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    Your Favorite and Least Favorite Knighthood Order?

    My favorite would be the old Knights of the Unicorn, but since they got removed i guess it is Shadow Legion :wink: My least favourite would be Knights of the Falcon or Raven Spear.
  2. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Treebeard said:
    Nobody has noted its price by the way: 24500 ... if you ever see it in a store it will be very costly to buy. Much more costly than a plate with the same protection.

    24500 most of the time aint alot, unless you are right at the start :wink:

    I can live with the armor since it's only the doomguides. But is it something the team plan on expanding further into the mod? It would be, in my opinion, a sad thing to see more and more of this kind of armor in the mod.
  3. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    tianyadaniel said:
    New Doomguide is a fresh eye treat in PoP3.5, I put up this post to thank DEV team's good work. not putting pressure on them.

    It is indeed a fresh eye treat, it just shouldn't have the stats it got :wink: And im not trying to put pressure or anything on them. In fact i love 3,5 for the new pendorian and sarleon armies. Mixed feelings about the empire one, but they still look great. And the new addition of squires/lower than knight members of orders is a great addition. If only they would be recruitable somehow, besides prisoners, then i would be extremely happy :razz:
  4. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    tianyadaniel said:
    Unexpected big row! I personally like it very much. You don't have to choose between wearing it or not wearing it. Because in most cases, you won't even see it in the game!

    Well i could just store my Doomguides away in a castle, or just let them go. But i am quite fond of the amount of prisoners they make, so im afraid im going to have to deal with watching them in that armor :razz:
  5. Footy

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Not trying to start an argument again either, just saying :wink: Just wanted to point out that he was, from my point of view, correct when calling the order heretic.
  6. Footy

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    spartan012 said:
    Deeming Eventide Knights as Heretic is incorrect. Read up on the lore.

    Most of the knights don't know the leaders are heretics, but besides that i think it is fair to call the Eventide order for heretics :wink:
  7. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Laisha said:
    Well, let's be honest, there is a difference between "fantasy" like Noldor and magic and "ridiculous" like armor that at best would provide minimal protection in heavy combat.  Personally, I can tolerate armor that looks under-protective, but that doesn't mean that people who don't like it don't have a point.  It does look silly to an extent.

    It doesn't look silly. It's the stats that feel silly :wink: I wouldn't mind there being ''eyecandy'' armor for people that want it, as long as it isn't on troops.
  8. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    spartan012 said:
    Is that against the forum rules? Not in my books, genius.

    Did i write that anywhere? Nope. But it's bad behavior on a forum in MY opinion. But that's just my opinion and i think we are getting off-topic now.
  9. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    spartan012 said:
    Really now Footy, I don't think that my reply was directed at you. Likewise I'm entitled to my opinion, am I not? Did I ban you, mute you or whatever? Did I tell you to take a hike? Nope, doesn't look like it. Instead, I gave a simple solution called Morgh's. End Of Story.

    And you are allowed to have your own opinion. But telling people to get over it, isn't that ignoring other peoples opinion? He didn't start crying over and over again about how everything was against him. It was his first post on the subject.


    Besides, if we all just went ahead and fixed everything we didn't like, the PoP team would never get feedback on their changes. So i would say its better to voice your opinion :wink:
  10. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Everything doesn't have to be realistic. If i had that opinion i would probably not play fantasy games or read fantasy books. But an armor that doesn't cover the body, but is still just as good as any plate armor out there, that i can't ''accept'' in my fantasy of pendor :wink: Showing the Doomguides seductive ability in the way of giving them increased armor, isn't the best way in my opinion. But on the other hand, i can't come up with anything better, and can't code any system it could work in.


    spartan012 said:
    Really now, PoP possess some fantasy elements. If you don't like it, edit the troop's equipment yourself. You heard the Dev. It's here to stay, so get your act right and start editing things yourself if you don't like it.

    I don't see why you have to act hostile. We comment on a subject with OUR opinion, which i think we are allowed to. The devs don't have to listen to us, heck they can just ignore us if they want to. But just because we got a different opinion than you, doesn't give you the right to tell us to be quiet and and stop writing our opinion. Treebeard says its here to stay, then i guess thats how its going to be. But i don't have to like it.
  11. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    El-Diablito said:
    Armour like this worries me greatly tbh. If an armour is the best available, you want to wear it...but if it's some completely idiotic fantasy armour then...

    I get that a lot of people like this stuff, but I really loathe it and I really hope we won't be forced to choose between a 5 point armour advantage and realism.

