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    What made you lose faith in humanity today?

    Wigster600 said:
    Temuzu is right. Telling someone to "**** off" on the internet is pretty much one of the laziest and least effective methods of silencing someone. You could at least offer a moderator sexual favours in return for a mute or ban. Step up your game Rabs.
    Well, I've done my part...

    Play nice folks. Remember, it's possible to discuss things like this without throwing around slurs and offensive language. And if you feel it's not then there are plenty of websites you can go to elsewhere where you'll fit right in.
  2. Moss


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  3. Moss

    Coup Attempt in Turkey

    The damage to the parliament looks very minor, at least from what can be seen in those photos/videos. I wonder what exactly is going on there.

    Lord Brutus said:
    It took a coup in Turkey to rouse Moss from his slumber.  :razz:
    It was either that or rely on Reddit for information, and even I'm not that brain dead.
  4. Moss

    Coup Attempt in Turkey

    Hoping for the best of luck for all our resident Turks and that you remain safe in the difficult days ahead.

    I get the feeling Australia's Turkish population is going to grow in the coming year, a small silver lining, we can always use more good people here.

    Moose! said:
    Calradianın Bilgesi said:
    National assembly was hit. And another recent explosion in Istanbul :/

    I'm a bit confused by this, are you suggesting that this coup was either a) deliberately implemented, or b) known about by the AKP government, who allowed to happen so it can fail (and consequently, be used to consolidate power)? Or, just that they will win (despite this being a legitimate coup) and use that to justify consolidation of AKP power over Turkey?
    Much like the Reichstag fire I suspect we'll never know for sure. Either way it's a worryingly likely parallel, if this coup is unsuccessful it will likely empower the current government enough for them to seize total power.
  5. Moss

    Mechwarrior Online

    Wellenbrecher said:
    It's easier for them - and potentially cheaper - and really... how is it their responsibility to take care of the internal issues of the teams?
    It shouldn't be their responsibility, but reality dictates that it's a lot smarter for it to be. They've got a lot running on this tournament generating good buzz and PR, to draw in new players and to bolster the game's competitive scene.

    There's so many ways that it could go wrong. Off the top of my head:
    1. Team captain takes all the money and scrams.
    2. Team captain decides to split the money unevenly, for example paying less to a player that under-performed during a match.
    3. The team has four players in reserve. They never play because all eight first pick players can make every match. Do they get a cut or not? What about if they only play in a single match? How much should their cut be?

    Regardless of who is responsible any of the above would generate bad press, and probably a lot of it. The internet loves that kind of drama. And if they specifically want to draw players in with the notion of a competitive scene then they're putting down $100,000+ on something that could easily backfire into making their competitive scene seem like a joke. Valve and Blizzard can get away with drama of that level, for a small companies first tournament it could result in a huge waste of money and an early death to their hopes of a competitive scene.

    Enforcing 'every player on the roster gets an equal cut' may start a lot of grumbling, but it's a small price to pay for dodging bad PR, which the company and game have seen more than enough of in the past.
  6. Moss

    Mechwarrior Online

    That's the kind of clear thinking problem prevention I've come to expect from Piranha. Bless their cotton socks.
  7. Moss

    MOVED: Default Saxon Lord Titles?

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  8. Moss

    [BoP: Serva] Main Thread (Year: 198 Month 1) Rest in pasta

    Crappy last minute orders in, sorry 'bout that.

    Also I went through and activated Doomykins account by hand, so he should be able to login now.
  9. Moss

    [BoP: Serva] Main Thread (Year: 198 Month 1) Rest in pasta

    Orders are in, sorry for the delay. Still hungover from three days of new years celebrations. Hoping I will live through the fourth tomorrow.
  10. Moss

    [BoP: Serva] Main Thread (Year: 198 Month 1) Rest in pasta

    Oh, right. Things which aren't Christmas. Will try to get mine in in the next 24 hours.
  11. Moss

    The official Goodbye thread.

    Just to avoid any potential drama, what went down was this:

    Jhess despite being well liked had a bad habit of flying off the handle, insulting people, etc. She wasn't wrong most of the time, just overly aggressive. Red flag made that more complicated than it normally would be.

    Because it has caused a fair few unnecessary dramatic issues in the past we asked her to either stop calling people bad names or hang up her hat and avoid the whole 'admin abooose' drama issue.

    It's been a couple of months and she choose to keep the name calling over the flag. No big deal, just her choice.

    This did not happen because of one isolated incident, no one is to blame, Jhessail was simply given a choice of being a mod or being able to call what she felt was a twat a twat. She chose the latter then decided to leave, take a break, or whatever.

    Anyway, that's how things went down. No one to blame, no drama necessary and no witch hunting required. I won't be monitoring this thread, because it's sodding Christmas and I want to spend time with my family, but if you feel like responding to me you can shoot me a PM and I might look at it at some point in the next few days.
  12. Moss

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    And thus the great circle of life continues.
  13. Moss

    Forum Moderation Feedback

    Fair enough, on that note I'll tap out as well.
  14. Moss

    Forum Moderation Feedback

    So do I, but I also fail to see how your posts are any more productive. It's the moderation feedback thread, he's giving moderation feedback. He might not be doing it well, but it's no less productive than your post was in its attempt to get him to stop.
  15. Moss

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    Afraid I can't do that Dave.

