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  1. SP - General When are you going to fix persuasion?

    Are you sure?

    How long did you wait between attempts? Which clan was it? Were you the ruler, in the same kingdom as the first failure? I want more details!

    I have always gotten the reply, "you have already tried to convince me" every time I have attempted the same lord more than once. This is both lords with and without the "critical fail" occurring during the first attempt, both while being a vassal and while being the king myself (different playthroughs), both fiefed and unfiefed (I was only ever able to convince a fiefed lord to join me while my character was the king, and I only attempted that during war so they would bring the fief with them :twisted: ).

    Not once have I been allowed to even try to convince any clan leader a second time. I thought, maybe if the leader dies and the clan has a new leader... but I am not patient enough for that. I have yet to play long enough to have my first character die :sleep:
    In my case what happened was that I tried to convince a lord to marry my female character, but failed the second conversation (you need 2 or 3 succesful conversations iirc, been a while). After talking to them again a few days later I still got the same "sorry, but I don't think this is going to work" line, and instead of going for another lord I just kinda forgot about it for a few ingame seasons, maybe a year. I tried again after that and was surprised to see I could initiate another romance attempt.

    However, I never really tested this too much because yes, it does seem to take a long time before you can try again, so I just reload a save when I fail a persuasion attempt and try again or leave it for now. I never tested if this applies for convincing lords to join your kingdom, but I don't see why not as it's the same mechanic just with different conditions.

    I don't know if they've since changed it since I tested this somewhere in november 2022, but if they haven't yet then frankly I would agree they should just reset persuasion attempts every ingame 20 days.

    Also regarding your character dying, unless you die in battle your character is not going to die of old age in the average playthrough. The only time my main character ever died of old age was about 10 ingame years after I conquered the entire map and just started messing around with fief management and trying to recreate enemy kingdoms by giving fiefs to companions, since I had killed off every clan that wasn't my own.
  2. SP - General When are you going to fix persuasion?

    With the latest patch savescumming nets me different results now (for choosing the same options after multiple loads). This is... a change... anyways. I consider it neither an improvement nor a step backwards :roll:

    I suggest a bigger change to get rid of my desire to save-scum for this entirely. I do not think it should be a one-shot chance. That is silly. Let me try to convince the same clan leader again later, after a month (or year?) in-game time. I personally do not like save-scumming, and this current mechanic just screams for that.

    I gave up on my no-traitors playthrough. I will attempt it again in the future I'm sure, but I was also trying several other things at the same time, most of which turned out to not be very fun (leveling tactics, anyone?).

    Nah, really the main problem with that playthrough was that I was peacefully purchasing every city/castle instead of besieging them. It was... too slow to earn the $$$ for that. It is very doable, but being a pacifist expansionist was tediously boring to me. Maybe if I used a mod to make towns have more than 100k at a time in their markets... :cool: Or maybe if I tried to make super valuable swords and throw those into the trade window? I never did get favorable results trying to trade valuable items with other lords... What, you don't want this shiny sword for your daughter?

    Also: I just like starting over a lot (in all the games I play, not just Mount and Blade).

    Also Also: I am a bit impatient. I have yet to play a character long enough to die of old age. I have only seen grown children in one playthrough so far, and that guy took over the whole map... before factions could get eliminated :shock:
    You can already do that. There's no need to savescum.
  3. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Enhancing RPG Elements

    peacetime should matter. Rebuilding the kingdom after the war, I think this element would stop other nations from constantly declaring war.

    peacetime should lead to closer relationships with lords and npcs and things like that.
    While there should be a little more incentive for kingdoms to not immediately go to war right after having finished one, I don't think peacetime should be something that most lords are happy about. Citizens and such, merchants, yeah sure, but most vassals in the game want to go to war because going to war is how most of them became more powerful, and most kings are on a personal quest to conquer other nations because they just don't like the fact they exist as they do.

    Especially in Calradia, where the intro states that a long lasting peace is what caused the continent's nobles and kings to become restless and initiate a civil war. It wouldn't make much sense, as strange as that sounds, for the kingdom's ruling class to be happy about peace.
  4. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Enhancing RPG Elements

    For futures patches TW has to add more lines of text and more now with the help of IA programs, they should include it in the game, there was a mod that did it and the characters and NPCs could have long conversations and give a strong push to diplomacy.
    TW doesn't own or have the rights needed to use these programs for their games, and to be honest I think it's overkill. Mount and Blade has always had rpg elements but it has never been a D&D style game and I don't see why it should be.
  5. SP - Battles & Sieges Singing in battle

    Looks like more of a gimmick tbh, but I could see something like that work in Bannerlord, just instead of singing it's more of a brief battlecry. Kinda hard to actively sing with your comrades when you have to focus on not getting hit by a lance or boulder.
  6. SP - General Reduce the XP required scaling so that skills max out at the hardest part of the game.

