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  1. Trueten

    Проблема с игрой/лаунчером

    Игра лицензионная?
  2. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    There`s only one problem with the Gepards: only 23.000 rounds of ammo available at KMW. Same problem with the ammo for the potentially up to 100 Marder. Both are produced in Switzerland and they don`t want it to be delivered to Ukraine.
    From what I heard Brazil has those rounds and will provide in a number of 200.000.
  3. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Sigh, nazis can be in every nation. You can find one no boubt. I bet there may be nazis on this forum. But does it make it a nazi forum? Of course not. Can I assume Azov Regiment (its no longer a battalion) may have members that share some ultra-right ideology? That may be possible. But MadVader stated "nazi militia gonna do ethnic cleansing" - thats impossible:
    1. Azov is no longer a volunteer independent battalion. Its a long since it is a part of oficial Armed Forces but has its own name "Azov" same as some american 92nd Infantry Division. It gets direct commands fron ukr colonels and such and doesnt do any operations like "hey lets go burn that village". Its not a militia.
    Their problem is bad PR.
    FYI my brother works for Azov. He aint no trooper, he is a designer there. So I kinda know what Im saying.

    2. Ethnic cleansing of whom? Russians? Where? In Ukraine? Lol. That would be funny, since how can you define one from another? Stating the same would be "ethnic cleansing of englishman in USA". How can you divide them from non englishmen? By sirnames? All are half breeds, and can be british only by their own statement. Allmost all ukrainian territories are ethnic ukrainian territories (except for Crimea and some small villages near Hungary and Romania).
    People are not devided on here on been Russian or Ukrainian. They are all ukr citizens and there NO ethnic conflicts that have ever been here, because all peoples are half breed. Im like 80% ukrainian with some Belarus blood. Never have I oriented on Belorus as some of my homeland. I have zero ties with it.

    3. The major differences in Ukraine are not ethnic, but rather language based. About 55-60% of population speaks Ukrainian. And so 40-45% speaks russian. Including me. I dont have ukrainian keyboard on my phone. Only RUS and ENG. The same goes with Azov - its like 50/50 russian/ukrainian speaking.
    Is differences in language makes any tension? Does it cause any problems or even conflicts here?

    NO. We all wield any of these two languages on the same level. I can speak or read both. Whenever I watch TV, a movie or whatevs I never even notice what language it is on.

    And here you can all enjoy a fresh article on official Russian media resourse RIA News posted by russian journalist -
    The author explains what should be done with Nazi Ukraine.
    Heres some part:
    The Nazis who took up arms should be destroyed to the maximum on the battlefield. There should be no significant differences between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called national battalions, as well as the territorial defense that joined these two types of military formations. All of them are equally involved in extreme cruelty against the civilian population, equally guilty of the genocide of the Russian people, do not comply with the laws and customs of war. War criminals and active Nazis should be exemplarily and exponentially punished. There must be a total lustration. Any organizations that have associated themselves with the practice of Nazism have been liquidated and banned. However, in addition to the top, a significant part of the masses, which are passive Nazis, accomplices of Nazism, are also guilty. They supported and indulged Nazi power. The just punishment of this part of the population is possible only as bearing the inevitable hardships of a just war against the Nazi system, waged as carefully and prudently as possible in relation to civilians. Further denazification of this mass of the population consists in re-education, which is achieved by ideological repression (suppression) of Nazi attitudes and strict censorship: not only in the political sphere, but also necessarily in the sphere of culture and education. It was through culture and education that a deep mass nazification of the population was prepared and carried out, secured by the promise of dividends from the victory of the Nazi regime over Russia, Nazi propaganda, internal violence and terror, as well as the eight-year war with the people of Donbass who rebelled against Ukrainian Nazism.


    Therefore, denazification cannot be carried out in a compromise, on the basis of a formula like "NATO - no, EU - yes." The collective West itself is the designer, source and sponsor of Ukrainian Nazism, while the Western Bandera cadres and their "historical memory" are only one of the tools for the Naziification of Ukraine. Ukronazism carries not less, but a greater threat to the world and Russia than German Nazism of the Hitlerite version.
    The name "Ukraine" apparently cannot be retained as the title of any fully denazified state entity in a territory liberated from the Nazi regime.
    The article is getting "popular" and is spread widely -

    One might ask "so often "nazi" words used. It cant be taken out of thin air eh?". Well, as I said it before - it is. One simply occuse you been Nazi in order to feel free to anihilate you. How about that in a 21st century with all alternative sources availiable in the net?
    Its funny when you read it and take it as a brainwash for internal use. But its not getting that funny when these people get armed and sent to your country to oficially "denazify all of you".

    And how do russians react been fed with all that (i mean those who accept these words as real)? The soldiers kill local civilians occusing them being nazis.
    And people on a street say this:

    Thank God ukrainian forces managed to repel most of attacks.

