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  1. B Medieval Medieval Conquests

    Hiking-Viking said:
    Can anyone guess why I can't open the F5 menu to change the AI?
    The button just does not do anything.

    For anyone looking at this in the future, the enhanced AI (brainy bots) feature is not working anymore. What you need to do is to google "Doghotel's Brainy Bots" and download the mod from nexus. The mod comes as a patcher. You simply run the exe and apply it to the MC mod (or any other mod you want). Make sure you disable MC's built in enhanced AI (in the mod options menu). I'm not sure if there is a problem there but disable it to be sure.

    Then you need to set the settings of Brainy Bots like before, which you can do by pressing F5 when in battle. Seems to work fine for me. Here are my personal setting recommendations:

    Combat AI - Good

    Block chance range - 45 to 95 --> The default min chance of 70 is too high imo. It makes looters block all your attacks

    Proficiency range --> I'm not 100% sure but I think this is the range of weapon proficiencies that units have in the game, starting from the looter all the way up to the elite knight. So with a block chance range of 45 to 95, units with low proficiencies will have a block chance close to 45% (e.g. looters) whilst the best units will have a block chance closer to 95%. Essentially I think the first number needs to be the lowest prof in the game and the second one the highest. I'm not familiar enough with MC to know exactly what this should be but I set it to 20 to 200. This is assuming native numbers because in native looters have prof of 20, whilst some of the best units have prof around 180 or so. If MC has units with higher prof then you need to up the second number.

    Renown bonus --> Set this to 0, because it seems like basically a cheat to give you extra renown. It messes with the intended balance of the mod imo.

  2. [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.9.5 for 1.174

    K700 said:
    -Added module.ini option: fix_bots_blocking_for_dedicated_server (fix bots blocking issue on dedicated manual block servers).
    -Added new operation: make_screenshot.

    WSE v4.2.6 (for Warband 1.16:cool:

    So, now WSE full compatible with Brainy Bots

    Oh, nvm about my dumb question I just realised WSE is compatible with Brainy Bots. The issue must be from Floris Evolved then. Sorry!
  3. My CKO the gal vorbak thoughts on set up

    sher said:
    In general best companions can use slower but longer weapons like RBS, less potent companions should stick to best 1H like ELS.
    Oh, yeah that makes sense.

    sher said:
    Reach 110 is ideal for most situations, longer is possible for more hits from horseback but is not necessary at all and loss in speed should not be neglected. High reach is only good for strikes on distant targets and in jams it's a disadvantage.
    Yeah I did some testing and it seems 110 is the sweet spot. I gave my companions the Noldor Warsword (as a 1H) and the performance was awful. Much worse than I expected. I gave one of them the Fierdsvain war axe and he seems to be owning with it. The massive reach of the NWS does not seem to overcome the slow speed as a 1H (my companions are level 25 to 30 ish with decent but not great proficiencies).
  4. SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Mr.Gibbs said:
    Found out bout this mod this week, i have the V1.13 AD, and cant figure out how to install Enhanced AD already have V3.3,  plz help..!?!
    You install it like you would any other mod. First get the 1257 AD Enhanced v2.1 and extract it into your M&B modules folder. Then overwrite with the 3.3 patch. Also get the hotfix #3 file (you can find the link to it on this thread a couple of pages ago) and overwirte over everything at the end.

    You don't need the original AD mod to play this. This is a standalone module
  5. SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    KratosMKII said:
    Brainy bots doesn't work anymore. It crashed every time i tried to install it and since the author doesn't provide source code there's nothing i can do about it.

    Other issues have been noted.
    Damn that sucks. But fair enough
  6. SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Update on the brainy bots issue: I tried to install brainy bots on the module with the patcher program, and it gave me and error. Also, after that, every time I tried to run the patcher it crashed. So I tried removing the 1257 AD module and now the patcher works again. For some reason brainy bots has an issue with the 1257 AD module
  7. SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    For some reason brainy bots does not seem to be working for me. When I press F5 nothing happens. I have the CD (non-steam) version of Warband, patch 1.174. Brainy bots works fine for other mods. I use it with Pendor and Floris and there seems to be no issues there.

    Can I just use the brainy bots installer to apply it to this mod? It seems this mod comes with it installed already so I figured if I did that it might cause issues. If not, does anyone know what the issue might be?

    Cheers. Also fantastic mod! I am really impressed by the quality of the work  :shock:
  8. [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.9.5 for 1.174

    Does anyone know how to disable script error messages for WSE? I am playing Floris Evolved atm which requires WSE. The mod automatically sets up WSE with an installer. I am also using doghotel's brainy bots. Problem is, apparently brainy bots has a scripting error, so with WSE it floods the log and it means I can't see any other messages (combat log, damage given, damage taken, etc.).

