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  1. SulleDrake

    Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Playing as Khaldim ( im enlisted in an army ). It seems battles in the hills are kinda... wonky. First the lines walks forwards and backwards instead of just advancing till they see the enemy. Then when we finally engage them with our muskets against theirs we just stand still, which would be alright, except all Khaldim battles seem to take place in mountains so two battles in a row there are only like 5 men that have line-of-sight and firing, the rest are doing nothing.

    Would also be cool if the AI tried to do something other than let the line-battle commence, like cavalry flanks or something, doesn't appear to be happening and I'm not quite sure why not.
  2. SulleDrake

    Main Topic

    Diaphantos1 said:
    Are there any troops that use firearms? I see some being sold in weapon shops, but I've yet to run into any troops with them.

    They come at a later stage in technology, the third stage I think. But it could be bugged as no new units/tiers appeared when it happened in my game, so I'm not sure if I was just unlucky as I've seen no one else complain about it
  3. SulleDrake

    Quick yes/no question about Kingdoms/Mercenary Contracts

    Helmuth said:
    No. Once you own a castle you become a lord and cant be mercenary anymore (until you lose it). Your only option is to join a kingdom.
    There are other mods that add a base to store troops while as a mercenary , Brytenwalda for example has one.

    Ah, that's a major pity... oh well. Thanks for bringing the bad news!  :razz:
  4. SulleDrake

    Quick yes/no question about Kingdoms/Mercenary Contracts

    So I was planing to take a castle in the A Clash of Kings-mod (which lacks an active forum it seems, so im asking here as there shouldnt be a difference). And I was planing on taking this castle from a faction and then pay to sue for peace with them. I will however only do this to unload troops...
  5. SulleDrake

    Bug Reporting HQ

    A couple of things:

    -Riding with a weapon in hand seems slightly broken now when the pace is fast. If you're galloping slowly each soldier holds the sword out just as in the earlier version of the mod, but as you accelerate the speed the stance changes and it looks like the entire body becomes static, there's no motion and the sword locks in a weird way.

    -I used the "infinite camp"-cheat to wait till one faction reached Tech III to see the new units. I downloaded your script you linked in a different thread to increase the pace. But as Swadia reached Tech III I went to their villages, recruited and then upgraded to max but there was no new tier. I dunno if it may be because I used the infinite camp or if the alternative script you linked is broken somehow.
  6. SulleDrake

    Main Topic

    Quintillius said:





    Psst v1.2 will release in next few hours.

    Holymcflyfaq those are beautiful

    Is that armor that will be available for most factions or limited to say Swadians/Rhodoks?

    It seems this update really fixed everything that I had time to notice was wrong. Gonna give it a proper try tonight!

    You da man.
  7. SulleDrake


    Has anyone gotten so far that they could show off some late-game units? I'd love to see em  :smile:
  8. SulleDrake

    Ideas & Suggestions

    Quintillius said:
    First a gameplay reason: Cavalry has almost completely lost its advantage now, battling Nord armies is hell- as far as I've noticed.
    Welcome to the 15th/16th century. Line battles are the future.
    Already tried the Gendarmes, Lancers, Reiters, Cossacks, Mounted Arquebusiers? All tech cavalry and strong. Very strong.

    Good point  :smile:

    Would it by the way be possible to implement some sort of preview of what future faction units will look like? Or at least get some info of how every factions changes, as I'm trying to make up my mind about which faction to actually stick with depending on how their trees end up.

    For example, do the Rhodoks get cavalry in the later tiers? Does the Tsardom get good high-tech units as well? If I remember right, the muscovites were kinda slow in technological advancement in this age. But the Vaegirs look so damn good that I would like to play them without that drawback.

    I assume a full preview that you can access through the Reports-menu would take some time to make, but it'd be great to get a general view of how the factions change.
  9. SulleDrake


    Does anyone know how much changes by the first advancement for a faction? I've seen nords advancing but I never noticed any difference with their troops. How does it work? Also, these new tiers, are they upgraded from the earlier highest tier? Or will it be a new tree completly?
  10. SulleDrake

    Ideas & Suggestions

    After playing the mod for a bit, it's come to my "understanding", that you should add an option to remove formations.

    First a gameplay reason: Cavalry has almost completely lost its advantage now, battling Nord armies is hell- as far as I've noticed.

