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  1. Sir Gowe

    [CoR] Corporation of Radicalization

    Alene said:
    Who let Rasdor out?

    I did
  2. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    Traxits said:
    Sir Gowe said:
    You guys are still ******* LOL

    you still have asperger's so who's really losing here

    someone who thinks they have a sophisticated sense of humor....I'll give you a hint the name starts with a T.
    Granted I wanted to check up on this old thread.
  3. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    You guys are still ******* LOL
  4. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    What the ****ety **** happened?
  5. Sir Gowe

    The Brothers Clan - The Elite Warriors of Siege Servers

    I invite thee to my domain. Take a castle if you can.
  6. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    John7 said:
    GK admins banning people for just kicking them once with E. Lighten up a bit, good lordy.

    ^ I'm pretty sure it was more than that. A kick doesn't  get a ban more serious actions do.
  7. Sir Gowe

    Help with adding a new face

    can someone make a video of this i keep hitting a wall. I want to do it for the last days mod
  8. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    Not going to lie to you but if you are team wounding more than 2 people at once etc. team killing on purpose if my admins think you have crossed the line you probably have. Learn to not hurt your team mates and you are fine.
  9. Sir Gowe

    Change skin color

    playing the lotr mod tld When I noticed no black guy. I just want to put the option of a black character in there. Can someone help me? Thought it was textures I feel lost. Any help is welcome
  10. Sir Gowe

    [PRT] Paladins of the Round Table||Recruiting||

    *walks in*
    I like what you guys did with the place.
    *walks out*

  11. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    LOL it is what it is.
  12. Sir Gowe

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    LOL You need to have the right people support you is all.

  13. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    LOL why do people think we are dead do we need to invade certain servers?
  14. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    You must not read a lot. Go to our main site. Then the admins will see if you deserve it.
  15. Sir Gowe

    The Rebels (NA)

    lol Rebel scum how is that pretender queen of yours?
  16. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    This is awesome.

    Time to make Warband awesome for new players :grin:
    Tell everyone I'm back if they didn't see the message.
  17. Sir Gowe

    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 2.0

    This is unheard of Dawg? We are knights what heathen taught you such?
  18. Sir Gowe

    Black Shields (BkS) bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks bks

    sup *****es  :lol:

    Thought I was MIA? lol then who are you gonna make fun of?
  19. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    GK_JaXm said:
    Taira185 said:
    GK should skrim, they have enough active members.

    ...I sure hope you mods think this is related.

    Last i was active, gk did scrim on occasion, but we are about having fun and playing/chatting together than bein competitive and goin for fame.

    Thheres alotta good people in there

    So we finally get the picture....WOW took us a while.

    Anyways saying sup guys and also hello to the new blood.

    I wish to thank all who waited for me. The lords for keeping the kingdom under control even though trolls are rampant in the kingdom.
    For the fair ladies who dare take up the sword to battle. For my Warriors, Archers and Knights for defending this kingdom.
    AND REALIZING this is a game, we should have fun as long as you do not disrespect others enemies or not.
    To charge with a blind fury only to end up being team hit or killed sucks but having friends give you company is so fun.
    I personally wish to call on the lords and the men who are now in charge and see how the kingdom is doing.
    I wish to also thank Balions, POM, and any other clan that supported and helped us and never trolled us.
    As for the others......for once grow up and leave if you do not wish to help this community and game be better and leave MY KINGDOM ALONE!

    Also I'll be seeing you a lot more often.

    Cheers from the noob and may your sword be sharp, arrow be knocked and Lance always be long and hard.....*if you know what I mean.*

    King Gowe
  20. Sir Gowe

    [GK] -- Golden Kingdom

    Rebel scum....  :lol:

    What thought I was dead?
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