    The guy who made brainy bots has gone MIA AFAIK, so I doubt this will ever get fixed. So I wondering if I could just disable WSE error messages. I have been using brainy bots with Prophesy of Pendor for months now, and I haven't had any issues. Here is a screenshot of the error:

    I would try to fix this myself but I have no idea how to mod M&B  :sad:
  9. My CKO the gal vorbak thoughts on set up

    How do you guys feel about sword reach for mounted units? Like the ebony swords are great and all but they are on the shorter side of long swords. I feel like the mounted AI units benefit massively from longer swords since they AI kinda sucks at landing good hits.

    From personal experience, I switched my companions from using ebony swords to heavy D'shar sabres and I feel like they perform better.  They don't seem to miss as much. As a player I would of course pick the ebony sword because the D'shar sabre sucks in comparison but I feel like the AI doesn't do that great with the ebony swords.

    EDIT: Looks like the D'shar sabre does well because it is "swing-only", which the AI seems to utilize better. Here is the read I found if you are interested (old, but the concepts still apply I think):
  10. Pop End Game Invasion

    IconracI said:
    Leave Eyegrim alone for a while and you will have your "endgame invasion". Even multiple "endgame invasions" as he can respawn.
    Eh. Even with his new growth mechanic he's not really a challenge for an end game player with the entire force of Pendor behind him imo. Mid to late game sure. But I'm guessing by "end game" he means the conquered the whole map player with 400+ party size of absolutely OP as hell CKO troops and lots of lords to lead sort of scenario.

    EDIT: To be fair I should say I grind a ton in all my playthroughs. Not everyone grinds that much so I guess he could be a challenge if you can get to the end game fairly quickly
  11. Troop ratios for Sarleon?

    Hmmmm that's an interesting question. In my opinion the strength of the non-noble line of Sarleon troops lies with their Halberdiers. They are very good against cav of course, but also - and this is something some people seem to misunderstand - they are just as good vs infantry. In fact they are fantastic vs infantry and can chop through even the most heavily armored formations. They deal massive damage and have the added benefit of being able to strike from the back rows of a formation, whereas with other types of inf only the front row can fight. If you use formations a lot this is a pretty big deal.

    But of course the draw back is that they lack shields, and they take forever to train, thus on an open-field battle archers can deal some serious pain on your army (especially if you have no cav), so you definitely need man at arms for their shields.

    The Armored longbowmen never really impressed me to be honest. I mean, they are OK I guess, but they are not that good, and are in my experience easily outmatched by any faction with decent archery power (i.e. Armored crossbowmen, Ravernstern Rangers, Veccavians, Barclay, Noldor, etc.). So I'd say just ditch them, and go full inf.

    So my army choice would be something like 40% man at arms and 60% halberdiers. Put them into shield wall formation - that way the halberdiers are in the back rows protected from arrows - and march them into battle. This is for field battle purposes. If you are planning on sieging a lot maybe have 15% longbowmen just to distract and take out a few of their archers, although don't expect much from them. If this is a garrison force - as kevinflemming said - you need a substantial archer force.

    It is important to add that your army comp can be altered to match who you are facing. For example if you expecting to fight the Fierdsvain - whose archers are awful - having a majority force of longbowmen can be a great idea - especially in sieges. But vs most other factions I'd go with a majority inf and maybe a token archer force (or non at all).
  12. Hey guys, I'm doing a let's play series for PoP on my Youtube channel.

    noosers said:
    It will be really nice to finally see a less common approach - infantry/throwing will be fun to look at.
    Especially as I never got the hang of throwing myself.

    Wait He's doing an infantry play-through?!?! Heck yeah, gonna start watching now.
  13. Clyde of Eventide + Update 1.02 Ron the Knight of Dawn

    I normally don't like poems but I really enjoyed reading this one. Good work!
  14. Elecrai on normal damage

    I had a Jatu character who pretended to like the Noldor to gain access to their mythical stronghold. After "uniting" Pendor (under Jatu rule of course) he showed his true face and besieged the legendary stronghold... he did not survive the experience... there were many tears to be had that day  :cry: His Jatu-like CKO whom he thought were invincible turned out to be no match for the Noldor.

    Difficulty: Normal dmg, fastest battle speed, good AI, manual blocking and lance control, battle size 450

    P.S. I also had that question earlier so I searched around for a successful attempt. Couldn't find a legitimate one (no cheats).
  15. 210h+ of Pendor and one conclusion: great game, the noldor need a counterweigh.

    noosers said:
    Why should a savage tribe in the steppe embrace your character?
    BECAUSE I AM A JATU! MY LANCES ARE STRONG AND MY ARMS ARE... erm... I forgot. The born in Barclay thing set me back a bit on my role-play but I just made up a story about how my grand father was a Jatu that was sold as a slave and ended up in Barclay, and I had come back to return to my roots and bring my people to power. I even made my character look like Jatu, wore Jatu armor and everything. The real question is why they shouldn't embrace me. I was a powerful warlord with great influence, of Jatu origin, who commanded a great army, there to help bring my people to power. Not everybody role-plays the same "Pendorian sovereign king thing" you know.

