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  1. Devs please let us now fully customise our Clan members ie Companions, Spouse, children .....

    Just adding my voice to the request for this feature to be added, since I'm a console player and mods aren't an option 😑
  2. Quests are a nice way to gain a Wanderer Companion

    I couldn't agree more! So much so that I've purchased a physical copy of Bannerlord for the PS5 to let me start new games while offline in 1.7, recruit as many daughter wanderers as I want (completing the quest as quickly as possible so when they join your clan their attributes and focus points are still to be allocated and you can pick them, just like your brother at the start of the campaign) and then let the game update to the latest version. It's a pretty costly and extreme solution, but without access to mods it's the only one that I can think of.

    So please devs, if you're still interested in improving this game and haven't more or less abandoned it for your next project, please consider adding in an option for player created companions, maybe at a tavern like Pillars of Eternity's mercenary system. After all, giving your players more choice and control is rarely a bad thing, and if you think it could be overpowered why not give customisable wanderers a lower number of starting attributes and focus points to balance things that way?

    As a big Bannerlord fan, this is really important to me (hence purchasing another copy of the game and making a forum account just to reply to this post) so I really hope that a dev sees this and listens.
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