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  1. Oltopeteeh

    Осада, последний противник в стене

    Вообще-то отступить и добить автобоем - рабочая схема. Осада не прерывается, если у нас остается достаточно бойцов для поддержания лагеря.
    Этому сильно способствует перк "Партнеры" из Роджери, бесплатный найм бандитов, для гарнизона и лимита армии.
  2. Oltopeteeh

    SP - Economy Equipment Costs & Troop Upgrade Costs make no sense

    This nuisance can be changed with a mod.

    public override float GetEquipmentValueFromTier(float itemTierf)
    { return MathF.Pow(2, MathF.Clamp(itemTierf, -1.0f, 9f)); }

    Where 2 is the desired multiplier.
    Native = 2.75, old ~2.9.
  3. Oltopeteeh

    Nerfing players Kingdom a thing? Please help

    Based on the experience of numerous playthroughs, I can report that the player’s nerf, if any, is not particularly felt.
    Infinite money from blacksmithing skill.
    Huge, actually free armies from rogeri, partners of crime.
    Crowds of lords from charm, plus our clan limit plus politics plus steward plus max leadership. Three or four hundred fighters with them, about a thousand in the escort army.
    Click the siege, wait on the accelerated time, start the fight and go drink tea. Five to ten minutes and any settlement is yours.
    Enemies will not be able to capture faster than you.
    And now, you have already captured everyone up to level 40-50.
  4. Oltopeteeh

    SP - Economy Armour Crafting

    Craft and smelt armor, ranged, etc. Work in progress :smile:
  5. Oltopeteeh

    How to prepare for death for my character? pick a successor? denar/Inventory items transfer to successor?

    Companions would rather die in battle than from old age)))
    True loot mod allows you to return equipment after the battle, without looting with an exploit.
  6. Oltopeteeh

    SP - General Smithing should not require stamina

    Mod - smith forever and the like remove the waste of stamina.
    Tweak mod adds regen outside the city.
    Rare mods to reduce the excessive increase in the price of things from the level remove the problem of over-enrichment.

    Excluding regen, it's in my mods :smile:
  7. Oltopeteeh

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Exchange the bow for crossbow in fitting starts

    Your equipment is decided on the screen which asks you what part of the army you joined, and doesn't depend on what you choose before
    We can add skill check.
    For every x points of skill (10 or % of parameters + focus) get "weight" of choice.
    Then it divide shares by total amount of bonus and get items.
    In particular, an infantryman without horse and horse armor on it can get better equipment on himself in order to maintain overall amount of advantages.
    And the merchant takes many goods, because he won’t fight himself and doesn’t need military equipment :smile:
  8. Oltopeteeh

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Exchange the bow for crossbow in fitting starts

    It is possible in mod. For example, open source weapons, slings with crossbow skill.

    And personally, I was surprised that even at start, Batans go hunting with a crossbow (+this skill). Therefore, it is impossible to have five focus points in bow at start.
  9. Oltopeteeh

    SP - General Want to remove some 'crafted weapons' from game.

    Mod - Crafted Item Copyright
  10. Oltopeteeh

    How do you craft a tier 6 sword

    You need the sum of the stats, added according to the general formula, equal to 6 or higher.

    Important: the number of raw tier above 7.5 is cut off in the game.
    Therefore, especially strong things cost the same.
    Otherwise, for example, a noble longbow would have almost 12 tiers and a completely insane cost.
  11. Oltopeteeh

    SP - UI Shift/Ctrl functionality for faster smelting/refining

  12. Oltopeteeh

    A smithing problem.

    There are mods that hide things with a lock. There are mods that allow companions to upgrade their equipment themselves. There are mods that save our time, like quick dialogues. Enjoy your collection :smile:
  13. Oltopeteeh

    SP - Economy Blacksmithing Balancing

    Already tried to embody the idea - in fact it turns out the same as now. Unless you have to take breaks more often, or less often, depending on the specific numbers you balance.

    Stamina builds up over time and then instantly turns into an item. Or we wait, after pressing the craft button, in the standby mode in the city (possibly a castle, or a village, if you craft through the menu with the possibility of waiting)).

    If you want to see a working idea, you need a unique craft. Otherwise, the game turns into a waiting simulator. Or charged companions and fight, again waiting.

    According to the mind, you need to add a mini-game, such as targeted attacks on the anvil, as on the enemy, so as not to be smart with the mechanics and balance once again.

    Quite rudely, remember the "Warband".
    I did it there through the training camp. Newbie craft - fight with a newbie. Craft top equipment - fight with four best fighters at the same time.
    Battle-Training, when you win, we get an item. No - you can cancel (return materials), or try again :smile:
  14. Oltopeteeh

    Живо ли Русскоязычное комьюнити?

    Живо и даже активно, что хорошо видно по модам на нексусе с руссификацией) Для статистики по форуму можно глянуть счетчик сообщений, даты ответов в топ темах. А для учета особо активных добавить опрос. Вы же тоже часть сообщества и ваша активность будет в плюс ответу :smile:
  15. Oltopeteeh

    SP - General The Armor Balance Problem - Possible Solutions

    Then I recommend adding a repair system, otherwise powerful armor with a pseudo-realistic mode will not show the most serious obstacle, why not everyone can afford the best in life. Buying is not as difficult as maintaining in good condition. Each missed hit will hit the wallet, and not just when the unit dies. Of course, ammunition will also be consumed, and not appear from nothing, with each battle.
  16. Oltopeteeh

    SP - General Suggestions for better smithing and crafting

    screenshot for fast look... just imagine, this already have =)


    I recommend to look at the source code of my mod (file: master for visual studio).

    Versions older than 1.7.1 will require a minor edit to the usage method (thanks to TW for this broken many mods).
  17. Oltopeteeh

    SP - General Suggestions for better smithing and crafting

    this can be done now, with the help of mods. which is what I did :smile:
  18. Oltopeteeh

    Объясните пожалуйста некоторые моменты

    где вообще можно такие нюансы отслеживать?
    Самый надёжный метод - смотреть в коде. В частности, сравнивать рекомпиляцию dll разных версий. Но понимаю, что такой метод подойдет не всем.
    Простые игроки смотрят новости форума (как раз этого, официального).
    Пример -
    Отдельные моменты всплывают в темах, посвященных багам игры.
    А в целом, личный опыт ничто не заменит. Поскольку мы прекрасно знаем, что конечный, реальный результат не всегда совпадает с намерением даже у разработчиков. Особенно, когда многие значения жестко зафиксированы в разных местах кода, отчего просто-таки неизбежны накладки.
    Вроде необходимости ставить мод изменения параметров луков перед sandboxcore, и дублировать после, чтобы вес луков пересчитался корректно.
  19. Oltopeteeh

    Объясните пожалуйста некоторые моменты

    Щит на спине: +10 брони. Всё.
    Смена экипировки - баг. Встречается довольно редко, в твоем случае, с выгодой. А я вот дополнительные комплекты топовой брони ношу, на подобные случаи. Плюс гибель героев в бою - снаряжение просто исчезает и надо доставать новое.
  20. Oltopeteeh

    Why archers (and all ranged weapons) should be removed from M&B.

    Nerf ranged and no problem.
    P.S.: Nord with battania archer - big problem for any settlement.

    If downgrade damage bow, crossbow, javelin, to normal damage pierce weapon, and change bonus headshot (=melee headshot), we can (at last!) taste balance in Bannerlrd's combat... But TW this not interested :smile:
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