    But imagine what would they do with all civilians in Ukraine if Russia would succeed with their plans on invasion? Sometimes you think they can separate their own propaganda lies with reality. But sometimes it seems they are stuck in the spiral of lies believing in what they say, and then reproducing it, cover it with more lies, and so forth.
  4. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    ethnic Russians on the wrong side of the front, especially at the hands of Nazi militia. (These guys are out there, despite the non-coverage from our media. No one should accept Nazi militia as part of their armed forces, yet Ukraine somehow did.)
    FFS every time you bring up some mythical 'Nazi ukrainian militia'. Who are they? Are they right here in this room? Russia Today user much? Show them to me. Im 33 years old and havent seen any 'nazi' through out the whole time im living in Ukraine.

    And for what ever reasons nazis even appear in Ukraine?
    Neonazis usually appear in former Empires countries with the bitter taste of "We had an Empire!" and/or in white native population countries with some amount of other race immigrants inhabiting the cities. Well heres a surprise - the amount of other colored races (afro, arabian, chinese etc) is equal to 1% maybe and the biggest concentration of immigrants is in the capital - and even here I would get very lucky to stumble upon a representative of other race once a week.

    All you reproduce is Russian propaganda with this nazi thing.

    One might ask "But if Russians speak about ua nazis it cant be based of a thin air?". Well, duh. It is.
    You know that USSR sucks, and the only thing that USSR did good - it won the WW2. Thus it has been transformed into a religious cult (yes, thats right - religious) and so whenever Russia wants to attack anyone - they occuse them in being nazis. Thus they dehumanize their enemies and make em self an excuse to treat them with whatever cruelty - the mass will support. Because its a Holy deed to do harm to the nazi.

    Reports claim that in Bucha Messacre rus soldiers tortued and murdered local... teachers. Hm? Why teachers? Well, since their brainwashing machine placed a thought there are nazis over here everywhere, they interrogated teachers for teaching local kids with some nazi bs and russophobic stuff etc...

    Have you ever heard of a Caucasian country Georgia? Well, the one that Russia invaded in August 2008. You wouldnt believe it, but by that time georgians were also occused of being a nazi govt -

    Medvedev was a president back then.
  5. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    You all say that because you dont speak russian and you cannot listen to what they say. These audious posted how soldiers call home, speak with their mothers, brag about "Ive managed to steal a TV and we gonna cover our loans!". And how they say they are killing civilians. Just like that, for no reason.
    And how they swear with no limits while talking to their mothers. And what mothers say? Do they condemn these actions? Hell no - they swear in return. It is how they communicate in ordinary life.

    But what is also 'fun' to watch is the survey on the streets of Russian cities. The majority of its population supports it. Cant post it, because no subs, but would be neat to post these interviews and combine it with photos of mass graves with civilians been shot with hands bound behind back. And which happened 20-30 km away from your home.

    Heres a reaction post of former russian minister on this matter on facebook. There oughta be a 'translate' button. He cannot grasp this all aswell.
  6. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Its not about the war. Its about <snip> being animals. Most common view on the <Russian> soldiers is dollars and jewelry. Some APCs are filled with tablets, microwave ovens, carpets, phones and TVs. Just an ordinary robbery. As if it is not a '2nd strongest army of the world' and a 1st or even 2nd world country one's. But some band of savages that havent seen any civilization.

    Heres a russian <snip> POV video:

    They are based on some occupied apartment (in a village most likely) and they show off by the end of the video that "ukrainians are so fu*king rich they EAT NUTELLA!"
    Not something common russian <snip> can afford to eat I assume...
  7. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    This is horrible.

    Since the orcs have abandoned small cities north-west of Kyiv, Ukrainian troops and police have entered these cities...

    The sight-scene is terrible - dozen of civilians were murdered. People lying on the roads, dozens of videos with it. Numerous photos of men (with the top off) killed with their hands bound behind back in one spot. For what f*cking reasons?? The Nazis did the same with the jews, but according to their idealogy. And they have never stated "we have come to liberate you".

    But these russian animals have murdered hundreads and maybe thousands of civilians in occupied cities just like that. Just for fun.
    I cannot post photos and videos like that here though.

    21st century... Europe... for f sake. Unbelievable.
  8. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    I dont know why demining process is considered to be very expenssive.
    Looks pretty easy and cheap to me:
  9. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    That sounds like more conspiracy stuff. If Putin wants to remove someone from his post, he just needs to say it
    Thats another problem of authoritarian macho-man regimes. Or compare them with Mafia.

    Democratic regimes can afford being weak and responsible. Note how often authoritarian regimes are simply incapable of saying out loud "we have failed in X". They tend to blame it on someone. America, jews, traitors etc.

