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  1. Custom Server Disconnected From Custom Battle Server Manager

    It is hard to imagine a multiplayer with constant server crush to have a functional community period.

    when you want to play the game, you wait for 5m to join a near full skirmish server then game already end, wait for the vote server crush very first round. for half an hour you don't get to play a single game, a typical multiplayer experience these days .

    I suggest TW released the multiplayer code further to at least let the community rewrite the code, since it is pretty obvious there is Zero monetize opportunity for a game with 2-300 active player top, Globally.
  2. These problems will never end..(This is the truth!)

    "cavalry horses the balance of power was once beautiful but not now. Most times characters do not fall to the ground even though they are hit by an armored horse running at full throttle.." shouldnt used TDM logic to dictated balance
  3. Fix the servers

    before posting skirmish server crushed 2 time in a row in less than 5m, great work. it all start to happen after that stealth update to patch ago.
  4. Most most pressing multiplayer issues.

    they should get rid of the login stuff altogether, ffs

    and server crush is hammering skirmish mode which happen way frequent than any other mode
  5. custom server skirmish mode is literally unplayable

    personally i think this only happened frequently in Skirmished mode, other mode still have it's server crushed in the end of the game, but nothing as bad as this new found bug in skirmish.
  6. custom server skirmish mode is literally unplayable

    client side random crushed in average 2 games and sometime more crushes in 2 game. insane level of incompetence exhibit here. it was way better before the official launch, back then at least you can finished a game or 2 before it inevitably crushed
  7. *Eight simple ways to improve Banner lord multiplayer and a poll to see the priority.

    i dont like stun either, it's very noticeable in a 2hand against 1hand fight, and it's not in a good way
  8. Randomly logged out of lobby over and over

    Same here, it was fine is this even possible
  9. The China custom test server, a petition from our community.

    Support this movement!! Let's call it "Bring the ****ing EAST ASIA server TO EAST ASIA movement
  10. EA Server down AGAIN

    well guys gota nothing to say at this point, just released the damn private server.
  11. So the update from months ago killed multi-player?

    completely kill EA base, at least 50% of the player and almost all skirmish mode
  12. released the custom server now please

    no matter what state the custom server is right now, community will fix it way faster than your developer. this is just a terrible fact after 2 year of dev circle. released it give community the tool to save the current mess.
  13. what's wrong with EA server?

    Armagan has to travel there and restart the servers by hand. It's a sign of personal dedication!
    Unfortunately he can't make it to South America yet, because safety is not guaranteed for game developers in Amazon jungles.
    lol very nice! very nice xD
  14. what's wrong with EA server?

    they really should just disband their multiplayer stuff and give community server code. it just painfully clear now, they simply don't have the capability and willingness to make the multiplayer to function at a optimal level, let alone to make it attractive.

    btw they can monetize the most popular mod later like they did in warband win-win for the player and TW.
  15. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH EA SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!

    96 hour of server downtime is a new record for TW's incompetency.
  16. what's wrong with EA server?

    This could all be fixed by allowing custom servers and modding tools. Then EA players could host their own servers without having to worry about TW intern forgetting to hit the “on” button.
    hear! hear!
  17. what's wrong with EA server?

    I sincerely hope you guys are taking this time for relocating East Asia server location out of A South East Asia location! but I know better, this will just end up to be another cluster **** up, plz TW surprise me it's been 36hours!!! @Callum @Dejan
  18. Why battle-cn server not actually located cn?

    hong kong is great if there is difficulty to found server in mainland
  19. Can't wait any longer.

    It's real.
    We need a Private Server quickly.
    I already paid VPN more than the price of the game.
    hahahah indeed we all are
  20. Can't wait any longer.

    I even have slogan for it "EA server in EA!"
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