    But (and this may belong in the bug-thread) there also seems to be a mechanical problem with the way formations act. There were several occasions where I just didn't understand what the AI was doing, like once after an Agonic horse-charge killed off the enemy's first way, they just stood around in a blob where they had faught earlier while the enemy circulated around them and eventually just stood still... I wish I could describe this problem more in order to help the progression of the mod, but that's pretty much as good as I can put it. And if I'm not mistaken it's likely mostly due to the formations-thing, but I'm not a modder so I could be wrong.
  11. SulleDrake

    Main Topic

    Talinoth said:
    It's when you're on horseback and holding a 1-hand/2-handed sword - or a crossbow. Your character looks like they have their arm almost fully extended out to the side, pointing the sword/other weapon straight into the air. It looks SO stiff and unnatural, please do something about it.

    I, on the other hand, absolutely love that animation. Riding around on your steed with your weapon in hand taking down one opponent after another feels so much better now. It would however be nice if that animation didn't toggle when you hold your hand empty ( like when you ride through a city, the character still puts its hand out which looks a bit strange). But overall it's great! Please don't remove it!
  12. SulleDrake

    Bug Reporting HQ

    When my faction besieges Dhirrim and the siege tower reaches the walls and the soldiers climb up on it they can't move all the way up, cause at the top there looks to be two planks in the way so you basically can't play the battle but have to wait outside the city till the others are finished. Not sure if the same goes for other cities as well.
  13. SulleDrake

    Bug Reporting HQ

    Just interested in knowing, the Fixed Issues I assume will be added in the next version. So I have two questions:
    1: When do you expect it'll be uploaded?
    2: Will it be save-game compatible? Mostly thinking about the Rents for Ayyiekibkeye (or whatever its name was). Would love to continue playing on this save if that's fixed, otherwise I'll probably have to wait.
  14. SulleDrake

    Congrats on the Board!

    What in the actual ****? I've been looking for a mod to play till Bannerlord is released ever since the latest update and then this mod appears and I'm a bit like "i bet this will another like the others" but ****, having had a general look through the main thread I'm fairly convinced this is the mod which I've been looking for. If everything I read there is actually implemented into the mod then I can't imagine this being anything but amazing.

  15. SulleDrake

    Congrats on the board!

    Nice to see mods still being released, and it's always nice to see one focused on story for a change. Not that I dislike the pure sandboxy ones, in fact I prefer them, but it's nice to see something new. I intend to try it out.

    edit: PS, the mod isn't completed yet if I understand it correct? Saw a lot of WiP-stuff, but maybe that's old data
  16. SulleDrake

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 7 - Imperial Declines

    I'm so pissed that I didn't find out about that till now lol. Thanks a lot for the help
  17. SulleDrake

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 7 - Imperial Declines

    +Varsung+ said:
    You can walk in Warband as well. Just zoom in with shift and you'll walk

    Yeah I know, but that focuses it on the head, but you can press the §-key too (underneath ESC) which zooms it out, but then you're static and can't rotate/turn direction so it's really clunky. I want a solid Walking-mode as those that exist in most other RPGs.
  18. SulleDrake

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 7 - Imperial Declines

    The first picture makes me think they'll put down a lot more work for city-exploration which the earlier games missed out almost completly. There looks to be two armed guards on patrol, maybe you can actually attack them and get arrested ( or die ) sort of like in the elder scrolls games. Maybe we can steal stuff, and interact with NPCs. And maybe they'll implement an actual Walking-mode so we can go through town all cool-like in our fancy armor.

    I shouldn't get myself too excited, this is just speculations. But if there is one thing the older games lacked it was this.
  19. SulleDrake

    Viking troop type

    toxic-nova said:
    And Byzantine have special troops you can hire when you retake Constantinople with them. These are "viking" mercenaries.

    Is it the Varangian Guard you're speaking of? Been playing as the Byzantines now with a new save and was wondering how I'm supposed to get them. I hope this answered my question
  20. SulleDrake

    No promotion on Freelancer

    I left his army after I posted this thread but back then:

    1: I was still at the lowest rank which I started at

    2: I had only been following the emperor of Nicaea and done lots of battles. Apart from visiting the towns his army has stopped in I hadn't left his side at all.
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