    It's just as good as almost any plate armor out there, so that isn't the case. It's also only used by Doomguides, so you wont see it that often. So it's not that big of a pain in the game. Im just curious if this is going to be more common in the game.
  12. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Well that sure is one way of looking at it :razz:

    But was it put into the game cause of the Doomguides being ''seductive troops''? I just remember reading multiple post from dev team members, that there wasn't going to be any chainmail bikini armors(and stuff like that) with high stats put into the mod. From my point of view this sure falls under that, and personally i can't accept it with the fact that they are seductive and empowered with magical protection. But thats just my opinion, and it isn't my mod. I'm just a confused fan of the mod :wink:

  13. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Treebeard said:
    Its high armor class is indeed from being imbued by divine protection and magic. The armor is hard to get by and only used by the Doomguide (plus the player can choose to use it if the player manages to acquire it).

    Previously the Doomguides wore Noldor armor which is not something they really should be using (- though they still carry Noldor bows).

    This armor will stay as is, as a very rare and powerful light armor. (The doomguides are seductive troops which is why they wear this armor.)

    So the divine protection and magic imbues their arms and legs, to be protected from attacks? :wink:
  14. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Borge_AU said:
    Spangenhelm matches it. By the way how to you recruit Doomguides anyway? Just knock a ton of them unconscious and try to recruit them from prisoners?

    The way i recruit them most of the time, if possible, is to lure The Three Seers into an enemy campaign. Then they take a few of them as prisoners, and i can hunt down the lords that got any of them as prisoners. Doesn't work too well if The Three Seers got a large prisoner train though.

    But if you are gonna knock them unconscious and then recruit them, i would recommend you to store them in a castle right after recruiting them, so they doesn't run away :wink:

  15. Footy

    Suggestion Thread for Post POP 3.6

    tianyadaniel said:
    Another suggestion:
    Doomguide leather armour is an awesome piece for female, But I can't find matching helmet ! Ornate leather boots are good, no particular matching gloves but that doesn't matter. Hopefully DEV team can make a nice new helmet next time.

    I on the other hand would suggest changing the stats of the armor, down to around 20-30 body and around 10 leg armor. I can't see how this piece of armor gives the same amount of armor as a plate armor. If it doesn't match with doomguides being a high tier troop, then change their armor. I have always loved gathering my band of doomguides, but it was quite a surprise to see their new piece of armor. Having found a piece of the armor in a shop myself, and saw the stats, made me think back to what the dev team have said multiple times on the subject about no chainmail bikinies and the likes to be implemented in the mod.

    Another troop, the Vanskerry Jarls, have gotten a new piece of armor too. One of the old Jatu armors. In my opinion it looks out of place, but that might just be me. I would suggest removing it from them.

    On the bandit discussion: Personally i don't see any reason to change the squires/knights in the bandit parties. Like nooser i just think XP and loot. But i also do run around with a fast horse and a lance.
  16. Footy

    Everybody loves Xena leather armour!

    Surprised it got those stats. If i remember right the dev team have said there will be no bikini chainmail armors, and stuff like that, for quite some time. The armor doesnt really bother me since i will probably not see it that often, except at the moment i run around with 60 doomguides  :???:
  17. Footy

    elexir in 3.5?

    Just remember to check every NPC for their name. They changed his appearance, and it isnt any of the two you see in Borge's SS :wink:
  18. Footy

    Unique Troops for Companion Lords and Regular Lords

    Vettkinn said:
    I believe Cleon Legatus' household troops has been changed to Radiant Cross Plaguewardens, but I need to reconfirm though. Also, there's one Sarleon lord in 3.5 that has Clarion Call rangers and Laria Outriders, but I forgot who it was.

    I have to list these guys next time

    I think it is Baron Hereward that got Larian outriders. Didn't see the usual Maiden Adventurers he previously had if i remember right. Edit: And can't check since he is captured at the moment :sad:

    Legojack: Aelfried is a baron, not a duke. Duke Alamar is the duke of Laria, and got Rangers of the Clarion Call.
  19. Footy

    why horse archers keep switching their weapons ?

    kwokboy said:
    Treebeard said:
    I haven't seen any issues with ranged weapon switching in PoP3.5 (and no other weapons switching issues either).
    sorry i dont quite understand
    i think pop3.5 is still in work... :shock:

    It is, but Treebeard is in the dev team and got access to testing.
  20. Footy

    Official Poll Thread Current topic: Possible 3.6 Addition

    The new helm looks great, but it just doesnt match any of the armor IMO. Personally i prefer the old Immortal armor + helmet, since they match better together than any of these pictures we can see. But if the helmet becomes standard, the immortals NEED a new armor to match it, but the armor shown just looks weird in my opinion, as if it's missing something.
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