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    Any updates on this ticket?
  2. Heavy_Bob


    Hey TW, this is a pretty serious problem. If players are able to freely reign n bombs and other fantastical garbage into ingame chat, sure we could have issued a ban. But by enabling this feature you've pretty much turned that $60 to $70 purchase for a new copy (which you benefit for) into a revolving door for these same people to continue ruining the experience for others using family sharing to evade bans.

    This needs to be addressed with haste. Disable the feature.
  3. Heavy_Bob

    Need More Info Dedicated Servers - Server instance does not disconnect on its own from the lobby side

    The entire server hosting system for bannerlord is really ****y.

    Lets break it down:
    > You need to generate the server token on the game client, this is annoying as you MUST have bannerlord installed to get a token.
    > You need to do this once every 3 months, this is really annoying when running lots of servers and the tokens become invalidated.
    > The tokens are not unique, meaning you're kinda screw'd when you run multiple servers.
    > If you can't auth with TW, the server automatically kills itself. WTF is that...
    > In the situation from the OP, if a server crashes and reboots, it updates the browser with ANOTHER duplicate instance of the server, despite it not actually being online. Do it too many times, your server gets soft banned.
    > Ideally, the client at best should be able to figure out if the server isn't responding and not prevent the client from finding another server.

    TW needs to seriously consider implementing a better server browser, perhaps even just adopting whats available though steamworks.
    If you really need this token thing so people have to register their servers so you can see who's running them, consider adopting the SGSAM that's used for Rust, GMOD and even CSGO.
    I'd also like to see TW consider adding a status page, perhaps implementing Atlassians status page system so when **** isn't working players can clearly see its not working as intended.

    Warband has a better functioning server browser... Thats what really bugs me the most...
  4. Heavy_Bob

    MP Native Persistent Empires

    Its super incredible what these guys are achieving and so quickly. I expect this mod to kickoff a massive influx of people into bannerlord provided TW improves the servers. Keep it up guys! You guys rock!
  5. Heavy_Bob

    Documentation Tutorial How to Setup a Bannerlord Server

    Afternoon gamers,

    So I noticed that when I take a look at my steam and try to find the server tools on my account I couldn't find them. I did restart steam and still couldn't see it, might just be a bug on my end or some caching issue. Work around, use SteamCMD if you intend to run the server on a dedicated machine.

    app_update 1863440 validate


    Although I've yet to successfully get my own server working just yet. The docs leave a lot to be desired.
  6. Heavy_Bob

    Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers

    The delay to support custom multiplayer servers from launch has caused irreparable damage to the franchise. This should have been a priority.
    If the servers are unstable, put it into the beta branch. Theres a reason why Warband survived as long as it did, it was the multiplayer.

    There's no reason for me to boot up the game and play if I can't find any Australians to play with on low ping servers. If the server files were available, I'd gladly setup a server, anything would be better than some server in Singapore.
  7. Heavy_Bob

    Server Files

    Give server files otherwise we'll never find a game.
  8. Heavy_Bob

    Australian Napoleonic Wars *Literally* - Reflections on the Past and Future

    Every word I said all those years ago still rings true.
  9. Heavy_Bob

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    Hamor was a polarising guy, I don't think he thought much of me however he was someone in the napoleonic wars community who was a strong leader who ran multiple regiments during the 2013 to 2016 napoleonic wars in ANH, Glovine, Boomerang and other communitys. As much as his vexing attitude was sometimes annoying, he was someone you'd see on the battle field and admire.

    I am disappointed you will not be with us in Bannerlord.

    Raises... a donger in memory.
  10. Heavy_Bob

    Petition for Australian/Oceania Servers

    +1 Signed, it would be nice if when the beta is rolled out further that oceanic servers are released to which I think the devs are very aware of.
    I wouldn't be too worried about this, our time will come. Even if they don't get around to releasing official servers in AUS, I am sure people will host servers for it when its avaliable.
  11. Heavy_Bob

    [Unofficial] Closed Beta Application: Fun thread

    Name: Heavy_Bob
    Reason: Its almost harvesting season.
  12. Heavy_Bob

    Want to have your mod moved here? Look inside for details.

    AdminTool for Nap Wars.

    Could a mod sticky plz :grin:
  13. Heavy_Bob

    - Removed -

    - Removed -
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    [Release] Illuminati's Scripts [CLOSED]

    Why you release them?
    Why not? Basically I want to give everyone the chance to start a server with working scripts.
    I used this scripting to prepare for Bannerlord scripting. It was "giving" time away project :smile:

    An A for effort, code looks fairly solid though it should use the latest sql query structure to improve prevention of security exploits. Recommend binding all traffic locally so nobody can exploit this system.

    One way I have started preparing for Bannorlord is allowing clients to verify accounts via the steam openid api so in the event Bannorlord is using SteamIDs instead of the warband key ids, it will be easier to port pocket gold and bank money across when and if pw is ported to Bannorlord.
  15. Heavy_Bob

    Why is this url response script not working at all.

    I have worked with and still working with an old variation of the Oasis system. On one of the builds I was confronted with the same problem. My solution was to just change what the php saved the health at so when player loaded in, they would always have 100 health. Though I think some classes require more or less health, you can always set the health to 200 and it will auto fill to the max limit in the engine.
  16. Heavy_Bob

    Keeps saying "Incorrect serial number"

    Steam released an update and I have just gotten some messages from people saying that they are also having issues. I imagine if you were to downgrade warband version it should work.
  17. Heavy_Bob

    Mount & Blade Warband version 1.161 patch

    Maybe you guys can put in a function for warband client connection ip addresses for external interaction with warband.

  18. Heavy_Bob

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord - Devs Must Read - Please read...

    Very serious.

    I really do love this game so much.
  19. Heavy_Bob

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord - Devs Must Read - Please read...

    All the accounts I ever purchased were for friends and never have I had alternative accounts for warband.

    Just clearing that up :smile:
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