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  1. Oyunla ilgili kötü olan her şey, bir nevi(Sadece Multiplayer)

    benim icin, en büyük hayal kirikligi, ne EA olmasi, ne hatalari, nede yavascana gelen güncelmeler ve gelismeler

    ama TW'sun, oyuncularin, klanlarin ve modcularin kendi serverlerini acma ve modifiye etme imkanlarinin vermemesi.

    bannerlordun betasinda bu mümkündü ve hala mümkün. musade edilse, modcular bile haledecek ama niyese, bilinmeyen ve anlatinilmayan nedenlerden dolayi, buna musade edilmiyor??? niye? bir ise yaramaz, cs go gibi bir competitiv, sistem yapmak icinmi?
  2. Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2024 unless we find an alternative

    I really cant believe that it is so hard to atleast put on a plain map from the campaign rise the ammount of Skirmish players to 100 and let us ****ing enjoy the game with our Clans/Regiments. I know, Siege... but its boring and just TDM atm. We need a Battle Server!

    All the SP maps are better then that we got in the MP mode. Had to say that.

    I also think if Taleworlds still plans to add a ingame shop, then we will not see dedicated privat servers until that got implemented. Mods are free and better. The enemy of every shop in a game.

    what?? when did they say or plan that?
  3. Multiplayer mods can't be made until 2024 unless we find an alternative

    its really a shame, i bought bannerlord for the MP modding scene. SP was just side thing for me , when i heard that coop wouldnt be a thing.
    i never really got to partake in mount and blade MP modding back in the days, and i played enough SP. i had nothing but respect fot TW, until i heard this

    if this is true......
  4. red symbol

    does this stand for packet loss? if it does how can i fix this? i thought that there were something wrong with the server it really effects gameplay
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    is it possible to play multiplayer on 1.4.1 yet, because i cant login
  6. Duel Server Information

    could you maybe take the player size up to 40 at the EU server?

    oooh 23 now, nevermind
  7. I really didn't want to be this disappointed

    i am also confussed about this too, i hope the devs wil come with an explanation
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