    So same goes over here. Ye simply cant dissmiss defense minister Shoigu. It would be demoralizing for the army aswell. Ukrainian secret services post audios of russian soldiers calling home (they use ordinary cell phones for that) and there were moments when they claimed "we are almost winning! Odessa has been taken, Mariupol and Kharkiv have fallen! And we gonna get Kyiv soon!".
    And all of a sudden Shoigu is dissmissed? Thats a bad signal.

    Besides, as a Mafia structure in its core, if you lay off someone of your close circle - he may be a good Witness against you and your gang and start saying unwanted things.

    So poisoning him is the cheapest and practical way. They do have experience after all.


    Also, it seems that Kyiv retreat is a false move. There are reports they gonna strike on Kyiv next week.

    This can't go on for long. Am I correct in saying that his power is becoming shaky or is that just wishful thinking?
    Its doomed. The final countdown is on. Its a toxic and inadequate regime. My bets are there will be no president Putin in 2023. And he called it all on him by himself. And a chance in civil war in Russia is high from now on.
  10. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Rumors say Minister of Defense had a heart attack.
    I wonder why all of a sudden....

    Huh, seeing so many 'former KGB member' tactics, I wouldnt be surprised there was an attempt to poison him. Or may be there will be one soon.
  11. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    The only realistic war aim is (and always was) to simply capture the rest of the separatist regions and take a pound of flesh for Ukraine going West.
    Regime change was always a fantasy in a nation that hates your guts.
    That would work if not the Putin's speech inb4 the attack. That speech was colossal. The aim was whole Ukraine. And that is when it was obvious there will be a total invasion and I started packing bagpack two days before the invasion.

    Even though Putin could sell Donbass-expansion-only to the mass, he will not be able to sell it to his elites. 'Our Alpha male is no longer an Alpha'.

    Also note that during 2021 Russia have been pressing on to the thought that 'there is no Ukrainian state. Its a vassal of an American overlord'.
    Its a minor detail not every body to see - Putin cannot sign a peace agreement with Zelenskyi. Only with Biden. How can he achieve that? It doesnt look likely to happen at the current state. Unless NATO is involved. And how to achieve that? Do some air strikes on Poland I assume.

    Eh, it looks like all authoritarian regimes suffer of 'alpha-dog positioning'.
  12. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Muricans having fun:


    Chechens on ukrainian side:
  13. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Nah its all simple.
    By the time of WWII there were two bloody regimes in Europe - Nazi Germany and USSR.
    After the defeat German population had to go through a 'denazification' process to condemn their former regime. Simply saying 'it was bad'. And it had its results.

    But nobody did any 'desovietization' process in post Soviet Russia. And so the populace was too nostalgic and it was a call for a Fuhrer with revanchism ideas to avange the loss in Cold War. A rise in oil prices added its 'restored might' illusion and here we are.

    Current Russia propaganda is nowhere worse than Nazi propaganda. It is even better in some ways.

    So two things needed for those lost souls: denazification/desovietization/dePutinisation and propaganda off - and you'll have proper liberal society in Russia.

    And of course one would require elites that do not follow what their population demands. It has to impose they will deslite what those brainwashed masses think. And success is guarantied.
  14. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    things are wrong here: that Russia will evolve into democracy after a stalemate/defeat
    Why not? Russia went to democratization after failure wars.

    Emancipation reform of 1861 was adopted after loss in Crimean War.

    And founding of a parliament - State Duma - after failure in Japan war in 1905.
  15. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Welp, the old man gone nuts:


    The man has never stated any 'ukrainian fascist nazi terror' thing before and left it to the media. But he decided to burst these all russian 'memes' out loud.
    And yes, the funny thing Mike Godwin commented it hinting on the very own Godwin's law.
  16. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    '2nd strongest army in the world':

  17. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    But can't Russia just use it's own resources to make up for their loss with international businesses? Russia is the largest nation in the world, and all that land does have several resources to be taken.
    There's a joke:
    - You know, son, our income has been cut in half
    - does it mean you gonna drink less?
    - no, it means we gonna eat less.

    So, dont forget the corruption. Russian govt is based off corruption and dwindling money turnover does not mean corruption on the top will be cut. Any anti-corrupt organization is called 'extrimist' and shut down/banned immediately.
    So if Russia was a proper adequate state, it could survive based off selling its resources.
    But as a corrupt state with major wealthy steal sources going down... nah

    If Russia was an adequate state it wouldnt start a war after all.
  18. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Supposedly Erbil, Iraq. US embassy bombed:

    Waiting for clarification.

    UPD: Gunshots reports from Riyadh:

    WWIII anyone?
  19. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

  20. Trueten

    Ukraine Today

    Killing or arresting Zelensky would help this look more legitimate, although no one will recognize the new borders.
    Nah the best option for Kremlin is Zelensky alive signing all the papers they need. Which makes it 99% legitimate.
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