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  1. Can we get a better AI Please?

    I wouldn't call it smart with how the player can exploit this behavior when the AI try to seize them. They're too binary in term of committing the force, to the point of feeling too zergy. Of course, the opposite of AI always commit to a fight when it's not possible to win isn't smart either, but neither one where they only fight when victory is certain is a good system, despite how it sounds. Again, the reason why the player can cheese and exploit the AI because it's 100% predictable.

    They should have it work based on a threshold. Like a 10% disadvantage is considered an acceptable risk, then have the AI roll a dice based on this probability to see whether it will accept the risk or not. The battlesimulation also need some kind of probability dependency as well, not just straight up number crunch with all hard constant. There is a reason in pretty much all combat system have a "chance" or "roll" mechanism behind it, otherwise things become predictable, and predictable = begging for exploit.
  2. Recent comment by Callum spills the beans on Bannerlord combat in a really disheartening way.

    baiting your enemies into sieging a castle full of fully kitted nords and slaying them one at a time on the ladder is peak strategy, no idea what you're talking about.

    If that's what people call strategy I have one even better. Staying halfway down the ladder in a seige and headshot the defender one by one, taking town/castle with barely any loss. Even Zhuge Liang would be proud. :wink:
  3. Recent comment by Callum spills the beans on Bannerlord combat in a really disheartening way.

    Don't see a problem with what he said. This series has always been more of an action RPG and less of a strategy, that's why I played it.

    Warband has the most time played on my steam list, so the people talking about how Warband was more strategic I gotta ask: what Warband were you playing? :roll:
  4. Aseria weakness[weakest faction]

    The difference between Sturgia and Asernai is their natural border. Yes, both have large distance to cover that make it hard for them to defend all at once, but here is the difference:

    - Asernai: the disadvantage to them is also the disadvantage to their enemies. Because they only have 2 entries point, whatever army entering one point will have to cover the same distance the Asernai army do. They have the ocean/river as a natural barrier so no one can 'cut inside' their territory. Any attacker trying to reach Asernai's 2nd/3rd town will suffer cohesion/food problem.
    - Sturgia: the disadvantage only apply to the defender. Because you can attack Sturgia pretty much at any point along their border.

    These different even more significant in term of take and hold. Even if Asernai can't make it to defend their first town, they will likely be able to intercept the 2nd target in time even if their own army traveling from the other side. Also the remote location of Asernai means even if someone took their town, they have much better chance of regaining it, while Sturgia is pretty much doomed after losing a few because their whole terriority are most likely fragmented.
  5. Um..the so called "Road Map" doesn't actually mention any new content....

    Eh isn't this because the features that were supposed to missing originally from early access ended up being in it anyway. I only recall a couple feature that were mentioned that would be missing and later add in when the alpha first launch: children/family and town management. Both of them ended up in the alpha anyway, although very barebone. So if by fixing they mean bringing those features to fully functional status, that's as good as new features anyway since currently they're nothing more than placeholder.
  6. Everything Has A Price

    You should not be able to buy a town in this game. The AI doesn't know its eliminating itself from the game by doing this.

    This. I don't know why the dev think it's a good idea to even consider it an option. It makes no sense. Town and Fief tied to heritage, pride passed down to generation of lord. People goes to war with foreigners and backstabbing each others in court for it, it should never be something that can be bought with money, no matter how much.
  7. Taleworlds nerfing things too hard

    This is pretty typical among game developers for some reason, I see it all the time. I'm guessing they do it for the psychology reason.

    - People don't like 'neft' in general.
    - Small neft that turns out not enough gonna result in more neft.
    - 3 small nefts will piss a lot more people off than 1 big neft even if the net value at the end are the same. (WHAT!! YOU NEFT MY FAVORITE SKILL AGAIN!?!?!)

    And to think these nefts are often extreme enough that I'm pretty sure most dev (again not just TW) know for sure they're overshooting it. So another reason is so they can give it a small 'buff' to bring it back to target and appease people.
  8. A shield a shield my kingdom for a shield

    Ive played through many times already bud still positive that price is an unintentional error it is more than double the price of the next shield down.
    They already addressed similar issues with crossbow prices etc i dont mind it being an expensive shield at all btw but just under 200k is a bit silly.

    Wasn't Warband the same way? Lordly stuffs is the best stuff, but only miniscular better than the next one down the line while being 3-4 times more expensive.
  9. Bug: Beta 1.4.0 Profit No longer marked with Trade 25 Perk

    is it after you load a save? I noticed in the past if you reload a save, the game wiped out the old information of how much you original bought it fore, so it can't compare to the new selling price. It's especially bad when you just finish your buying trip - save the game for later. Load a save and you have no idea what to sell at for profit.

