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  1. Targ


    Me too :D
  2. Targ

    Castle Daily Production bug

    Same problem, should have a production around +10, but have -4.
  3. Targ


    At 21:50 Armagan mentioned it.
    Question was: Can you get skill points by taking part in the tournament
    Armagan: Yeah definitely. You get like little bit less, because you are not taking a huge risk. You can't be killed.
    But maybe he changed his mind.
  4. Targ

    SP - General Better Arenas/tournament

    At 15:47 Armagan mentioned "Bow tournaments"
    The question was: What about tournaments in the arena?
    He said: [...] it will be richer than Warband's tournaments because we are adding different kind of contests. So, for example you can have things like archery contests etc. rather than just beating each other. We'll have more interesting activites for the tournaments than were in the system. (regarding to Warband)
  5. Targ

    I got two keys yesterday, one from the last wave and one from callum himself. If anyone still need a beta key, send me a message :smile:

    Edit: Already taken
  6. Targ

    ?Gamescom 2019 (20-24 August)

    YAYYY Early Access March 2020 :grin:

    source official youtube channel
  7. Targ

    Dev Blog 06/12/18

    The world map looks nice, only the beginning of the river looks weird, hope they will fix it.
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