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  1. MP Custom Battle(Custom Battle Multiplayer)

    This is far from a priority but I think it would be a fun feature, a multiplayer custom Battle even if it was most likely 2 players could be really interesting.
  2. Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    What kind of stupid high-ground are you attempting here on this niche of a niche forum?
    How dare you enjoy a community communications tool. D:<
  3. Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Increased the animation speed of pushing the ladders.
    it's useful now, glad you'se got to the problem with pushing fast :grin:
  4. Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    The beta will go to the live branch and consoles after the known multiplayer, console and compliance issues have been resolved, translations are completed and issues identified during beta have been fixed.

    There will be more hotfixes before we reach that point. For instance, the loud character noise and the bug that causes agents to not understand they are within enemy attack range (leading to seemingly poor combat skills) should not make it out of beta. The recent beta MP test event with the community also helped to identify issues that require resolution.
    Cheers for the news.
  5. Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Will it take a long time to get out of beta and reach consoles?
    They've states prior that consoles will receive updates at the same time as pc
  6. SP - World Map Would you want More Kingdom diplomacy in/out the realm, and how do you feel/want about the idea of Coop?(more info)

    I've seen these questions stated multiple times on reddit and the forums, that I've wanted to see a proper poll on people's opinions. I imagine a majority of people would favour more internal/external diplomacy so that calradia feel more stable and has more government feelings rather then its...
  7. Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    All honesty take time, but following on the question, do you personally think the update will be okay to release mid-late August? Less in "Official regards" but more in personal opinion within a dev view.
  8. a message to the community and developers(From reddit)

    Seriously? Im subscribed to Reddit Bannerlord and its far, far, far more forgiving and dev-friendly than here.
    it can be but looking through the posts there is a semi-Monthly Situation where a person posts a rant with almost the same point over and over, I aimed to target that with the partial subject of the post.

    You're correct though, reddit can be more forgiving at times, I'm not the most active on the forums and so my knowledge of it is not perfect so sorry for any assumptions i tried to avoid those.
  9. a message to the community and developers(From reddit)

    Who woulda thunk alls we needed was to add a simple "please' to our rants....all this time lost because we forgot our manners goshdarnnit ! (excuse my language)
    The "Please" part was because I had previously talked to a person that had made a rant and I didn't want them to believe I was picking on them or being rude.
  10. a message to the community and developers(From reddit)

    You are person number 10000 to make the same half-assed, naive remarks. Congratulations!
    This post wasn't made directly for the forums, it was in response to the constant hate on the Reddit, I posted this here to direct people to the forums for updates, as I kept seeing the same post that they have "Zero Communication" or "Gave up on the game" and I wanted to end that on the Sub as it was annoying.
    as more people use Reddit it seems a majority of the player-base is there.

    I'm sorry if this came across as naïve or yet another rant/Spam.
  11. a message to the community and developers(From reddit)

    *Community support. *Taleworlds *Forums
  12. a message to the community and developers(From reddit)

    (Fourms only, this post is taken directly from reddit so certain parts might look weird or not work and do to the short time i have of this account, i cannot upload pictures to the site, so that i'm not breaking the rules i will not link the OG post until the 25hrs is up.) I've made this post...
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