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  1. Developing a story mod

    Kodlak Jorrvas said:
    Well I do want to make a carreer, but as I said im starting programming studies in the university next year, so I guess they'll give me the actual basics.
    And yes, the plan is to make an storyline based on quests and scenes, but it does seems like I would need hard coding knowledge. Thanks for the advice anyways, I'll study first and mod later (it will take some time haha)
    The M&B scripting language you find in the module system is not that difficult to learn, especially if you have at least some knack for coding. Even I, a complete stranger to programming and coding, am capable of reading the language and changing stuff.

    If you want to do just a storyline set in Calradia you will mainly have to deal with the folloing:
    - (which is mainly for the journal entries),
    - (look up the quest related scripts there),
    - (this is important to set-up scenes, especially NPCs and enemies in scenes),
    - (self-explaining, you create all the dialogs there),
    - (optional, this is creating the NPCs, if you need new ones, as well as chest containers [for treasure]!),
    - (optional, if you want to have special parties or locations on the world map),
    - (optional, if you want to spawn specific parties on the world map).

    In all modules  search for the quest related stuff to see how the devs did it. Of course, you will have to adapt. You should be able to do a lot with that. You can also look at the module system of Viking Conquest, which has a whole story mode and see how they set it up.

    Check out Lav's expanded header_operations, which will give you tremendeous inside into M&B language. In general I recommend Lav's WRECK as base code, but be aware that this is not completely bug free.

    And, of course, check out the great tutuorials in the tutorial section.

    One final thing: Besides coding, you might want to do  some scening, too. This is mostly optional, since you can just use vanilla scenes or OSP scenwes, but you need some basic understanding at least for entry points (that is where the NPCs pop up).

    The greatest problem for modding is time. If you have lots of free time on your hand, you can a lot. If you are self-employed, over 40 and have a family, sadly time is far far too scarce!

    I hope I could help.
  2. Dev Blog 21/11/19

    Realistic Economy

    See the availability of goods ebb and flow in a simulated feudal economy, where the price of everything from incense to warhorses fluctuates with supply and demand. Turn anarchy to your advantage by being the first to bring grain to a starving town after a siege or reopening a bandit-plagued caravan route.
    I like this a lot.

    The new webpage looks great by the way, although I do not like moving stuff on a webpage. It just makes me nervous.

    Another wish from me: could I add the game onto my wishlist on, pretty please?

    EDIT: Suggestion: Instead of the hand clawing a keyboard show a screenshot of the scene editor instead. Wouzld make a much better picture to show of modding capabilities imho.
  3. Dev Blog 15/08/19

    Piconi said:
    snipped early access trailer

    Edit: Almost cried out of joy until i saw the date was 7 months from now, and it is ONLY of early access...
    Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

    Will buy immediately even if I have no time to play. It looks beautiful!
  4. OSP Sci-Fi 3D Art ArchieDuke's Cyberpunk OSP

    Thank you for this generous OSP!
  5. [Tutorial (Unfinished)] Mastering your tools: managing resources with OpenBRF

    Thank you so much, some of your notes I did not know. This will be very helpful!
  6. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Antonis said:
    Hi guys, I have another issue(again), a logical error, this time. So, the fame system I am working on works fine, after your help. I used the dialog box, custom scripts and all that. It triggers as it should be, when a certain renown has been reached, produces the right message, all well and good. Now, I am trying to stop if from spamming the message every 24 hours, while I want the trigger for checking player's fame rank to check every 24 hours. Everything compiles normally, no errors, not even warnings. But it keeps spawning the message every time it runs the check, so I know I've not done sth right in the triggers. Here's my code:

    #Fame System Begin
    (24, 0, 0,
    	(call_script, "script_fame_system"),
    (30, 0, 0,
    	(call_script, "script_fame_system"),
    		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_1", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current", 1),
    		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_2", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current", 2),	
    		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_3", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current", 3),
    		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_4", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current", 4),
    		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_5", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current", 5),
    		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_6", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current", 6),
    #Fame System End

     #fame system begin
      ("fame_system", [
    	(assign, "$player_famesystem_renown",0),
    	(assign, "$famesystem_rank_current",0),
    	(assign, "$famesystem_rank",0),
    	(troop_get_slot, "$player_famesystem_renown", "trp_player", slot_troop_renown),
    	(assign, "$renown_number", "$player_famesystem_renown"),
    #        (eq,"$famesystem_rank_current",0),		
    #		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_1", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank", 1),
    #        (eq,"$famesystem_rank_current",1),		
    #		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_2", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank", 2),	
    #        (eq,"$famesystem_rank_current",2),
    #		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_3", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank", 3),
    #        (eq,"$famesystem_rank_current",3),		
    #		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_4", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank", 4),
    #        (eq,"$famesystem_rank_current",4),
    #		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_5", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank", 5),
    #        (eq,"$famesystem_rank_current",5),
    #		(dialog_box, "str_famesystem_rank_title_6", "str_famesystem_rank_title_id"),		
            (assign, "$famesystem_rank", 6),
     #fame system end 

    Any help is welcome! Thanks!
    You are assigning 0 to $famesystem_rank_current and to $famesystem_rank whenever you call the script fame_system which you do right at the start of the trigger. Of course, then $famesystem_rank_current and $famesystem_rank are always 0 at the start of the trigger and the script acts accordingly.

