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  1. seularts

    Viking Conquest 2.063

    Hi seularts,
    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, We are close to new functionality or depth changes.
    Regarding the patch, We are working to launch it ASAP.

    Sweet, because I do wish to Stream a cool new adventure in Story mode and maybe bring you guys some new fans ^_^

    Stay awesome. Cheers!
  2. seularts

    Viking Conquest 2.063

    I really wish you guys would add different versions in Steam so I can roll back to a previous one to avoid the error codes (script error opcode 520) that just pour over my screen mercilessly. Also, thank you for the continuous updates and fixes, this game is really something special.

    Would be awesome if you guys would make a more in depth and user friendly relations system between the kingdoms that could extend to trading and culture/religious exchanges to create stability and strengthen alliances. Also, I really wish to marry those king's daughters, or even marry a freaking king (as a female)!
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