    Have to disagree tbh. Being able to level up and improve and seeing yourself become stronger is part of the fun, if you've already hit your peak character build by the time you've made a kingdom, then what was the point of leveling to begin with, might as well put cheats on.

    There are certain skills that do level a bit too slowly for my taste, like trade, but what you're suggesting is counter intuitive of a leveling system in my opinion. If you really want to have fun with your skills for a little longer by the time you've conquered the map, you could just leave your kingdom and start over, and afaik your heirs usually start with more skill points and attribute points than your main character does anyway.
  7. SP - General When are you going to fix persuasion?

    You're talking about the base value being affected before the conversation takes place.
    That may well be the case... but that doesn't detract from the system that has absolutely no bearing on what choices you're making during the conversation.
    The highlighting of Honor/Generosity etc... in either red or green is completely null. The percentages associated with the responses, are equally null.
    When you have a 5% critical failure chance at step three, and critically fail 37 times in a row with save-scumming and repeating the exact same interaction sequence - that is not a 5% chance. That's like falling out of an aeroplane without having a parachute and having a winning lottery ticket break your fall and leaving you completely unscathed save for a paper cut.
    I imagine the idea behind that is that there was a 5% chance for that option to be determined as a failure, prior to initiating the conversation. As someone else said, if you let some time pass for about a second, the conversation results change again, so they are probably rerolled every second using those odds. If you were to, instead of saving and reloading without letting time pass, save and reload and let some time pass before initiating the conversation, you'll find that those odds are more accurate.

    The system works, and I think the anti-savescum mechanic is clever, I think you're mostly just annoyed that you spent so much time savescumming just to be met with the same conversation results thinking there would be a different result each time. The only change they could make here in line with what you asked is to make savescumming persuasion checks a bit more convenient, and honestly I'd rather they put a priority on other mechanics.
  8. Add the ability to Import characters from another save to a new game like you can on PC

    Title. Frankly I don't see why we aren't allowed to do this, all it does is remove a fun feature from the game as you still have to legitimately level that character to be able to import them on a new save.
  9. Community Tales #1

    Appreciate the talent in the Bannerlord community, but would love to see more in-depth updates and insights about the game's progress. Let's balance community content with game development news!

    When did the Bannerlord community management turn into an elementary school art showcase? I miss the days when we got real updates and not just recycled fan art. 🎨🙄
    Why not both :xf-wink:
  10. SP - UI Give the Auto allocate option a player-guided template

    This would work out if as other mention before we had better partyroles. Or call them careers.
    When you hire a wanderer one choose a career, like caravanleader or captain. Same when a child is born. A spouse would already have a role from their clan.
    Most are now a jack of all trades.
    I like that idea. Maybe instead of one overall template, the player can create multiple custom templates of what they'd want a member to level up as, and then when going to a character's stat screen there's an option to select an auto allocate option using template x.

    The game could offer a few premade templates showing what they'd focus on, and then add slots for two or three custom templates adjusted at the player's discretion.
  11. SP - UI Make a separate slider for cursor movement and camera movement on console versions of the game

    The default cursor movement is too slow for my liking, but because it's tied to camera turn movement speed, when I increase it my camera turns faster than I feel comfortable using. It makes using the cursor with analog stick very undesirable, I try to compensate using the arrow keys, but as...
  12. SP - UI Give us a "reset all perks" option at the arena master

    It's great that we can already reset the perks of a skill tree at the arena master, however since we can reset perks anyway, we should be given the option to reset the perks fo an entire attribute's skill tree, or reset all perks of a given character. This is so that when recruiting companions...
  13. SP - UI Give the Auto allocate option a player-guided template

    Give us the option to create a template for how we want clan members to have their perks, focus points and attribute points allocated. Problem: Currently the auto allocation system just selects random upgrade paths out of the player's control, this means you either choose to micro manage each...
  14. SP - UI Make a smith all option

    Give us the option to smelt all weapons, refine all of a selected material or craft all of a selected weapon until either our crafting stamina runs out or the materials we need do. I see no reason why we have to spam the same button over and over when it's literally just straining your hand for...
  15. SP - UI Console versions of the game need more keybinds/options for certain tedious and extremely spammy actions (desperately imo), see list

    Introduction: I'm a console player (PS5) and have been enjoying bannerlord a lot since release. However, in the late game there are certain actions you do that you also do in the early game, but just in higher quantities, selling loot, upgrading troops, smithing, you name it. In many instances...
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