    I would initialise those variables and set them to 0 at the start of the game in a seperate script which is only called once, and remove those two lines completely:
    (assign, "$famesystem_rank_current",0),
    	(assign, "$famesystem_rank",0),
  7. LSP 3D Art Wooden Scene Props Pack 1.2

    InVain said:
    Nice work, William!

    Please forgive me this shameless begging, but one thing that's still missing in WB is a watermill / water wheel prop, and/or wooden gear wheels. I think these would fit into this set quite nicely  :shifty:

    There is a water wheel in the ressources for Brytenwalda - sceneprops2.brf -, which is OSP. I think I have seen one larger water wheel in another OSP mod but no idea where.
  8. LSP Musket Era 3D Art Zulu and British items

    Amazing stuff! Thank you for sharing!
  9. Battle scale vs. graphic fidelity poll.

    Voted for option A.

    I am only interested in singleplayer.

    If there were a coop campaign multiplayer (where I could play with a friend or two) I would be interested in that, but definitely not the classic multiplayer.

    In general I found multiplayer games, if it is not coop with close friends and nobody else, to be a very bad experience, because of an incredibly high rate of immersion killing children and/or trolls squatting on the servers.

    I hope that helps.
  10. Dev Blog 09/05/19

    Another excellent blog. I like that we have more realistic food consumption. I hope that means also to look out for food diversity and certain essentials to avoid fir instance scurvy. Also extra horses (can troops lose horses during battles, would be great), mules and other ressources (medicine/bandages? - wood/nails/tools? - mobile forge/coal/iron? - leather?). would be great if we had to have ressources for weapon and armour maintenance and healing. Also good: the differences in sustaining your warband (small foraging - big logitic train needed). Another improvement: possibility to send out raiders to provide for the army. If you raid yourself you can gain influence. All in all sound like pretty good and improved mechanics. Raiding now makes much more sense. And even the inclusion of scorched earth strategy.
  11. LSP Oriental 3D Art Chinese props and other items from BSS Community.

    Those are beautiful props and items, surely useful for anybody creating an Asian themed mod. And some stuff can be used by other mods, too. Very, very generous of you and great work! Thank you so much!
  12. Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    Watched with the wife, both still pumped. Just excellent, excellent, excellent.

    That was such a great episode, one of the best things I have ever seen on TV. Cinematic pictures, great vision! The slow build at the beginning of the episode, with the camera visiting everybody. Melisandre lighting the Dothraki weapons. The charge vanishing in darkness, the lights only blimps snuffed out one by one. The other charge, visceral brutal. The lighting, the colours, how every shot was framed. Everybody important in their own right. The retreat. The dragon duels. The overrunning of the walls. Arya's scenes were absolutely badass. All of them. Jon desperately fighting to get to Bran. Theon's last stand. Tyrion and Sansa behind the sarcophagus. Lyanna! The perfect music. And a perfect climax and solution. This episode has presented us with iconic imagery I surely will never forget.

    I am looking forward to the next three episodes. I am positive they will deliver as great as the last ones. There is a lot to be resolved.
  13. OSP Code QoL Books & scrolls reading presentation

    This is a wish come true! A truely great addition to the OSP repository! Thank you so, so much!
  14. Dev Blog 28/02/19

    NPC99 said:
    BTW Callum, will any diagnostic tools such as these heat maps be made available to the modding community?
    Good question, that interests me, too. Pretty cool blog, by the way. Contrary to others I really liked it (most blogs actually)! Of course, as my wife always says, I have extraordinary patience, which really helps, when you have two kids screaming in the middle of the night on a regular basis and a wife with extraordinaryly low patience.  :wink:
  15. Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Adorno said:
    A castle.

    In game.
    That looks so amazing! You are truely gifted.
  16. OSP Dark Ages 3D Art Dark Age Pack- .160 Release Done

    Gothic Knight said:
    Is the helmet in the middle with the chain aventail alright for a model?
    That would be a great model!
  17. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Cozur said:
    Does a script already exist to determine the amount of soldiers in a battle? Say if I want a scene in game_menu to only be used if there are more than 250 soldiers present?
    You might want to look at the Viking Conquest Module System (module_game_menus). There are a couple of scenes in the storymode, which check that you have not more than a certain amount of members in the party otherwise you are not allowed to enter the scene (30 I think). but it is really easy to write that yourself, too. Just use store_party_size.
  18. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    SupaNinjaMan said:
    [...]I don't think that set_trigger_result existed back when the OSP was written because it isn't mentioned at all in the thread. I want to make a post updating it, but I also don't want to necro an ancient thread.
    Do it! That is not a problem. You are adding important new information. OSP threads get responses all the time, even if long dormant.
  19. Bardic abilities?

    Luthais Eldrin said:
    I looked around in The Citadel and I didn't see any topic subjects about being a bard-besides this one post that seemed to be entirely random-so I figured I'd bring it up since I always find myself thinking about it.

    Maybe this is just me, but I would really enjoy playing the role of a charismatic wandering troubadour. Build up some fame and coin traveling from inn to inn, and accrue a strong band of bodyguards to travel with me. Ideally, you would even be able to use your skill in entertainment to help keep up morales. The closest I have come to finding such a thing was in the mod A World of Ice and Fire. Is anyone aware of such functionality already being hinted at in Bannerlord? I've been trying to keep up with the dev blogs since they started, but occasionally things slip by right under my nose. :facepalm:

    If this isn't already a thing, I would love to see a similar feature.
    I think Brytenwalda was the first mod to introduce that feature. I would also like to see something like that, but if not I think that could be easuily modded in.
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