    Epicrules said:
    And why would you work with Azi Dahaka when the entire premise of the campaign is to unite Pendor to weather the storm of her cult's invasion?
    See above.
  16. 210h+ of Pendor and one conclusion: great game, the noldor need a counterweigh.

    Shingen said:
    Noldor get massacred by Snake Cult
    Never seen that. Notice the phrase in my experience so of course yours could be different. I enjoy luring large armies into each other setting battle size to 500 and just sitting back and watching them duke it out, and in all my hours of Pendor I have never seen the snake cult beat a Noldor lord (unless massively outnumbering them of course). Of course it's a dynamic game and things are gonna pan out differently every time, but when I see Noldor beat the dread legion 10/10 times in different terrain (whether it'd be the uneven Laria woods or open fields) then I'm going to lean towards the Noldor being stronger.

    Shingen said:
    Trust me. Noldor are far from invincible.
    Never said they were. As I've said the Jatu are a strong opponent for them and I have seen them beat the Noldor a number of times - once again in my experience. That is not to say that the snake cult are bad, but they are just not good vs the Noldor.

    Ok just for the sake of discussion - because discussing PoP is a lot of fun - here's my theory as to why snake cult doesn't perform well vs the Noldor: Anakonda knights are the only effective units they have vs the Noldor. The priestesses are too easily de-horsed, cobra warriors mostly don't have shields and the dread legion infantry are too slow. Yes they have good armor but Noldor firepower is so high that you need to close the gap asap otherwise you die. So the first couple waves of the snake cult (that consist of a lot of AKs) trade kills with the Noldor, while the rest are food.

    P.S. I'm talking about live battles not auto-calc. I'm sure you knew that but just in case.
  17. 210h+ of Pendor and one conclusion: great game, the noldor need a counterweigh.

    Shingen said:
    Two words: Dread Legions.
    Dread legion is meh. They get massacred by Noldor. The Jatu are a far more viable opponent in my experience. Besides siding with the snake cult doesn't give you any bonuses like siding with the Noldor does (or does it? I've never tried).

    noosers said:
    Thats not possible.
    Such units will only show up in the garrison of the owned location.
    Oh ok. How come whoever owns Cez gets to have Shadow legion, whoever owns Laria gets to have Clarion call and whoever owns Poinsbrunk gets to have Raven Spear? Or how come D'shar lords can have Eventide Sergeants (that upgrade from D'shar units) but not Eventide knights (that upgrade from Pendor knights)? I just assumed that they could because these orders upgrade from troops of their faction (e.g. clarion upgrades from Sarleon knights) whereas EG or Dawn or Griffon all upgrade from Pendor units which non of the lords have, but it seems I was wrong.

    noosers said:
    This means you can have some wee tiny crappy random order knights zipping around fighting stuff.
    Hahah yeah, that's what I meant. It doesn't seem worth the relatively high cost of establishing a knighthood order just to have some crappy party of 3 knights running around feeding prisoners to bandit parties  :grin: Randomly generated orders on the other hand actually give their lord troops for battle, which is far more useful.

    iskar said:
    I think I encountered lords with random order troops at least. When they found a random order by themselves they will get these guys in their retinue, I think.
    Yeah as said already randomly generated orders do give troops to the lord that establishes them, it's the already existing orders that don't (i.e. EG Dawn Radiant cross etc.) Mind you sometimes the effectiveness of the RKO troops is questionable, I just encountered one that consist of cavalry who use a shield and their fist  :lol:

    damnimbored25 said:
    Man, I must be VERY unlucky I've been playing PoP for almost 3years now and I assure you I have never seen a lord create an existing chapter, I shall continue playing till I see this happen!

    Yep. Either really unlucky or perhaps you don't play each game for very long. I have a 2000 day game going right now where almost all existing orders have a chapter house, except the Silvermist; and I didn't establish any they were all done by the AI.

    Though one silly thing is that lords that establish them can't take advantage of most of these orders because they don't have the right troop type to upgrade into it. So they end up spending lots of money on something that doesn't really benefit them (well, except for a small garrison that the order provides to the settlement).
  20. None of the AI factions want to fight

    Casually Casual said:
    Just to quickly update. I realised I had the campaign AI on good the whole time so that wasn't a possibility to "solve the peace". But I tried the tavern keeper thing and found a lord that the tavern keeper told me to be careful about and I got the quest right away! So that worked for me :smile:

    Nice! Glad to be of help. Good luck  :grin:
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