing them should remain viable.

    I could make the prestige cost for recruiting Noble Maidens to Falcon Knights double the standard formula cost (visavi the other knighthood orders). That's about the maximum extent to which I think the cost should be tweaked for Lady Falcons. The Noble maidens themselves will be comparable in stats to Pendor Knights.
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