    See, this is going to play out one of three ways, everyone does what you suggest and that's the end of the drama, people stop interacting with people they know don't like them and that's the end of the drama, or more likely (in my personal experience) people keep pushing this further and further until eventually one of them crosses a line, moderation has to happen and then there's a massive bloody week long drama fest to deal with before we reset and do the whole thing again.

    So in the pessimistic belief that the first two aren't going to happen on their own I figured I'd try explaining that maybe they don't have to play out their parts of this tedious and repetitive play to the people I see starting it each and every time. Maybe they can just scroll on. Maybe they don't have to make that joke they know will cause that person to take offense. I'm not feeling an abundance of faith in my fellow man today, but hey, stranger things have happened.
  16. Moss

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    There are no safe spaces because people keep dropping that edgey ****ing quote like they're fourteen and just discovered the word 'goth'.

    Sorry if you don't like being called a psycopath and a bully. Neither are technically insults as far as I'm concerned, especially not in off-topic. If you can't take being called those things maybe you shouldn't interact with strangers till you have that thing sorted out. There are no "safe places".

    See how stupid that sounds?

    Wellenbrecher said:
    Moss said:
    A fact that's helped you as much as anyone else. That and there really isn't anything in the forum rules against claiming that someone is a jerk who's trying to harass you into leaving the forum or harming yourself.
    Leifr "literally killing" Dodes with harassment comes to mind.
    Those two situations are literally the opposite thing, but regardless Leifr was temporarily muted for insults (real ones, not 'bully'). Accusations of Leifr being responsible for anything that may have resulted of that didn't come from me and if you get your memory straight you might recall I was arguing in his defense against that particular witch hunt.
  17. Moss

    Forum Moderation Feedback

    Always been a problem he's had. Most of the time what he says is well thought out and valid, but it gets dismissed because he comes off as a bit of a jerk.

    SacredStoneHead said:
    I meant your posts read like a string of long, humid farts to me, but ok.
    And your posts come off as completely pointless and needlessly insulting. So pretty much the same thing but shorter?
  18. Moss

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    Well in that case misunderstanding is on Harkon for bringing a completely unrelated subject into the discussion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Oh quit the melodrama Wellen, he implied that you were like a pedophile and a potential murderer. He only accused you of being a psychopath without emotions and wanting to kill him by harassment.

    But seriously no, that wouldn't get anyone in OT muted. Because I don't believe the rules that are enforced more strictly in other parts of the forum need to be applied to the letter here. A fact that's helped you as much as anyone else. That and there really isn't anything in the forum rules against claiming that someone is a jerk who's trying to harass you into leaving the forum or harming yourself.

    Wellenbrecher said:
    Now if someone could point out where I was trying to bully or was trying to be a **** towards him, cheers.
    Well there's only two options here,
    1) You legitimately thought Temujin wouldn't be offended by you, a person who he clearly thinks dislikes him greatly, making a joke at his expense.
    2) You're a bully and a ****.

    Now, I'm going to guess it was #1, because you're not a bully and a ****, which brings us back to the whole "Apologize for the misunderstanding and your senses of humour not matching (or not and just ignore the issue) and move on rather than getting all salty about how unfair it is that he didn't find your joke hilarious" thing.
  19. Moss

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    Not having the context of this I'm going to assume that Wellen's post had something to do with Temujin's past, otherwise you'd just be bringing the issue up for no discernible reason whatsoever. In that case how exactly does that post inform people who aren't already aware of Temujin's past of anything useful? It doesn't contain any information. It wasn't made in response to any claim. How is that anything but hounding the person about it?

    Won't bother with the rest of your post as there's no real arguing that point. What you describe as pity, fabricated good perceptions and sensitivities I see as empathy, reminding a person that they have good qualities as well as the bad and sensitivity as... well, not actually I see that as sensitivity too. Clearly we're of opposite frames of mind, you won't be convincing me and I doubt there's any convincing you, so may as well leave it at that.
  20. Moss

    Random Media v.3 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    Úlrflheðinn said:
    Although, naturally, I'm not saying you can't be offended or see them as complete assholes, but it helps to realize that sometimes people aren't actually trying to piss you (you as in anyone here, not you specifically Rabble) off.
    True, though my major beef is that people don't seem to recognize the opposite. Just because you didn't mean to offend or piss someone off doesn't mean that you didn't, and at that point the mature reaction is to apologize for the misunderstanding and go about your day, not to then be a complete hypocrite and get offended and pissed off by them being offended and pissed off.

    Harkon Haakonson said:
    Was it so wrong to mention Temujin's previous abusive behaviour at a time when it was apparent literally everyone worshipped him as a god among fathers and human beings? He was totally okay with THAT perception, after all. Manipulating a tight-knit community into guilt and consequently support is a ridiculous and unacceptable affront in itself.
    Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but isn't the only reason anyone knows about that because Temujin told people that he was a bad parent in the past and had done things that he regretted and is now trying to make up for that? So, yeah? Pretty sure it was actually wrong to get all worked up about a person admitting they failed in the past and are trying to do better in the present. That kind of 'they did something wrong once and regardless of context they must now be shamed for it and shunned at every opportunity' is the same kind of toxic call out culture that makes places like Tumblr notorious for their ridiculous and constant witch hunts. Maybe Temujin is the world's best dad now, I have no idea, either way the fact that he didn't used to be the worlds best dad doesn't mean that people are honour bound to chase him around with it and beat him over the head any time he does anything but apologize for being human garbage. :/
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