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  1. Kingar the Swift

    M&B official release dates revealed (America & Europe)

    Swadius said:
    I wonder how the people at X-Play will rate this.

    They better give it a 5/5 or I'll send threatening messages over the G4TV chatrooms. :razz:
  2. Kingar the Swift

    Things you do NOT want to see in the game... ever!

    I think he is saying that Calradia isn't literally Europe but it's obviously based off it.
  3. Kingar the Swift

    Corrupt a wish

    Nope. Just taking **** from the TES lore.

    Granted, you play Russian Roulette.

    I wish that I had an infinite amount of Mountain Dew.
  4. Kingar the Swift

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but you keep the sword and turn into Umbra and die after another adventurer tries to take the sword from you.

    I wish someone would get me some legal drugs.
  5. Kingar the Swift

    Rate the signature above you!

  6. Kingar the Swift

    Most damage hit?

    850-something damage straight to the face! I would have expected the ragdoll to fly all over the place like a goddamn bird but it merely stumbled to the ground.

    I think I used a two handed axe on foot with 100,000 strength.  :grin:
  7. Kingar the Swift

    OSP Kit Combat Battlefield Tactics kit. Multiple formations per team+command revamp!

    Fei Dao said:
    You have to hit the right keys for the formations.

    In the code, there should be some sections where it says "key_pressed J" or something - just analyze the code and you should get it.

    I have that same problem but even though I press the right keys it still does nothing!
  8. Kingar the Swift


    1. Water is virtually the same as food. No need for it.

    2. Sicily=faction is a no-no. It was primarily Greek at the time period and it is not big enough to warrant a faction.

    3. Hitboxes, hitboxes, hitboxes!
  9. Kingar the Swift

    The history channel

    "Conquest" was an awesome show that still appears on History International. It was about a couple of guys trying to do ****, mostly training with historical weaponry and completing some challenges at the end.
  10. Kingar the Swift

    Nordic Cavalry

    Mounted axe-throwers, anyone? :wink:
  11. Kingar the Swift

    New Windows 7

    "Meh" sums it up for me.
  12. Kingar the Swift


    I think it was from earlier versions where you started out as a recruit for your faction instead of a fief-holder or vassal.
  13. Kingar the Swift

    Adding the rest of the world

    You know, I think they should add ports to the coastal cities and let you sail to distant lands such as Nordland or Geroia. Not in-game sailing, more of a teleport and you end up in a town or a village in some new areas. That would be a separate map and would load separately(if that is possible).
  14. Kingar the Swift

    New Screenshots (with spiffy new graphics!)

    That's probably from an older version, Triosta.

    Or is this a joke I fail to see?
  15. Kingar the Swift

    New Screenshots (with spiffy new graphics!)

    *spasms uncontrollably*

    Those updates are sure nice, huh?  :eek:
  16. Kingar the Swift

    Anyone uses bow as the primary weapon? @@ share skillz here~

    Edited with item editor to give each quiver 200 arrows so I only need one quiver! :grin:

    Screw the historical inaccuracy. I say we have inventory boxes at every footstep!

  17. Kingar the Swift

    Forum Wars - Ideas Welcome

    I could serve as a squire who is always in your party that acts as pivotal troop in your never-ending conquests?
  18. Kingar the Swift

    Forum Wars - Ideas Welcome

    This recruit wants a suitable position...
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