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  1. Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    Well i hope 1.1.0 is some bigger content update (in beta updates 0.2, 0,3 etc. usually contained some sort of new content captain mode for example). Weekly content patches would be really great
  2. Many Armor/Weapons LOCKED?!

    For some reason this ins't working for me? Anyone else have this issue?
    It doesnt happen immediately
    items spawn over time
  3. Many Armor/Weapons LOCKED?!

    I downloaded this mod, replaced the file so it should be fine
  4. Many Armor/Weapons LOCKED?!

    Do i have to start a new game? I changed the files and it doesnt seem to have any effect whatsoever
  5. Influence problem

    Can you guys pls advice me on how to get influence sufficient to create an army and finally start capturing towns?
  6. Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    I wonder how frequent content updates will be
  7. Tournaments

    Are there any other tournament types besides group melee fights? Archery for example /
  8. Steam Updated

    Tell me why do you care? We know its releasing tomorrow, then why are you guys so nervous about it chill
  9. About Early Access,No new promotional video?

    If they released video for gamescom im sure they will for EA release as well
  10. About Early Access,No new promotional video?

    It'll be probably tomorrow morning
  11. Sieges in EA

    They were listed in the announcement the other day so I'd say yes.
    I checked early access information devblog once again and there is no info about keep battle whatsoever can you tell me about which annoucement exactly were you talking about?
  12. Sieges in EA

    Were they? I hadn't noticed! That's great news if so, I was sure they'd be one of the "missing siege features" alluded to on the Steam page.
    same here
  13. Sieges in EA

    Do we know if keep battles will be present initially in EA? Im really curious, since they were absent in gamescom demo
  14. Early Access Information

    So story campaign will be playable from start to end?
  15. EA info from steam

    It's In, this is Callum's answer when asked:
    Oh boy im so ready
  16. EA info from steam

    Marriage was there in previous titles, so i guess it's in. But we didn't have children/death/heir system in previous game. We can only hope at this point ?
    Now that i think of this when it says most things it probably mentions absence of kingdom creation. Ruwa is almost 2 years old.
  17. EA info from steam

    so is marriage in or not?
  18. Hyped for 31. yet "low" expectations

    So is kingdom creation FULLY out the window for RN? Id imagine that you would at least be able to takeover your own towns/castles and raise your banner their. Might kingdom creation include social/economic policy and custom troop trees?
    Imo if proper kingdom/fief management, marriage and diplomacy will be on then its already a lot of content. Also keep in mind that the game will be constantly updated so you would not Reach a position to create a kingdom, save may bot always be compatible.
  19. Marriage in Early Access

    Btw i came up with an idea how to check if marriage is in game(well not in100%) im sure there was a guy at gamescom browsing through every clan information etc. so if marriage would be present in clan screen in the demo i am pretty sure its in the game also
  20. ? For Dev dynasties/families in EA

    You can easily make a dev blog about a planned feature, that might not be implemented in the game yet, or they might have made such major changes to it, that it was pulled to be implemented later. Some of the major reason for the delay of the game, was that they scrapped the entire engine they were using to make their own, to make making the game and future modding alot easier. Also to make the game prettier/better. Kind of like what happened to the lost Diablo 3, that was scrapped after screenshots of it had leaked, to come out several years later a completely different game. Lets hope Bannerlord is far better than the bad game Diablo 3 ended up being though.
    Youre right, but not in one thing, they didnt scrap the engine. Check mikesavage interview from september
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