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  1. Noomsy

    Help stop the Corona Virus, Release Bannerlord today!

    If not for it for the children.
  2. Noomsy

    Sale for Beta players ?

    While i agree a sale isnt needed....beta was kinda not fun. (If you arent into the multiplayer)
  3. Noomsy

    March is here bois, how's your hype?

    The Multiplayer beta has gotten boring fast, but hey that's not my cup of tea anyway.

    But based on the multiplayer content I'm in EA because the SP formula seems so simple.... It can literally be Warband with better graphics and I'm good.

    Course I've logged over 800 hours or so in the SP game so I'm probably biased...
  4. Noomsy

    Early access - Whats your comment?!

    Great on one hand...but frickin March on the other?

    Don't get me wrong making games is hard, I get it it. (Did it for 15 years before I decided to make money) M&B is a great formula, but alot of moving parts to implement.

    Looking forward to EA and remember sometimes less is more...
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