    Worse is even if you do remember what you bought and manage to sell for a profit, the game doesn't count it toward lvlign up your skill. But this has been this way since the last beta.
  10. Mystery! Epic's Secret!

    eh, either it's a click-bait attempt, or an attempt of being clever insinuating BL is so broken it may as well be free.

    Still a pretty bad attempt regardless.
  11. Even more grind to get influence now.

    Even more grind? You mean it was a grind before o_0
  12. How the Hell do I defeat Horse archers

    The issue I have dealing with horse archers is when I'm on defensive. In battles where I'm out-number, I rely on infantry to hold the line while cavalry flank the back. But if I send out my cavalry to chase the horse archer, there is a chance they don't get back in time when the infantries clash and my line got overrun.

    Even if I hold my calvary back, there is still a chance they decide to go after the horse archers instead of charging the back of the enemy line.
  13. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    The only mistake they made was announcing the game 8 years ago. That's it. Almost every other complains I see are just constructed from nothing but personal perceptive that's neither here nor there. For example: the "this game has been in development for 8 years!!" complain. I seriously don't understand what is the leverage that statement is supposed to have. It would make sense if at least one of these scenarios applies:

    - It was a kickstarter project. You gave them money 8 years ago, and ended up waiting for a long time. Was this a kickstarter game? I can understand why Star Citizen backers angry waiting, but not this.
    - This wasn't a game but something that provide you with aspiration for closure. If the police takes 8 years to find the murder of your father, you can complain.
    - This wasn't a game, but a critical tool to address life crisis. Like if it take 8 years to develop COVID-19 virus, you can complain.

    But none of that applied here. The way people complain about the 8 years sometime made me think TW hold their money hostage for all those years, or as if they had to make some crucify scarify to wait 8 years like i.e "I will stay a virgin until I can play this game".

    In a vacumn, that 8 years mean nothing to us player because have zero skate in it, just like there were zero obligation. Imagine if TW had went bankrupt and stop developing the game altogether in those 8 years, that would be it any you wouldn't even able to call them liar or scammer.

    Now the game is in early access, and you do have to pay money. I guess now you can have some legit reason to complain when you're not happy about something, but using the "8 years" argument is not one of them. And frankly I hope people don't lose their sanity themselves, since evidently a lot of people have no idea what it involves seeing they're already lose their patient barely just a month into it.

    As someone who generally play a lot of early access tittle, let me tell you something:

    - Most early access is a long process where the frustration and excitement often come in equal measure.
    - There will be period of bustling activities, and there will be lull where nothing happens for weeks/months.

    And let me re-emphasize: it's a long process. I'm still in Early Access for some game after 2-3 years. If people are like this just one month in, I'm afriad by the time this game is finished a lot will need to see a psychiatrist for counseling.
  14. More things to do with money.

    It's miles ahead of Bannerlord in terms of UI, AI, balance, options, features, ....etc...

    And like I said, still is a Warband with mods. No matter how many floors you can add, how much decoration, how well thought out the design, ultimately you can not add more to a house than what a foundation can support. And I'm ok to say goodbye to that "perfect little house" called Warband to move on what potentially can be built into a mansion, even if it means right now I'm starring at just the foundation.

    Bannerlord is an unfinished EA title I get it

    No you don't, you really really Really Really REALLY REALLY don't, and I can say that to just about everyone who paying lip service to similar statements around here. And I don't mean it in a demeaning confrontational way, but just stating fact. To quote Ashley from Mass Effect: "why is it whenever someone say 'with all due respect', it actually mean sthey want to stick something up your ***?"

    It's ok to critize the game, I have no problem with it. It's ok to ask for more, that's only natural. There is no need to pretend.

    Bannerlord has sieges, better graphics, and babies.... that's about it.

    yes, that's it. That's it I can't go back to war-band.

    - Siege: Now that I had acquired a taste of what a sieges can be in Bannerlord, even as half functioning as it currently is, you can't even pay me to go back and do one more siege in warband.

    - Better graphic? That's very big things, you may not care for the graphic and that's ok. But I would point out that to achieve that jump in graphic is not a simple matter, especially when the game also increase greatly in scale. 1000 troop battles in better graphic vs 160-200 troops battile in crap graphic. Again you might not care for it, but it's not a minor improvement.

