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  1. Can't connect to lobby

    The problem started appearing for me about 2-3 days ago, I think after one of the micro-updates.
    Clicking Login button gives "Could not connect to server" message.

    Relevant part of the log (the lines that appear after each attempt):
    [16:00:21.343] [][] New MBGameClient State: Working old state:Idle
    [16:00:21.489] Http Post Request to http://service://bannerlord.lobby/:80/Data/ProcessMessage
    [16:00:25.202] Http Post Request with message failed. Exception status: NameResolutionFailure
    [16:00:25.202] Exception 0: The remote name could not be resolved: 'service' ||| StackTrace:
    [16:00:25.202] ClientRestSessionTask::SetFinishedAsFailed::TaleWorlds.Diamond.Rest.ConnectMessage
    [16:00:25.202] ClientRestSessionTask::SetFinishedAsFailed:: TaleWorlds.Diamond.Rest.ConnectMessage done
    [16:00:25.208] [][] New MBGameClient State: Idle old state:Working

    Looks like badly constructed URL?

    After a suggestion in Bannerlord Steam Forums, I tried launching the game through Launcher.Native.exe, and then the multiplayer successfully connected.
    Still an issue when launching through Steam.
  2. SP Native Smith Stamina Regen Anywhere

    Steam Workshop link: This mod allows your hero and your companions to regenerate crafting stamina while moving on the world map, without the need to spend time waiting in a settlement. The stamina will regenerate at the same pace...
  3. 1.7.1 main?

    .... people are gonna be rather annoyed if 1.7.1 becomes the main branch and make threads saying the game is dead **** update etc.

    People who are going to endlessly rage because Taleworlds bumps version on main branch, without long changelog to back it, are either short-sighted and uninformed at best, or just stupid at worst.
    Developers shouldn't care about them in the slightest, and just do what is best for development, testing and compatibility.
  4. Resolved [e1.4.0] Resetting changes in Party screen removes modifiers from items in Inventory

    Have you checked if the problem is still happening for you?

    Unable to do it at the moment, will have to wait a while.
  5. Resolved [e1.4.0] Resetting changes in Party screen removes modifiers from items in Inventory


    According to Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4 this bug is fixed in 1.5.4.

    Fixed an issue that caused modifiers of items to be removed on party screen reset.
  6. Deflect Arrow Perk Implemented? (Video)

    Pretty sure that's from Total War Three Kingdoms?
    Ah possibly, my bad. There are some similar parts though.
  7. A 90-employee studio with ONE actively-maintained product is releasing only ONE THREE-LINE bug fix patch per week. Unbelievable.

    They are working on things that will be released later (when ready). Them doing hotfix with priority bugs, doesn't imply they all stopped all other work and made a hotfix.
    Still development of things related to game logic (including perks), seems very slow considering their manpower.
  8. Almost **** my pants fighting giant axeman with 100 AI level difficulty mod

    Interesting thing is the AI seems to parry worse against a spiked club vs a sword... I wonder if it is due to the collision sphere of the spiked club messing up the calculations.

    Isn't it because spiked club is faster?
    But yeah I have similar experiences in the Empire arena, it is somehow easier to beat opponents with spiked club than it is with sword.
  9. Why wont Taleworlds release modding tools?

    You didnt had to answer like a douchebag tho
    Sorry if it sounded like that, wasn't my intention.

    He just listed the reasons OP should have been able to deduce himself
    Pretty much this.
  10. Why wont Taleworlds release modding tools?

    Because supporting them and maintaining compatibility when a base game is still unfinished and new things are added and worked on will be a huge pain? Because the tools might be not ready for release? Because having base game work properly is a higher priority?
  11. e1.4.2 - Beta Smithing Charcoal works as intended but consider replacement for User Interface

    I always assumed the bug is in the perk description, and the actual formula is correct.
    "3 hardwood -> 2 charcoal" made sense because it was 50% more efficient than default formula, the same way that iron ore refining perk gives 50% more efficient formula too.
    Strange that they left the description and changed the formula instead.
  12. Resolved LVL 25 trade perk broke

    The perk that allows you to see red, yellow and green for profits was broke when the trade exp for save and quit was fixed. That I think was done in 1.3.0 and it still isn't fixed.

    Trade xp after save/load was fixed exactly in e1.4.0 and I think profit markings broke in the same version.
  13. Resolved Trading Skill XP earning system issue

    For me trade xp after save/load started working correctly since e1.4.0, which was the version with the fix, so I can confirm the fix worked.
    Haven't played in e1.4.1 yet.
  14. I don't get all the hate

    I love the game, but its impossible to ignore whats missing and broken. The key is having realistic expectations and not demanding a completed game overnight. I'm excited about the possibilities of what I'm seeing.

    Pretty much the same for me.
    Also wanted to say nice avatar there :wink:
  15. How lovely

    How do they produce so many great mods without tools ? Obviously trusted groups have had access to the game / code before release ?

    The game code is structured from the base to be very moddable.
    And it is written in .NET which is easy to decompile and patch at runtime with common tools, this is what people do.
    There is no such thing as "trusted groups" that had some special access, everyone have it accessible.
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I don't play the game for two weeks because I'm waiting for a patch, the developers postpone the patch for another week, thank you.

    Nothing stops you from playing on Beta then.
  17. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Yes, that's my point. Taleworlds says 'we intent to release weekly patches if we don't run into problems.' People read 'we are guaranteeing weekly patches, if you don't see a patch we took your money and ran away'. :grin:

    Yeah I just wanted to support your point with a more visual explanation of why it has to be that way :wink:
  18. Anyone have a list of traits?

    It plays a role when plundering villages. If your companion has Merciful trait, he/she will complain if you take such actions and might leave your party. Other than that I haven't found any other use of traits in the game.

    I have a companion with Generous trait and she is always the first to complain when I run out of money to pay wages or out of food for my party. So probably other traits have similar effects too.
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