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  1. dulahan

    Why can't we keep looted items from the Tutorial?

    It's still very nice to have the arm piece or if you luck out and get good boots at game start, helps protect a bit from the laser guided rocks looters have until you've got your economy going.
  2. dulahan

    Why can't we keep looted items from the Tutorial?

    Pretty much the question in the subject. Why can't we keep some things? Your brother taking the troops and prisoners and such makes sense. But little things like looted arm bands and the likes seem like they make a lot more sense, as many a time I've gone through, had ok arm armor and then...
  3. dulahan

    Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    Yeah, needing a mod to get the thing working is sad, and we are still getting updates so quick it's just not worth downloading it at the moment.

    I definitely hope better banners make it into vanilla. At the LEAST more colors would be needed, I legit hate all our current default options.
  4. dulahan

    Patch Notes e1.3.0

    Um... how could one strip their brother for gear when we lose it the moment we leave the tutorial we lose it? Other than, of course for the brief time from the tutorial?
  5. dulahan

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Marriage and Child bearing ages

    Heartily agreed I'd like a slider for starting age. Even better if it comes with skill/level increases. Start as a raw 18 year old 'noob' or a 30 year old vet.
  6. dulahan

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Death vs Wound rate of high tier troops

    So this is, honestly, an issue that's persisted since the original M&B. And maybe it's confirmation bias? But it sure seems like higher tier troops are more likely to die than be wounded like lower tier ones. Leveling up a good half or more of every troop that falls on the battlefield ends up...
  7. dulahan

    Why are looters faster, than me?

    I'd just love the starting char to not be such a joke, and a bit of extra customization available after we make our starting choices like we got in the original and Warband.
  8. dulahan

    When is Bannerlord playable?

    Yeah, seriously. I've got 57 hours in so far - and I've never even formed a kingdom yet.* Pretty much just hunting bandits, doing tournies, and deciding to start over to try a different play style. Rinse, repeat. I've enjoyed it a lot. The same sort of meditative feeling the original M&B gave me.

    I also remember original M&B back when it was just 2 factions, and Black Knights were the most terrifying encounter all over the place. The game will change, it'll get better. In a few months it probably will be barely recognizable.

    EDIT: * Let alone use a mod! Or play MP.
  9. dulahan

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Better balanced starting armor

    Compare the starting Khuzait Garrison armor with anything else if you really want to be surprised. Nothing else you can start with even comes close amongst any culture so far as I can tell. And that's one of the less 'important' jobs relatively. Meanwhile, the ones for someone who was a noble helping in something gated to nobles tends to be pretty garbage.
  10. dulahan

    SP - Quests Kidnapped Daughter

    I'd love the option to back out if my arguments aren't working and let them be together, instead of -having- to kill the guy if that bit fails its RNG check.
  11. dulahan

    Banner Editor Question

    So I'm having a different issue with that editor. I copy and then go to paste, but it only keeps the color of the device and the other background color. Not any others that may be present - like I've got a 'circle' in the center, and the device in that. But it only kept the border color and the gold of the eagle.
  12. dulahan

    Resolved Tutorial Loot

    At least it would be nice to have the armor you're wearing!
  13. dulahan

    Need More Info Since update, Trade Screen frequently freezes up

    Ever since the latest patch (and only since then) I've run into an issue where when I'm in the trading screen my game will suddenly freeze up after selling or buying something. It's not an every time thing. But it's a hard freezeup where I'll be unable to alt+tab, or even ctrl+alt+delete to...
  14. dulahan

    Resolved Tutorial Loot

    So, when you play the tutorial out - there's a bit of an issue where every single thing you have in your inventory or loot from enemies is 'gone' as soon as it ends. This leads to a number of exploits and also can really make the entire thing feel pointless. Your brother mentions taking the...
  15. dulahan

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    So, the Tutorial. When you complete it - you get to keep -none- of the loot you've gained. Never mind almost every time I finish it I've looted pieces of arm armor that's genuinely useful for my character. I get losing the prisoners, the troops, cool! But seriously, not even the loot? That seems a bit wrong.
  16. dulahan

    Bows are WAY too accurate.

    Yeah the AI definitely has ballistics researched ^^
    Right? Starting character fighting 5 looters feels like playing Pendor against 5 Noldor!
  17. dulahan

    Bows are WAY too accurate.

    Seriously, Looters are ridiculous. I'm sick of the LASER GUIDED rock throws from Looters who can hit me at long range while I'm moving full speed on my horse at an oblique angle 3 out of 4 times, let alone anything more dangerous from other enemies.

    And yeah, if others are even close to that good with javelins and bows it's terrifying. Especially given the AI's predisposition to target the PC instead of other troops on the field.
  18. dulahan

    POLL: The Empire.... DO we NEED three of them?

    I think it would be cool if they, perhaps, had an "Auxiliary" unit based on one of their border states. Just a little touch to represent the sort of regional differences which maintaining the typical core. So the Northern one might have Khurait or Sturgians. Etc etc.
  19. dulahan

    After a week of playing, I'm worried about what kind of modding foundation there is going to be...

    There is plenty of time for the AI to be improved. Again - it's still Early Access. This isn't the final form, and exploits the devs never thought of probably are being noticed now. So give it time. If it's still an issue in a year, then it might be more of a concern. But right now? There's a lot of game breaking things to work on first. Bugs, CTDs, that sort of thing. AI will get it's time.
  20. dulahan

    New factions!

    A tribal faction that has power in numbers rather than technology, similar to how the TLD lotr mod for warband worked with orcs taking half a slot in the troop limit allowing them to have more numbers but weaker units. I think that would be cool. Just something different to add flavor to the game.
    I like that idea.
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