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  1. Crypex

    When will Team damage in Siege and TDM be introduced

    We need some based combat.
  2. Crypex

    This update absolutely sucks

    The combat is good :smile:
  3. Crypex

    Trolling in duel mode

    Sometimes i run into cowards that just run around the map with cav instead of dueling. They make you chase them forever or you rage quit from the server and lose all your points. Tw should add a way to opt out of an ongoing duel instead of having to quit from the server

    Plz consider adding this very important feature
    nobody forced you to accept the duel with cav smh
  4. Crypex

    Will TW give players custom shield banners with the new customization options ?

    Already have the framework from SP why not just move it to MP.
  5. Crypex

    Duel mode score board?

    then talk a lot of **** from behind their keyboards
    I'm duckie dreadsword and I'm the best
  6. Crypex

    Duel mode score board?

    Check the scoreboard
    im duckie dreadsword
  7. Crypex

    Bannerlord meme thread

    gem gud man.
  8. Crypex

    North American Server Inconsistency

    2nd day in a row NAE servers for skirm dont work. We instantly get in a game on NAW. For at least a few months now NAE servers have experienced issues. I dont know what the cause of this is but its extremely frustrating that NAE is always having server issues while other servers do not (granted I do not queue other regions often).
    Gem is poopy
    servers are poopy
    and dev don't care anymore cuz we are saying its poopy.

    Why are the NA's ignored we are the 2nd largest region after EU :sad:
  9. Crypex

    Quality of Life Improvement Duel Server

    Please implement an option to request duel from the scoreboard menu this way players do not have to look for each other to initiate a duel.
  10. Crypex

    Resolved Game Unplayable teleporting everything

    Are you still experiencing this issue on the latest version of the game?
    Not at the moment
  11. Crypex

    In Progress NADuel Stuck In the Please wait phase

    Summary: Randomly when i try to join Duel server, I as a player am stuck in the please wait phase for eternity. This is not a me problem but a duel server problem as nobody can join the server. How to Reproduce: Joining NA duel server Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows...
  12. Crypex


    No, I dont want more mechanics.
  13. Crypex

    who is the best duelist NA?

    Wegnas/Narmin is best NA
  14. Crypex

    [NADL] Sign-up [Signups Done]

    Player Name: Crypex
    Main Class: Infantry
    Main Gamemode Played: Skirmish
    Your Country: Canada
  15. Crypex

    New class system: Equalize all stats, freely choose equipment

    We had this in the game before at release and it was cancer.
  16. Crypex

    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    Right now though, I firmly believe that the state of multiplayer is actively killing the potential for the community to develop, and when we get to the point where TW wants to work on the experience, the community will be irreparably damaged.

    How so tho? Many of the players have already quit the game temporarily until the game is fixed. Shutting down the game completely is what will cause the death of the community. The few remaining players who actually play the game will stand and vouch for improvements and progress. Shutting down a game completely drops the player count to 0 and I guarantee you that this is a slap to the face to the players who still play this game. A complete shutdown is just not going to fix it, and what's likely going to happen is a very disappointing result that would make people actually quit the mount and blade franchise.

    Feedback is not as critical as the changes that this game needs to undergo are massive and fundamental. Not simple tweaks. There is enough feedback on this forum and elsewhere to explain these fundamental changes in great detail.
    Regarding this point the analytics are important, you need players to test the game. We know for a fact that every time they try to introduce something the game breaks. So we need people who can send those crash reports and explain the bugs and exploits in the game. The devs are active, while slow and not effective they are still getting results eventually. While arguably it is worse of I really do not know how the game is worse off after they refactored the code but it is what it is. For any form of testing for changes good or bad the developers need someone to play test the game and see how it goes. This is important when you consider A/B testing being a crucial methodology when analyzing user experience simply skipping this will be the developers doing changes with no idea if these changes will break the game or not. Many times the developers can introduce something and this one thing will be used in a way that is not meant to be used at all.

    Perhaps veterans and die hard players will, but those new players who contributed to the massive sales during release will never return. Like it or not, we need those players, and if we can save even a small amount of them, it will vastly contribute to this niche community.
    I can't talk about the entire community but for NA the problems were the servers and the split that killed NA. Other communities are Poppin and I think the reason why the community is not doing well is bad engagement and outreach. This is very evident when it comes to SA especially since they do not have a server to begin with.

    A good recovery plan and come back for games come with good community outreach, communication, and most importantly great results. People will give it a fair shot if a lot of fixes and changes do come. Bannerlord online got a lot of players when it released because people noticed something different and if people notice that MP is actually popping and tournaments are a thing now the sheer pressure will let the newer player come back. If NoManSky dev team managed to pull off a comeback then bannerlord def can. They just need to focus on the real things and meme us with BS UI updates that actually make the game worse.

    Bannerlord MP is dead because you got less than a handful of people working on the other half of the game. The updates that we get in the patch notes are not considered updates but instead just value changes that an entry-level intern can change. The last significant update we had was the removal of block delay.
  17. Crypex

    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    The number of people who think shutting down MP is
    The suggestion is of shutting down MP is a trash decision and I still do not understand why in the world someone would think of this.

    1) There is no faith that the devs will ever reach the destination at their pace. They take 1 step forward and 3 steps back. So shutting down the game will arguably make the game worse because we know how they love to ignore the community and only after x amount of months perhaps give in to the community. What makes you think that they will perfectly fix the game and implement the right decisions the community has been rooting for? Multiplayer mods are the only thing that kept Warband alive and the mods are what is going to save Bannerlord MP.

    2) Shutting down the game leads to the lack of player engagement on how the game can be improved. Analytics are necessary in order to understand what is going on with the game such as crash reports and other stuff. If one lets a select few play the game to test the decisions then the decision-maker still won't care about the opinion of the veterans who tell the developers what is good and bad in the game. A lot of the veterans kept emphasizing the problems and they were ignored.

    3) Even if your game is considered a stain on your resume you should put your head into the game and fix it. That what happened with games like NoMans Sky. Shutting down the game completely is honestly the last nail in the coffin that will never let the community recover.

    4)The whole shutting down MP will just expedite the SP experience and still keep MP dead.

    Instead of shutting down MP, we should just dedicate an entire update for MP. Have the competent programmers and animators in SP focus on MP for 10 months and the game will recover.
  18. Crypex

    Resolved Game Unplayable teleporting everything

    Summary: People teleport, I teleport, swings are insanely high speed, the game became unplayable for no reason despite normal ping and consistent FPS. How to Reproduce: I just changed my game from my SSD to normal Hard drive, game works normally in SP. I do not have the problem on NAwest but...
  19. Crypex

    1.6. when ?

    give 6-8 months lol
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