    - and babies? which is one of my wet dream for warband. I'm huge on RPing, and a sandbox like this is the perfect medium for it. In fact, once the family/dynasty system fully flesh out, then for me personally that alone is already a good enough reason to make the jump.

    And there are quite a few others stuffs that I appreciate Bannerlord adding over Warband (your mileage may vary). Even if many of them are not quite functional right now, I'm taking the chance of one day I can play with all those new features as oppose to the zero percent chance if I'm to stick with Warband.
  15. More things to do with money.

    I invite you all to go play the Bannerpage mod for WB. Look at how poorly Bannerlord is in comparison to this, it's not all EA related either.

    And no matter how amazing it is, or twice as amazing as you think it is, in the end it's still only a "Warband" with mod.

    What was TWs doing for 8 years?

    Making a new game? I'm not expert, but I figure that's probably harder than making mods for an existing game, no matter how amazing the mod turns out to be.
  16. More things to do with money.

    My suggestion is to give punishments that can be retracted through bribes, at least it feels more realistic, not as a blatant gold sink.
    One suggestion was to repair relations with raided villages, player or AI lord must pay an wergild for the grief caused to raise the relations up to "questable" numbers (still negative), then pay for repairs on the village (raises a bit more), then idk, pay for temporary workers... Could even go as far as paying influence to "send citizens of my fief to help"

    Having too much gold is just a symtol, the actual problem is the game is too easy. Pretty much every suggestion you made so far for a goldsink will confer the player of advantage when we're already lopsided the AI. I never raid village, what damage is there to repair? Use it too boots rep? You mean making the rep requirement for recruiting completely trivial? Boosting prosperity? What for when I already too much anyway, to make even more money?

    Here is the thing: it doesn't matter if the dev gonna add 10 new things for you to spend gold on, as long as gold is trivial to make it doesn't matter, all it does it makes the game easier and easier as the player can just rain gold for whatever amount asked and grab those advantage with minimum effort. Btw, in real life economy we have a specific word for it: inflation. And current the game's behaviour is akin to the central banks printing money non-stop and give it to you for free, as long as you spend the effort going to pick it up from your mailbox.
  17. Recruiting system is very old, bad and not realistic, that cause unbalanced battles.

    I mostly agree with the notion in the reply of the second post, but this part made me extra chuckle.

    Then need allow lords and player after recruiting the recruits from villages, to select the equipment that they want, so they can have infantry, archers and cavalry with the equipment that they want and can afford (more money = better equipment = better armies, like in real life).

    Like in real life heh ?

    You give a peasant the best bow on the planet and he'll most likely hurt himself while shooting an ally. There is a reason while levi tend to use spear/rock/sling as weapon is not just about the cost, beucase those tend the most chance of them actually hurting their enemies rather than themselves. Even wearing armor need to have the proper training and body coniditioning to be effective, otherwise you're just a steel tincan that enemies can poke at freely.
  18. Less Rushed

    Overall the game just feels way more fast pace. For example, in Warband you income is evaluate once a week, here you have to pay your troop every day. If your style of game also invest in passive incomes (like workshop or carravan) it's balance out since both expense/income are daily. But if you're like me who mostly do battle for mnoey until I get a fielf, once you get a good size high level stack you kinda need those constant battles just to barely go into red.
  19. Is there some mod pack available?

    Hello !

    I am just wondering if there is possibility to download most useful mods to enhance your gameplay in a bulk ?
    Modless game is just to empty for me but when i see lika a million of mods on nexus and 836 diffrent youtube videos promoting ''top ten bannerlord mods'' but every video has completly diffrent pick i get frustrated and lose motivation to play even though i want to have 50-100 hours campaign.

    I know there is no full conversion mods yet but there was no better feeling then downloading prophesy of pendor on warband and play it as it is because it enhanced everything.

    Consider the game are still in early access with change both major and minor happens several time a week, I would say it's a bit too early to be looking for the experience you're describing.

    Most people using mods currently simply as minor patch works on stuffs that's the dev haven't got to yet.
  20. Am I the only one that thinks the Characters look really weird?

    I don't believe anyone think it is good. Most people just accept this game do not have great graphics, and it is already an improvement over MnB.

    I mean we all play games of all sorts all the time. Unless they are blind or have zero art sense I am sure everyone can tell.

    They made it worse with 1.3 though. Feel like everyone got hit with the ugly stick for the shake of "realism", except it doesn't look any more real than it was IMO
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